Little indeed

The Massachusetts Republican party wants Harvard to stop paying Elizabeth Warren’s salary while she runs for the Senate. It doesn’t just want Harvard to do that, it’s trying to tell Harvard to do that.

“By restoring her to the faculty, even though she has now formed a federal
election committee and is actively campaigning, the university is establishing a
bad precedent for academic appointments,” Nate Little, executive director of the state GOP, wrote in a letter to Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust.

As if that’s their business. As if they’re the boss of Harvard. As if Harvard were taxpayer-funded.

The Globe adds later, drily,

During last year’s special election, [Republican Senator Scott] Brown continued to accept his taxpayer financed salary as a state senator. He has not expressed any plans to give up his federal salary while running for reelection to the US Senate.



  1. Ken Pidcock says

    Christ. The nerve of these people.

    As a non-profit charitable institution, Harvard is prohibited from taking a position on behalf of or in opposition to a candidate. Your payment of a salary to Professor Warren causes reasonable-minded people to conclude that Harvard is supportive of her candidacy

    Really? Every candidate for public office implicates her employer? Oh, wait, not every candidate.

  2. fastlane says

    I think Harvard might have a case of intimidation here…. That would be fun to watch if they could get a creative team of lawyers (paging Jeremy Irons!). =)

  3. The Lorax says

    Implying that people at FUCKING HARVARD are not “reasonable-minded”?

    Yes, congratulations, you just called everyone who goes to, or has gone to, or desires to go to Harvard an idiot.

    I’m just going to shake my head and walk away now.

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