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Well there’s one thing about the ElevatorGATE stalker’s obsessive stalking and Storifying, which is that it makes it easy to point to some crazy.

I can’t remember why I decided to look at his Storify just now, but I did, to find that he’d storified a conversation I was still having with Amy and Glendon and Melody. Whew! Don’t I feel special! Being watched every second…yeah, that rocks.

But he also Storified this one, in which two people who have lived in totalitarian countries earnestly testified that yes indeed “they” really are totalitarians.

Absolutely; not hyperbole at all.


  1. Aratina Cage says

    I think that is an example of the libertarian streak in bluharmony (as I recall she has) coming out against the liberals. On blogs we really do have extensive rights to do with them what we please (I suspect she knows this but is hamming it up for effect), in organizations and political parties, too. Not allowing certain people or certain discourse may appear totalitarian, but it really isn’t unless you apply your political philosophy to bloggingdom.

    (I just don’t think it would work too well to pretend to be a totalitarian blogger since your ability to do anything stops with your blog in most cases, or your network if you happen to own or administrate the network. However, it also won’t do to pretend that a blog administrator or owner cannot decide who and what gets published on her blog.)

  2. says

    That creep Storified a random conversation I had with Surly Amy about A+ necklaces. We weren’t even talking about A+ itself. #TooMuchFreeTime

  3. says

    Kirby doesn’t seem to have any problem with the @ElevatorGATE creep logging people’s conversation. She’s thanked him on more than one occasion though.

  4. Stacy says

    Pretty sure watching your enemies all the time is a characteristic of the totalitarian playbook.

    Getting in public fights with one’s leaders, not so much.

    Fucking projection, how does it work?

  5. briane says

    Russell really believes there’s a hate campaign against him? Something like the campaign against that young girl in Pakistan who was framed by a cleric? Or the campaign against Skepchicks? Only different in degree, presumably? I wonder…

    I can’t see it. I see people questioning why he sides with people who fling vicious abuse. I see people being dismayed at a person who otherwise would reject such crap, and instead use reason, acting as if it’s more or less ok and the Ftberrs, Skepchicks and A+ are to blame.

    I suspect that Russell sees himself fighting the good fight against censorious cabals who would restrict his freedom to do whatever urge directed him. A kind of personal libertarianism, inspires it I guess. Conservative at base. It might be summed up: ‘it’s my right to do what I want, and the haters won’t take it from me’. the idea of hate campaign may spring from the uncomfortable feeling he gets when he has flashes of recognition that he’s involved in bullying and censorious behavior – a hate campaign -, and doesn’t want to be reminded of it at all. Each time it comes up stings. A few times seems like many barbs. The Cognitive dissonance needs to be alleviated, and powerful claiming to be powerless and bullied will is a well worn strategy.

    That’s just my opinion. As I’ve said before, Russell is a decent person, just blind to this issue,

  6. johnthedrunkard says

    Not to imply guilt by association.. But if anyone didn’t notice the name NotungSchwert.

    Schwert means ‘sword,’ Notung is the name of Siegfried’s sword in The Ring.

    I know-blah blah blah music is not political etc. But I have performed enough Wagner to know I want to take an extra shower after every rehearsal.

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