The actual photo

I should post the real photo, because that was actually about something, something that matters. It’s Brian’s photo.

Photo by Brian D. Engler

Left to right: Stephanie, me, Brianne, Maryam, Jason, Kate, Miri, PZ, Ashley. All Freethought bloggers, you see. All in the one place so we thought what fun to get a picture, and of course Brian obliged. Freethought bloggers for international solidarity with atheist bloggers.


  1. Ulysses says

    I’d be happy to lend Stephanie an “h” so she can complete the word “atheist”.

  2. rnilsson says

    So we learn, again, that Justin is not afraid of copyright piracy. A federal crime, I have been led to understand. Perhaps he can be ‘Vacuated for some period?

  3. Ulysses says

    milsson @2

    Who is Justin?

    If you’re referring to Jason, then you have to show where the phrase “Thought is not a crime” has been copyrighted. Right wingnut and fundamentalist Ray Martinez has a Facebook page entitled Freethought Is Not a Crime but there’s no indication Martinez has copyrighted that phrase.

  4. Stacy says

    @Ulysses, no, milsson is referring to Justin Vacula. The photograph in question is the property of the photographer, Brian Engler.

    Read the post before this one.

  5. says

    Ulysses, how about you find me a migraine cure, so I can read what I’m writing in that state. It’s hard enough with a real font. It’s all but impossible with written text.

  6. says

    The whole bloody day, Ophelia. Woke up with it. Did two panels with it. I’m really looking forward to the videos. There was a lot I just didn’t process–when I wasn’t off somewhere quiet so I wouldn’t throw up.

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