Bowling for abortion access

Sarah Moglia is doing a National Abortion Access Bowl-a-thon. (I like typing -a- things.) Her team is Coup de Twat. You can donate RIGHT HERE.

She says you don’t have to be as fancy as she is to support abortion access, so do it!


  1. says

    I’m very troubled by the name “coup de twa* because I truly find that word offensive, claims of “reclaiming” notwithstanding. It already leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and really no inclination to donate to what is otherwise a highly admirable action. It’s been used far too often to denigrate women.

    It’s really too bad they had to use that name, however clever it may seem.

  2. says

    I see it as not so much reclaiming as just using the words ourselves for our own genitalia. I don’t think that denigrates women. It’s when it’s used as an epithet [yes, faction of UKanians who insist this is a whole separate different meaning, including an epithet applied to men] that it denigrates women.

    Still, the distinction is way too subtle for way too many people, so I get what you mean.

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