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    Thank you, Elida for speaking out on behalf of children reared in religious institutions in the past, who were abused by the religious and others in Australia. It gives me great confidence to know that there are empathetic people of your ilk who care about those who were without parents throughout their childhood.

    I know from an Irish perspective that the majority of survivors of institutional child abuse, who are now in their 40s/50s/60s can neither read or write and therefore have to depend on gracious and eloquent and clear voices like OB’s and yours to get their painful message across to the world.

    ‘The children were on their own’ with no compass to guide them through life. That is a life sentence on its own.

    Keep up the good work. was so glad to encounter you. I know that you spoke on an empty stomach, but it was full of empathy for others.

    Love your T-shirt.

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