Ajita Kamal

This is a bad day. Ajita Kamal has died – in “an incident” in Tamil Nadu, which sounds as if he was killed, which seems different from just dying. Anyway he’s gone, which just sucks.

He founded Nirmukta. He was an inspiration to a lot of people.


  1. kerfluffle says

    Thank you for including the link to Nirmukta. It is bookmarked and will be referred to often. The most cursory reading of several pages drives home what has been lost with Ajita Kamal.

    I wish I had discovered it sooner and not like this.

  2. mirax says

    Yeah, that ‘incident’ sounds bad. I am hoping that it is nothing more than a quaint turn of phrase and it justs turns out to have been an accident rather than some act of violence. Ajita was only 33 but seems to have had a huge impact on the Indian atheist scene. So sad to lose one of our own.

  3. Nirmukta Team. says

    Hi all, The use of the word ‘incident’ was only for want of information. We have been careful in seeking information out of respect for the privacy of the family. Any information we get will be added in the “in-memorium” that will be posted at nirmukta.com soon, and also updated on the Facebook group and Forums. Thanks for all the kind words.

  4. says

    Hi N Team – yes I sort of gathered that from what you said – but I suppose I couldn’t help worrying about unpleasant possibilities.

    I’m so so sorry. Condolences.

  5. Someone says

    Trusted sources based in Tamil Nadu, India, when contacted, confirmed to our deep sorrow that his body was recovered close to his residence after a search was conducted

    “Body” ? “Near residence” ?

  6. Prof. V.N.K.Kumar says

    How does it matter in what way he died ? Maybe a homicide or a hit & run case or a robbery or whatever. His life was so meaningful and he desperately wanted to achieve so many things that, to my mind, suicide is completely ruled out and a heart attack is very unlikely. The crux of the whole thing is we non-theists have lost a guide & Institution-builder who cannot easily be replaced. My condolences to all who were close to him. However life must go on and I am sure that the Nirmukta team will continue the good work started by him.

  7. Naveen Nayak says

    What worries me is that the news from trusted sources in Tamil Nadu that his body was found in a well beside his house. The possibility of homicide has to be ruled out.

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