CFI Canada petition to oppose pope day

Canada what the hell are you thinking?!

The text of the bill:

An Act to establish Pope John Paul II Day
Whereas Pope John Paul II served as the pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church from October 16, 1978, until his death on April 2, 2005;
Whereas Pope John Paul II is widely recognized as a leading figure in the history of the Roman Catholic Church and the world and played an influential and vital role in promoting international understanding and peace;
Whereas Pope John Paul II loved young persons and was instrumental in establishing World Youth Day in 1985 as a way to inspire youth and encourage them in living out the teachings of Christ;
Whereas Pope John Paul II visited Canada in his capacity as Pope for the first time in 1984 and later in 1987 and 2002;
And whereas Pope John Paul II visited many countries around the world and helped to end communism in Eastern Europe;

…therefore let’s pick a day in the calendar and call it pope John Paul day.

No, let’s not.

Sign the petition that says let’s not.


  1. Anthony K says

    Whereas Pope John Paul II loved young persons

    …but he loved their molesters more.

  2. Synfandel says

    Petition signed. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    This is just one more irritant I’ll have to discuss with his campaign the next time my Conservative MP is running for re-election.

  3. CaitieCat says

    I was in the military when Yon Popey fella came to Canada in 1984, and was tasked to provide communications (along with a number of other fellow Sigs) for both the procession down University (I was way up on top of one of the buildings, with an RCMP sniper and his observer) and the all-day mass out at what is now Downsview Park (then CFB Downsview; I was up a tower with the sniper this time).

    I’d happily provide that security, because I want people visiting my country to be safe in doing so.

    But I’ll be damned if I think my government should be celebrating the man who led one of the most monstrous coverups of years of the most monstrous acts (by humans, to be sure) by an institution that’s STILL COVERING UP TWO FUCKING POPES LATER, and with horrific irony, because of his “love for children”. Howzabout we see the fucking Church do something GOOD for the people it’s harmed, before we start rehabilitating the reputations of the facilitators of the continued abuse, huh?

  4. says

    And given the purpose of World Youth Day is to recruit and/or retain teenagers to his organization, I have trouble seeing that as such a selfless, marvelous act of service. Good for the Church, maybe; but not for anyone else.

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