Excited to welcome you

Heartwarming update to the Katelyn Campbell story. Her principal threatened to call up Wellesley, where she is accepted as a student next year, to tell them what a backstabbing slut she is. After posting about it I went to find her on Twitter, and found this –


KatelynCampbell, #Wellesley is excited to welcome you this fall. http://bit.ly/13jqRet 

Ahhh. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Nicely done, Wellesley.


  1. says

    I predict at the end of her four years there, she will become an ex-resident of West Virginia.

    The rest of the country thanks WVa for sending us their brainy kids. You can keep the mouth-breathing goobers. Principals included.

  2. CGM3 says

    I guess her principal didn’t realize Wellesley is full of those uppity, godless feminists.

    Right on, sister!

    (And, yes, I am that old.)

  3. Claire Ramsey says

    Of COURSE they are excited to welcome her. She is exactly the kind of person who does well at learning and who is enjoyable to have in class.

    Also, she will be a refugee from another century, the one the principal and the lecturer are desperate to live in.

  4. Francisco Bacopa says

    You mean the principal really thought someone was going to give a shit? Dude needs to get out in the real world.

    Nice of Wellesley to realize that Campbell might have been rattled by this and send a nice tweet.

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