“These ladies have it in for men”

Wow – libertarianism in all its glory.

alkonAmy Alkon @amyalkon

@kilianhekhuis @hypnotosov @OpheliaBenson @mistersugar Again, we have people CLUELESS about def of harassment – “severe, pervasive”

@kilianhekhuis @hypnotosov @OpheliaBenson @mistersugar Would you expect a man offended by convo to speak up or to go fetal position & tattle

@kilianhekhuis @hypnotosov @OpheliaBenson @mistersugar My suspicion: These ladies & others have it in for men & Bora was conven located.

Jesus. She accuses the women of lying, even though Bora never denied their accounts.


  1. Robert B. says

    Certainly I would expect a man to speak up. That’s what tattling is called when men do it.

  2. draconius says

    It really can’t be said enough that not only did Bora not deny the accounts, he even went one further and apologized a few times for them after admitting they were true. Yeeeeah……….

    I guess it must just be difficult for the Advice Goddess to imagine (in spite of the blunt admission of guilt) that this shit harassment really does happen to women… even when people admit they did it. :-/

  3. musubk says

    Jeez, I was going to say the same thing Robert B. did. That’s about a clear-as-you-can-get example of perception of what someone does being colored by their sex.

  4. doublereed says

    I’m trying to make a sexual pun with “have it in for men” but I can’t seem to make it work.

    Maybe: “Have it in for men? That’s not very feminist. I’m pretty sure she wants it in for herself.”

  5. Kilian Hekhuis says

    I really, really don’t understand MRA, haressment defending women, of which Amy Alkon is a shining example. What on earth could drive them to defend haressers and denounce women who are vocal on women’s rights? Just haven’t got a clue…

  6. Donnie says

    @1 Robert B.: This is late, but when men tell on other men it is called ratting?. Or, nowadays, breaking the Bro-Code .

    On a serious note/question, is ratting a gender term specific for men, or does it get used against women as well?

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