Yes Malala may be doing better, but gurlz still must not be allowed to go to school in Pakistan. Everyone knows the whorey little sluts only want to go to school so that they can fuck all the boys there. Bitches.

Another school was blown up today, bringing the total for the year to 18.

On September 7th a school was blown up by suspected militants in Swabi, northern Pakistan.

Two improvised devices had been planted in the veranda of the school which went off one after the other during night.

Two classrooms of the school building developed cracks and were rendered useless. The watchman of the institution survived the attack.

On September 9th militants blew up a government primary school for girls in lower Orakzai Agency, northern Pakistan

Explosives were planted at the school, located near Khail Maat Shah village in Storikhel area, that exploded before dawn. The school building was destroyed completely in the blast, they added.

Some people build schools, others destroy them. Some people teach girls, others shoot them in the head.


  1. jb says

    Back in my early days on IRC, I had the misfortune of dealing with an incredibly mean, nasty, misogynistic channel regular. He was horrible to everybody, but esp. to women. He often accused me of being an ’empty shell’ and of having no worth other than my ‘large tits’. He spent most of his time berating women, and I did feel awful b/c I did not live up to his standards.

    He felt that he was particularly awesome b/c he got into Oxford. Quite the feat for a boy from Pakistan!

    Well, in light of what I now know about Pakistan, it all makes sense. His hatred of women was not something unique to him – its b/c he is from a woman-hating culture, and this no doubt played a huge role in his behaviour.

    Most of his time was spent longing for a girlfriend. Again, another thing that should have made sense. He hated women b/c he could not date one, *especially* girls from his home country. It drive him crazy that no indian or pakistani girl would give him the time of day – they all wanted to date white boys.

    Now that I see his behaviour in context, I do not feel as bad about myself!

  2. says

    I find it hard to agree with the comments #1 and #2 as I don’t believe a country that elected Benazir Bhutto to the position of Prime Minister can be a completely women hating culture. As with all these things there is a core of extremists terrorising the general populace. When they are willing to shoot even little girls in the head for daring to speak out who can blame the populace for being scared? Easy for me sitting in the UK to look over there and criticise but frankly if I lived there I’d be too scared to speak up too. Which makes Malalas actions all the more laudable from my pov.

    So yeah carry on giving them aid, they need it to beat the minority of assholes holding their country to ransom.

  3. Don Quijote says

    Seeing how these fanatics go absolutely apeshit if somebody sneezes on their precious Koran, I often wonder if they remove all the Korans that must be in those schools before they destroy the schools.

    As for Benazir Bhutto, she was last in government in 1996 and has since been murdered. Women in the Pakistani government now are put there in reserved seats to make it appear to the outside world that Pakistan is a modern country. Those women are usually the wives of influential polititians or business men. Some of those women are under threat from the fanatics and as we know, can’t even trust their own bodyguards.

  4. sailor1031 says

    “I keep wondering why we are giving them aid.”

    Long story. Back in cold war days the USA gave “aid” to Pakistan to counterbalance the “aid” that the USSR was giving to India in response to the “aid” the USA was giving to Pakistan because the USSR was giving aid to India because…..As seen in many other contexts, once a project becomes a program nothing can stop it….to paraphrase a great englishman “we have always given aid to Pakistan”.

    Besides, now they are our allies in the “war on terrorism” doncha know. Sometimes I feel like we have always been at war with terrorism…….

  5. says

    Yeah, how some liking seventh century laws has much to do with aid is pretty much ‘does not follow’, the history of the aid notwithstanding.

    Keep in mind there’s lots really don’t. And in the usual way of these things, it’s too easy to forget them.

    Islamists and extremists in general are like the class clowns in the class picture. Always jumping up in front of the lense, making faces. Look at us, we can blow stuff up. Look at us, look at us, look at us.

    Don’t just look at them. Partly because they hate that immensely, like all clowns, and partly because that’s one of the ways they win. Remember that behind them, there are other voices. Up to and including outright secularists, religious and less so. The the ‘less so’ tend to be circumspect about that, given the larger atmosphere, but they are there.

  6. jb says

    go read ‘no country for women’

    Bangladesh also puts women in power – who then curtail the rights of other women!

    As for Pakistan, acid attacks are quite popular against women.

    Don’t like your wife anymore? Just throw acid in her face, and claim that she cheated on you.

    The neighbour girl won’t marry you? Just throw acid in her face, that will teach her!

    Pakistan has a few token women in power, but until atrocities such as these acid attacks cease, I would not say that the culture is not misogynistic!

  7. sunny says

    I don’t believe a country that elected Benazir Bhutto to the position of Prime Minister can be a completely women hating culture

    Benazir was elected because of the legacy of her father. I remember being very disappointed with her. Take a look at the parties with which the PPP (Benazir’s party) formed alliances while in power – namely, the parties on the fundamentalist right.

    The same can be said for the women elected to the executive in Bangladesh.

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