1. Claire Ramsey says

    Who the hell do these people think they are? Arizona is a fucking weird place, no matter where you turn. The sickening legislature and governor are simply determined to watch everyone and nail them – women (how come men using birth control don’t get nailed?) anyone who looks Latino, Latino children and students, to make sure they don’t learn jack shit at school and just drop the hell out as soon as possible.

  2. simonsays says

    In the US unless you are under a union contract I do not believe there is a law that would forbid an employer from firing you for using birth control, at least not at the federal level.

    Sad, but true.

  3. Freodin says

    What kind of justification do they give for firing women using birth control? Some kind of “hurts my religious convictions” shit?

  4. simonsays says

    Actually religious discrimination is against the law as is discrimination based on “protected class” like sex, race, color, or national origin per Title VII:

    However if all an employer stated was that they have a “sincere conviction” (or something of that nature) that birth control is immoral and that this disqualified someone from working for them but did not make any mentions to a religion there’s not much a non-union worker can do. Keep in mind employers aren’t even really required to state a reason for termination since there’s no federal requirement that an employer have cause.

    For example, there was a case where an employer fired someone and the reason stated was that he went to a happy hour and drank on his own time. There was nothing the employee could do. Here’s a quick article I found that shows what other non-work related things can get you legally fired:

  5. Walton says

    The prevalence of “at-will employment” in the US gives employers a scary amount of power. (Here in the UK things are slightly better, although the right to sue for unfair dismissal is gradually being chipped away.)

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