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The Mellow Monkey (whose avatar is a butterfly, surely the sign of an outstanding sort of person) at Pharyngula:

There aren’t that many people who enjoy fighting for social justice. We’d prefer it to just be a given and be able to focus on other stuff, too. Want to know the best way to ensure we all can do that? Shut the assholes up and work towards justice with us. The less time we have to spend arguing about trifling shit and fighting to be recognized as equal and welcome, the more time we have to devote to everything else under the sun.

Some of us don’t have the privilege to just shrug and say we don’t care.

Really. Contrary to the people who like to shout that I’m an attention whore, I don’t want to talk about woman-hating woman-baiting bullshit all the time. I’d much rather talk about other things. But, oddly enough, there’s a little bunch of people who simply will not leave me alone, and will not leave several other women alone either. If people keep thrusting themselves between you and the keyboard (figuratively speaking) then you don’t really have the luxury of ignoring them.


  1. says

    It would be great to be able only to discuss the wonder of the cosmos, the beauty of thought, and the endeavour of creative expression. I’m not waiting for a phone call to let me know when that world actually shows up.

  2. sheila says

    It sounds a bit like trying to write with a Great Dane on your lap. Or with a toddler who’s learned that he’s bound to get your attention by turning on the gas cooker (without lighting it, of course).

  3. arthur says

    One thing that has impressed me about you, Ophelia, is that throughout this abusive period, you have continued to blog about relevant international matters.

    The antagonism in the atheism movement has not halted your important work. And it is important. This blog is an excellent source for information about international atrocities. I hope it continues, and that these morons give up their childish abuse.

  4. rnilsson says

    n-ded. In fact, I donated to one of those anti-misogynist orgs suggested in a recent comment. Also just made a purchase from SurlyAmy as token support.

    It really beats me how those haters simply won’t give up. What can they possibly gain? Except from even greater embarrassment and shame once they grow out of it, if they ever do. And bullying and harassment is never funny.

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