A little slice of life in Nepal…

The 60-year-old woman was stripped naked and had her head shaved. She was fed excrement and badly beaten.

The woman was reportedly accused of using witchcraft to cause death and misfortune. The assault was apparently sanctioned by the village council.

Such attacks on vulnerable women are not uncommon in remote areas of Nepal.

Last year, villagers burnt alive a 40-year-old woman after claiming she was a witch.



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    Am nauseous after reading about this abhorrent ‘slice of life in Nepal.’ The execrable ways they have of dealing with so-called witches is mind-blowingly savagery of the highest ilk. What makes it worse, is that it’s sanctioned by authority figures in the community. There is just nowhere for those on the receiving end of this monstrous violence to turn to for help. The poor woman will probably be given hell for the rest of her life, because of the witch accusation.

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    I came across a very insightful human rights article on witchcraft in Nepal.

    Women – long long ago in that society were so held up in high esteem, until religion arrived on the doorstep, and they were made into second-class citizens and less.

    As per usual, it’s the lower classes who get accused of witchcraft, and made to suffer so much violent torture.

    Women accused of witchcraft are severely traumatized and suffer physical and mental torture. They suffer greatly through being ostracized from the society, battered, fed human excreta, hit with hot spoons in different parts of the body, forced to touch red hot irons, forced to breathe in chili smoke, especially by Jhankris (the witch-doctors), perforated in private organs, offended publicly and it is therefore not surprising that they confess.

    NEPAL: Witchcraft as a Superstition and a form of violence against women in Nepal — Asian Human Rights Commission

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