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Oh honestly. Teresa MacBain was supposed to be on CNN this morning to talk about how atheists deal with tragedy – but CNN went and canceled on her, because they wanted to talk about the London events and religious extremism instead. Phooey.

It would have been good. Here’s what she said about it on Facebook, before they pulled the plug.

I just received a call from CNN. They want me to be on the Sunday Morning show to discuss how atheists deal with tragedy. I’m very glad that I have this opportunity. My goal is to continue the process of normalizing atheism and share how so many of us have stepped up to help those who are suffering.

That would have been great.


  1. says

    I fervently hope they reschedule. This unfair, unwarranted “atheist = heartless, because? Godless” meme deserves to die a thousand deaths! There are plenty of godless people who care deeply about fairness, social justice, empathy towards fellow beings, and so forth – and the best part, they show all this willingness to do good unto others, even in the absence of any fear from divine retribution or a burden of eternal guilt and all that shit.

    Of course, to balance things out, there is that handful of hateful, obnoxious, self-important, uncouth, abusive and extremely vocal bunch amongst the godless – *cough* Pitters *cough* – but that is the chaff from which the rest of us need to learn to separate the grain. It is perhaps equally important to try to prevent these elements from eclipsing all the good that the rational, skeptical community does and is capable of doing.

  2. MG Myers says

    Ophelia – Thanks for letting your readers know. I just filled out an online CNN form suggesting that they have Teresa on the Sunday Morning show to discuss how atheists deal with tragedy. I’m not sure how effective it is to submit ideas to CNN, but I figured it was worth a try. Maybe they will reschedule her. She’s a fantastic spokesperson!

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