1. hjhornbeck says

    Pffft, wimps. I’ve gone jogging in -35 with a stiff wind, and got nothing worse than an ice-cream headache.

    Didn’t lose any body parts, either!

  2. hjhornbeck says

    chigau @3:
    Hmmm, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in a snowbank. A shame, as snow’s an excellent insulator and it drops out of sky FOR FREE!

    So many of the world’s problems would be solved if we lived in igloos…

  3. sprocket says

    Winnipeg (or Winterpeg as we call it), Manitoba was actually colder than the North Pole. But I’d take -30 C over 30 C any day. At least I can layer up when it’s cold. that heat is just too much.

  4. Rieux says

    Yeah, it got to -30 C (-23 F) last night here in the Twin Cities, as well. Currently it’s -27 C and headed down again. Lots of us are bundled up (I’ve currently got a turtleneck, a sweater, and three layers of pants on) and hunkered down inside. The governor canceled school statewide Monday and Tuesday–the first such closing since 1994.

    Woo-hoo, Minnesota!

  5. says

    Cold is a killer, I had partial frostbite once in a winter of -40C. But the real annoyance of winter is the snow and ice. You can’t walk or go anywhere if you don’t own a car (thaws and freezes creating ice everywhere) so you end up stuck inside all winter. Going “stir crazy” isn’t a myth. By comparison, Taiwan’s typhoons and 80km/h winds seem pleasant. At least I can walk in rain and 30C temperatures.

    Where I lived in Canada, on weekends people went in droves and spent all day at the local shopping malls, library and the college campus (including many who weren’t students). Those were the only large indoors places people could walk around (for free) and not worry about falling and injuring themselves. Those who could afford it were often at the hockey and curling rinks. One hockey arena allowed people to run on a concourse, using it as a 200m indoor track.

  6. sailor1031 says

    Jeez that’s only -22F. No biggie for MN in January. We used to fly out from Labrador to Hoyt Lakes MN in January just to bask in the southern warmth for a few days. And they closed the University? Wimps. If they’d closed everything in Quebec the way they do here in the US I’d still be in grade 9…….@74yrs of age…..

  7. A Hermit says

    We had wind chill of -51C the other day (that’s about -60 farenheit.)

    But it’s a dry cold, so….

  8. says

    It’s only -22F? I saw something that said it was -35F. I’ve experienced -20F myself, in Iowa.


    Argle Bargle @8 – Peter Mansbridge actually said on The National last night, “Americans are blaming Canada” – at which point I laughed so noisily that I couldn’t hear the rest of what he said. Still cracks me up. What, because Canada threw it south? Canada opened that big door it’s not supposed to open?

  9. A Hermit says

    Canada opened that big door it’s not supposed to open?

    That would be our beer fridge. Sorry about that…

  10. Decker says

    I had to raise the temperature of my fridge last week.

    I once worked in a bush camp in northern B.C. ( Takla Lake 200 miles northwest of Prince George.) It would get so cold (-42-43C ) that you could hear the trees cracking as the wood fibres in their trunks developed tiny fissues as they shrunk from the cold.

    The pay was incredible, but had I known that fall what I was in for, I,d have NEVER signed up for the job.

    After spring breakup, I went back for the summer season.

    To the extent it was hell in winter, it was heaven in summer ( 85F )

  11. Omar Puhleez says

    Reminds me of that great old musical lament about a (Canadian?) logger: A couple of verses….

    Well the weather tried to freeze him
    it tried its level best
    At a hundred degrees below zero
    why, he buttoned up his vest

    It froze clean through to China
    and it froze to the stars above
    And at a thousand degrees below zero
    it froze my logger love

  12. quixote says

    Some of you don’t know the meaning of the word “wimps.” Here in Southern California the overnight low went all the way to 50F (10C). We’re freezing! Send blankets!

  13. Omar Puhleez says

    left0ver1under @#19:

    Many thanks. I had no idea that the immortal RW Service had written that.

    In my (distant) student days I memorised ‘The Ballad of Eskimo Nell’, also written by him. Even set it to music; more exactly, to the tune of ‘Home Sweet Home’. A shocking thing to do, I admit, as HSH is a favourite of mine.

    Atlanta is freezing, NY is freezing, Chicago and Calgary likewise: all towns my wife & I visited last year. But should be fun for skiers.

  14. Omar Puhleez says

    Chigau @#23:

    Thanks also for that.

    But it leaves one with the difficult choice of who to believe: Wikipedia or left0ver1under, a serious B&W commenter?

    Heads or tails?

  15. sailor1031 says

    Who do we complain to about Canadians exporting their weather to the US?

    It’s free as part of the NAFTA agreement – there may be more. Bundle up!

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