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Yesterday I told you about that stupid Facebook page Skeptics and Atheists against Rebecca Watson. Today Rebecca presents some new information about one of the people behind that page. First, there was a message…

A few days ago, I received this email via the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe contact form:

From: Cecil Fuson


Location: Raleigh, NC

Category: Question for the Show

Subject: quote request

Message: Good day, my name is Cecil Fuson. Together with Brandi Olson and a member of the Atheist news group (A news) we run a small Facebook group that is called Skeptics and Atheists against Rebecca Watson. We currently have 87 members and are growing everyday. It should be noted that a fair number of our fans are also fans of the SGU as well as on the personal friend list of some of the members of the SGU

We were wondering if you could give us a quote and answer a question for us. Why is Rebecca Watson still on the SGU?
It is clear that by her own blog post that she no longer supports the JREF, the CFI or Richard Dawkins. It is clear by the large number of posts, groups and petitions that the Skeptic and Atheist community no longer support Watson. It is clear that Watson uses the fame from programs like the SGU to spread her own agenda and misinformation. While we fully agree that Rebecca Watson has every right to speak her mind, we feel that her actions , no matter how well meaning they may be, are doing more damage than good.
the SGU seems to support the same groups that Watson boycotts and the same groups that want nothing to do with Watson.
So with the public opinion being what it is, why dose Rebecca Watson still have a spot on the SGU?

Thank you for your time. And we hope to get a reply soon.

That’s what prompted her to find the Facebook page, and do a sarcastic tweet about it, which in turn is what reminded me of that page (which I’d seen, and reported to Facebook, of course to no avail, weeks ago), and what prompted me and several others to post on it. Meanwhile…

A few days after I Tweeted the link to the Facebook page, I received an email from someone who explained that they had discovered that Cecil Fuson is a registered sex offender who was convicted and went to prison for “indecent liberties with a minor.”

I spent the past day checking to make sure that this was, in fact, the same Cecil Fuson, and the facts line up. Cecil’s email address links to the Facebook page of Vicious Vestments, an LLC registered in North Carolina using the same address that is registered for the sex offender. Cecil’s dad is also named Cecil Fuson, but it appears he moved to Florida. Besides, Cecil’s Google+ profile that showed up when he emailed me has an avatar that looks much more like a 33-year old man than a 57-year old man, and I’m going to assume that the younger man is more likely to dress up as Boba Fett and start a company selling steampunk costumes, so I think we can say with a high degree of confidence that we’re dealing with the junior.

So there’s that.


  1. jenBPhillips says

    Interesting post on that FB page from yesterday:
    “Hi folks, this is my first time and last time posting here.
    My name is Lee Moore and I am the host of A-News.
    I was added as an admin to this group without my consent so I figured I should use this platform to say something important.

    A while back I tried to do something about the constant infighting in our movement and it failed. I have tried to oppose Atheists being shitty to one another and in my own anger at the situation I became guilty of the very thing I set out to do change.

    For that I am deeply sorry. I let my frustration get the better of me and listened a bit to much to those who I should have ignored from the start. Well I am done being a part of the problem.

    I will not support any group or individual who encourages more shitty behavior between Atheists.

    So I ask that those of you who want to see Atheists treating each other like the amazing human beings that they are join me in walking out of here. And to those I may have offended, once again I am so sorry.

    -Lee Moore

    with a follow up comment:
    “Lee Moore Let me say again, if my actions have hurt you in any way you have my deepest apology. Instead of promoting us as a movement I just fanned the flames.

    I am not against Rebecca Watson.”

    So, yay for that, I guess, although from Lee’s own facebook page he’s still linking approvingly to Al Stephanelli and certain #braveheros. Not exactly in the ‘ally’ camp.

  2. maudell says

    Interesting that Lee “Great Moderator of Peace” Moore has nothing but love for Cecil and Brandi. (from his post on the facebook group)

    I think he doesn’t see what’s wrong with his great theory of atheist misogynist assholes holding hands with the people they are trying to harass out of the movement. All those harassed people need to compromise, of course. Objecting to being harassed, that is way too divisive.

  3. screechymonkey says

    I think my second-favorite part of Rebecca’s post is the email response from Fuson:

    You are contacting from the skepchick email address. as such I feel that you are contacting me as a member of skepchick and not as a member of the SGU. I do not wish to receive any more emails from

    Skepchick dose not have permission to use my name, my email or the content of any emails between and myself.

    Such a #bravehero. Willing to start web pages devoted to hating someone, to send emails demanding her removal from SGU, and to demand an interview, but send him an email from the “wrong” email account, and EEEEK!!!! “That email has Skepchick cooties on it!”

  4. doublenerds says

    Funny, the Facebook page doesn’t seem to exist anymore. I guess it’s better to air fabricated dirty laundry about others than actual dirty laundry about the site’s creators.

  5. GrzeTor says

    Why is this FTB environment so anti-sex? In the good old days the Left was for sexual liberty, so having sex with teenagers was understood and tolerated. Now it turns out the feminist part of the Left is getting sex-negative, and sides with the puritanic parts of the Right when it comes to moral judgement on such sex acts. Worse they go formalistic and start to speak legaleese instead of a normal language in sex matter! Like “he is a sexual offender”, rather than “he had sex with a teenager”.

    They even go much further that right-wingers, as for right-wingers when there’s a marriage (even with a teenager) then anything goes. For feminist left any sex act should better be preceded with written legal consent contract – otherwise it may turn out to be viewed as rape by them. And you’d better monitor the act all the time, as you may need to prove them you are not guilty of ignoring/not noticing the withdrawal of consent during the act.

    And the new feminist left doesn’t even see the contradiction in their views – they tell us that Wester Europe is what we should follow, but then suggest that sexual acts that are legal in their beloved W.E. countries should be condemned in the US?

  6. jenBPhillips says

    Better have a lie down, Grze Tor. Building an army of straw men like that has to be exhausting.

    Straw, mostly held together with bullshit glue. Citations desperately needed all the way down, but let’s start with this:

    they tell us that Wester Europe is what we should follow, but then suggest that sexual acts that are legal in their beloved W.E. countries should be condemned in the US?

    What sexual acts, exactly? What was suggested, and by whom?

  7. Al Dente says

    Grze Tor is confusing sexual harassment and rape for flirting and sex. It’s easy to do if you don’t have a clue about what people are actually saying about rape, rape apologetics, and the rape culture.

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