Little North Korea on the prairie

Welp, it appears that Pat Condell got pissed off at PZ the other day.

Expect a few rounds of fuming racist comments today — I have been discovered by Pat Condell, and he’s sending his pals over to set us all straight.

Pat Condell @patcondell Many thanks to @pzmyers and everyone at the North Korea of free thought for a most amusing start to the day.

Ha ha, yes, because a blog network is just like a totalitarian state. I was just telling my kids they need to grow a beard and put on some weight if they ever expect to succeed me.

Pat Condell @patcondell Ha ha. Honoured to be slandered as racist by @pzmyers and his fellow carpet-chewing PC fanatics at the ludicrously named Freethought Blogs.

“PC” is one of those dogwhistles blown by racists, Republicans, and small-minded thugs who don’t want to recognize the rights of all people…only their own privileged subset. It’s a pretty good marker for regressive idiots.

This is FreethoughtBlogs, which means we don’t kowtow to self-appointed leaders of the freethought movement. To the Condells of the world, it’s only freethought if it properly abases itself before the Loud White Men On Pedestals.

Carpet-chewing? What’s that about? I thought it was a slur for gay sex; I wonder what Condell thinks it means.

The Condell fans chimed in, with lashings of stale right-wing formulas – PC feminist warblegarble.

There is something deeply wrong with you if you believe that feminism and Islam are friendly allies. It requires a deeply twisted perspective; it seems to be a story that the right wing press has been pushing hard, though, so if you only read the Daily Mail and Stormfront and Sarah Palin fan sites and the Blaze and Tea Party organs, you’ll get nothing but this breathless assertion that feminists don’t protest against Islam vehemently enough. But note one commonality: these kinds of sites hate both feminism and Islam.

You’d think they’d notice that abortion is outlawed under Sharia, and feminists tend to be pro-choice, just to name one issue. Yet somehow they think they’re allies? Bizarre.

Michael Stephenson @mcsadapted @patcondell @pzmyers Those folks are fully indoctrinated… to deny that feminists ignore Muslim depredations is absurdly dishonest.

I know these guys ignore what I write, for sure. I rattled off a list of feminists I read — Taslima, Maryam, Ophelia, Sikivu, Heina — to claim that any of them ignore Islamist oppression of women is simply willfully ridiculous and ignorant.



  1. Acolyte of Sagan says

    Carpet-chewing? What’s that about? I thought it was a slur for gay sex

    Could it be an Americanisation of ‘rug-munching’, which is a euphamism for cunnilingus?

  2. says

    Well that’s almost what I thought (apparently I had the slur slightly wrong) but what’s cunnilingus got to do with anything? Oh wait, slave to women, doing totally gross things to please women kind of thing? Ok now I get it.

  3. says

    Actually, according to John Toland’s biography of Hitler written in the 1980s, these incidents of chewing the edge of a carpet after a terrible yelling rage session by Hitler were witnessed by several of his inner circle and some of the High Command at Berchtesgaden in Bavaria.

    The urban dictionary likens it to OB’s and Stephen’s take.

  4. Stephen says

    Sounds like the perfect description of how I imagine some of the people sending tweets to Rebecca and Ophelia.

  5. Brian E says

    Carpet chewing is a reference to Hitler I believe. We know that FTB is just like the Nazis, Stazi, KGB, SS and Other greats of totalitarianism.

    “Teppichfresser!” muttered my German companion, an editor who secretly despised the Nazis. And he explained that Hitler had been in such a maniacal mood over the Czechs the last few days that on more than one occasion he had lost control of himself completely, hurling himself to the floor and chewing the edge of the carpet. Hence the term “carpet eater.” The evening before, while talking with some of the party leaders at the Dreesen, I had heard the expression applied to the Fuehrer — in whispers, of course.”

  6. Al Dente says

    Sure, you can point to Condell’s bigotry, his Islamophobia, his admiration for the English Defence League (a neo-Nazi group on the fringe of the British Nationalist Party) and his misogyny. But don’t call Condell a racist. His fanbois will have a loud, prolonged snit if you do.

  7. theoreticalgrrrl says

    So they obviously don’t read what they condemn, otherwise they’d know Ophelia and other feminist bloggers on this network do NOT ignore Islamist oppression of women. That is a flat out lie.

  8. Katherine Woo says

    So I notice that PZ Myers fails to pursue whether Muslim immigrants are in fact committing sexual assaults at rates higher than their relative presence in Scandinavia and other European societies. This Condell guy is simply not intelligent or self-aware enough to properly frame the question. Taking him down as a bigot presents Myers and his crowd a very convenient reason to evade the deeper issue.

    If Sweden is such a criminological exemplar – “Nothing gets swept under the rug” – when it comes to record keeping, then surely that information must be readily available. Right? Any of the FTB feminists mentioned willing to take up that issue?

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