It’s annoying when someone you’re arguing with (yes, on social media, not in actual [shudder] real life) says “I’m just being pedantic.”

No, you’re not being pedantic, you’re being wrong. I’m being pedantic, not you.



  1. Wylann says

    Now you’re just being….

    Oh, nevermind, the jokes been made. :p

    I see that a lot too, although the more common version of it is ‘let’s agree to disagree’. Sure, but I’m disagreeing because I’ve got reality on my side, not delusional thinking.

  2. Claire Ramsey says

    One important meaning of “pedantic” is precise. It’s a damn shame that the “over scrupulous” meaning has overwhelmed the “precise” meaning. . . How about if you said, “Well, I am only being precise and correct.” How about that, buddy?

  3. Claire Ramsey says

    It’s a little bit harder to carry off w/straight face, I’d say. J’accuse, you are just being precise and correct. . .

    It doesn’t work, does it.

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