I got a package in the mail today and it turned out to be two copies of Does God Hate Women translated into Polish. Yip!

Dlaczego Bóg nienawidzi kobiet?


Dlaczego Bóg nienawidzi kobiet?  - Benson Ophelia, Stangroom Jeremy

Someone has read it.

This feminist and human rights activist likes it.

Greetings, Poland.


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    Terrific News, OB, when one takes into consideration that In 2007, 88.4% of the population belonged to the Roman Catholic Church. Though rates of religious observance are lower, at 52% to 60% – Poland remains one of the most devoutly religious countries in Europe.

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    Yes: Poland needs the help. It makes an appearance in the book, too.

    chigau: other languages: yes, Swedish. The wonderful people who published it there flew me over for the launch last year, and introduced me to women’s rights activists from Iran and Iraq etc. Best 2 1/2 days evar.

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    Yes, I was impressed by that. They also put me up at the nicest hotel in the universe (the Lydmar – right on the harbor, looking across at Gamla Stan, and next door to the National Museum), took me out to lunch, took me out to dinner, etc etc. It was meeting all their feminist atheist friends that was the best though.

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    oddly enough, the translation of the title doesn’t say “does god hate women?”, it says “why does god hate women?”

    I guess it’s already a given THAT he does, it’s merely a question “why”? :-p



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