Community standards

Another vile Facebook page that gets reported only for Facebook to reply that the page doesn’t violate community standards. Oh really? Despite the graphic photographs of mob violence?

Trigger warning, because of the graphic photographs.

The page is Uganda Youth Coalition Against Homosexuality.

It may be just one twisted person, spewing frothing worked-up hatred by the truckload, but it still doesn’t belong on Facebook.

ugandugand2That’s Facebook’s community standards?


  1. A Hermit says

    They just got a few more reports and some decidedly negative feedback…this is just sick…

  2. jesse says

    Saw the page. (Sigh).

    I would bet that FB is just not wanting to wade into “taking sides”.

    Yes I know that tends to favor retrograde positions. But free speech absolutists would be all over it and then you run into the problem of standards being arbitrary, which to a degree they are. It’s just not an argument they want to have.

    I am not endorsing this position, I’d have that fight if it were up to me, but it’s more complicated than “free speech doesn’t mean a guaranteed platform for your hate.” That’s true, but the devil’s in the details.

  3. says

    Except that they have a place for reporting graphic violence, and that photo is indisputably graphic violence, not to mention murder. It’s not a borderline case.

  4. Musca Domestica - on your wall, pooping on your freeze peaches says

    Seriously. It took them less than a second to review my report of the page as Hateful rhetoric aimed at a group based on orientation? They aren’t reviewing shit without enough reports, as we saw in Miri’s case. This time I sent feedback, hope they at least read those…

  5. says

    I reported the page and some images as well and got the stock “Does not violate blah blah blah.” A few minutes later the page seems to be gone entirely now. That was a truly disgusting display.

  6. says

    Miri’s case: someone did a post saying she should be killed. Again, FB said noooooooo problem. It took a lot of people shouting for a long time to change that.

  7. Musca Domestica - on your wall, pooping on your freeze peaches says

    Blanche Quizno

    I’m almost afraid to ask, but what’s “Miri’s case”?

    A while back, there was a hate page against her, and Facebook reacted the same way as this time to the reports.

  8. jesse says

    I saw that it had been taken down and I realize it isn’t borderline, that’s sort of the point. The reasoning behind not allowing pages like that is a bit more involved to explain when someone yells “free speech” and bring up the ACLU and Skokie. And it isn’t something the people t FB are really equipped or inclined to do, which is why it takes so much complaining to get them to do it (then they can say people complained).

  9. medivh says

    Facebook’s reporting system is horribly broken. I’m convinced that the first time you report, you get a bot. You are given an option to appeal the inevitable rejection, and that’s the first time a human will look at the report. They’ve basically seen the problem of false reports and thought the best solution was to rely on human laziness to cut down on the number of reports they actually have to screen.

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