A medical breakthrough

In the spirit of learning from the sciencey knowings of Todd Akin, the artist Kit Cameo created an artistic yet medical bottle in which women can collect and store their Magical Vaginal Death Venom.

It was for sale on ebay, and the subject of funny Q&A, but then ebay decided whoops, venom, two people complained (about “vagina”?) and ebay whisked it all away. Details pending.

So that’s crappy.


  1. Paul says

    But it wouldn’t be funny!

    Sure it would be! It’s just a funnily-shaped word in general — secretion. I’m sure there’s also some fun verbiage about milking snakes that you could subtly alter to describe the product…

  2. F says

    If were going that way, I’d say to strip out the final noun altogether. Bottled Magic Vagina Death. In a bottle. In a bucket, with a hat on.

    But venom works for me.

  3. F says

    Secretion is a funny word. It means two nearly opposite things, depending on context. But it gives me the name for a brand addition or competing product: Deadly Cooze Ooze.

    Now if these magical secretions could only burn off a rapist’s penis, or poison him, we’d be getting somewhere.

  4. says

    Oops, Ophelia, sorry about that, i think I gave you the info incorrectly. We had thought that it was taken down for having the word “vagina” in the listing, but are waiting to find out more info. There are three listings still up, but the two that had received press and the highest bids were apparently flagged by offended people and taken down, which sucks because it was a fundraiser for a women’s rights and reproductive rights advocacy group, A Is For (AisFor.org).

    You can still find the remaining bottles here as long as they don’t get taken down:



  5. Jason Dick says

    Are you sure it was the word venom? E-bay recently banned magic items, so maybe it was the word “magic” instead. Too bad, really. But I can understand it, if there were people seriously trying to sell magic items…

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