English as a 47th language

There’s a little chat I did with Jonathon Narvey of The Propagandist last week. If you listen to it I recommend skipping at least the first three minutes, because before that I keep sounding as if I’m translating from the Jupiterian.


  1. blindrobin says

    Devil’s advocate my shiny arse. This interviewer just gets off on being an antagonistic c*nt.

  2. michael says

    Hah! “English as a 47th language” actually had me laughing out loud. But really, Jupiterian my foot! You’re perfectly understandable! You say that sort of thing every time you give an interview, but I think it’s never nearly as bad as you seem to think it is 🙂 The only part that wasn’t clear was the bit about “hallowed traditions”, but that was only because you were interrupted before you could complete your thought (but even there, it wasn’t so difficult to tell where you were going)… To do some cheeky, evidence-free psychoanalysis: I think maybe your self-criticism is just a symptom of the aversion most of us seem to have at hearing our voice recorded.

  3. Ophelia Benson says

    No really! I don’t think I always do a horrible job – and I’ve gotten quite used to hearing my recorded voice. But the first three minutes…god…I kept groping for the perfect word which always turned out to be something perfectly obvious. It sounds so pompous.

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