1. Josh Slocum says

    What the hell happened, Ophelia? This has been going on for almost two days before it finally pooped out altogether this morning.

  2. sumdum says

    Gave me a chance to finally watch all those daily show episodes I had recorded. 🙂
    Good to see the site back again though.

  3. Josh Slocum says

    Oh, I hope I didn’t sound snotty and demanding, O. It was just an expression of my luuuuuvvvv for B&W and FtB:) It’s a great thing to have y’all aggregated in such a high-class neighborhood, but it’s awful when every single one of one’s daily must-read blogs goes down.

  4. says

    Heavens not at all, Josh. You sounded like someone who missed it, which is a good thing! The minimalism of my reply reflects nothing but the general befuddlement that the company that did the migration (for not a few $) did such an incredibly crappy job of it. (Jason explained what it was, later, but like Ed, I found it just – sprogglewackle.)

  5. rwahrens says

    “Sprogglewackle” Sounds like a technical term to me! (Those server/database guys…)

    Yes, my own tremors have also finally subsided – the only way they went away this fast is that I hosted a humanist discussion group in my home this evening, so I got at least a substitute fix at the last minute!

    Glad to see you folks back, I thought maybe you got hacked.

  6. Kate says

    Sprogglewackle! Next time I need a reason for not having finished something at work, I will lean back, gaze into the middle distance, and sigh in a world-weary fashion ‘Ah, it was the sprogglewackle!’. Or maybe, ‘It was all set for sign-off, and then, goddamnit, I was sprogglewackled!’

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