There’s an explanation

Tarek Fatah posted a photo on Facebook with the comment

Inside Islam’s holiest place of worship, The Kaabah in Mecca. For some a romantic stroll in the park, without the fear of Maya Khan.

Six comments in a guy said, in all seriousness –

Have a close careful look!
This man has only one leg, and is being helped by his wife.
Please think carefully a few times prior to commenting on religious locations and issues.



  1. sailor1031 says

    A moment’s reflection, which religiots do not allow themselves, would suffice to realize that if he only had one leg his arm would be round her shoulders and she would be bent over to support the weight. I think we should look more closer at the idiot who made this comment – he seems to be missing a brain!

  2. says

    Exactly what Tarek said. He can’t walk, himself, and he said when he leans on his wife he certainly doesn’t put his arm around her waist.

    I pointed out how uselessly the woman’s hand is draped over the man’s hip. Obviously she’s not supporting him in the least – they’re walking linked, just as Tarek said.

  3. Francisco Bacopa says

    Greatest picture ever. Proof that normal human affection prevails in the heart of a system that sometimes works to undermine it.

    Love wins out. Love is on our side. It’s on their side too, because it doesn’t have a side.

  4. Sigmund says

    It’s definitely not inside the Kaabah, which is the cube shaped building that pilgrims walk around during the Haj. The inside of the Kaabah is far smaller than what is shown in this picture. It looks like it might have been taken in the courtyard of the Masjid al-Haram mosque – the Kaabah is in the center of this couryard but very few people are allowed inside it – just the especially holy (rich), like the Saudi royals.

  5. says

    Oops, Tarek got the Kaabah part wrong. Secularized Westernized kuffar! :- )

    And what Francisco said. It’s a lovely picture. That was Tarek’s point too, until the joker came along.

  6. Fayyaz says

    cant guess that man has only one leg.. just look at the next man walking… it is also looking like he has a single leg……

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