1. Hunt says

    Looks strangely similar to foothills in California. Wouldn’t it be funny to see a development of McMansions there.

  2. Vall says

    Looks like they landed on the set for “Capricorn One.” The first thing that I thought of was the drive between Phoenix and L.A.

  3. says

    And as far as I understand it, Mount Sharp is actually just the one bump in the center of the photo near the top… the beginning of the “foothills,” essentially.

    There was an image elsewhere (which I can’t find) which has a close up of that bump, and an inset close-up of the little ridge on the bottom edge of that bump which looks like a white streak with a dark streak underneath it.

    In that close up of a close up, sitting on that little whitish ridge is a black dot. The black dot is a boulder roughly the size of the car-sized rover.

    So that gives some perspective – that smallish bump in the photo is a mountain that at this zoom level the rover would be invisible sitting atop.

    It’s hard to tell from that other photo for sure, but it also appears then that there is a cliff on that ridge above Mount Sharp that has a drop of many hundreds if not thousands of feet.

    Unless I completely misinterpreted things.

    I can’t find the link, but I’m prety sure I found it somehow originally through

  4. says

    Hmm. Come to think of it, there is another photo of mount sharp that seems to contradict what I said above, because it seems to show it alone without surrounding mountains.

    But the rover/scale thing was correct though.

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