1. yazikus says

    There is a good documentary, The Order of Myths, about the racially segregated Mardi Gras tradition in Mobile, Alabama. Apparently it’s the oldest running Mardi Gras in the country. I was pretty surprised that this sort of thing is still happening.

  2. jenBPhillips says

    Well jeez, you guys. You don’t hear the people of Wilcox County or Mobile complaining about this, do you? They’re probably all too busy being separate-but-equally-awesome, but I’m sure if they could they’d tell you not to impose your white northern equality on their culture. Nothing to see here!

  3. indyjones says

    Un-fucking-believable. But I wouldn’t relegate racism entirely to the South; I’ve seen far too much of it elsewhere, too. I remember reading an article in the LA TImes about how segregated the housing market is in Atlanta, while they were apparently completely unaware of the goings-on in their own back yard. Then, a few years later, the cops who beat Rodney King are tried by an all-white jury are acquitted and they wonder why riots ensure.

    That said, if we as a society can’t fight absolutely blatant racism like this, no matter where it occurs, how the hell do we expect to deal with quieter, more pernicious varieties? Send in the Feds if we need to.

  4. AsqJames says

    Yeah, but imposing your northern, liberal, multicultural “human rights” on southern culture is imperialism. I bet there’s a facebook page where Wilcox county PoCs are posting pictures of themselves holding signs saying “Oops! I forgot to be oppressed, too busy having awesome fun at our black prom.”

    No? Jeez, don’t these people care about their own traditions and culture?

  5. Didaktylos says

    At a guess, I’d say that the way they get away with it is by having the segregated prom as an invitation-only private party – but, quelle surprise, only the right whites ever get invited.

  6. Keri Ivy says

    @jenBPhillips I was born in, raised in and still live in Mobile, AL and my complaint is that it would be necessary to impose equality, the northern variety or any other. As horrifying as it may be, that is the unfortunate truth, still. As for Wilcox County, Ga and their black only prom, while I realize that in principle any segregation is wrong and thoroughly shameful, I may be wrong but I would bet my last nickle that the white population in Wilcox County, Ga have an unspoken yet deeply understood segregation policy of their own. Two wrong just make more wrong but at the same time, I don’t personally have big enough cojones to tell the black kids they have do anything in the name of equality for the white kids. I wouldn’t want a bunch of racist hicks at my prom either to be honest. At the end of the day it’s all just very shameful and embarrassing. After having said all that, I still can’t say it any better than this:

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