Kitten assimilation has begun

We’ve named her Pixel. It seems appropriate – she’s already thinking with Portals:

And helping me blog:

And appreciating my nerdy coffee table books:

And helping out my roommate as he plays video games:

She even managed to mark all of my Google Reader items as read as she pawed at my laptop. I think that’s her way of saying “Stop reading blogs and pet me!”


  1. fastlane says

    Awww…we think of our aquarium as the kitten entertainment system.

    She will occasionally do that with the computer, too.

    You need to find that sound file of all the bird chirps and play it through the computer. See how she reacts to it. ;-)

  2. says

    You’re going to need a laser pointer. And a box of ants. Just set one ant loose, and she’ll follow it around for hours.

  3. Moose says

    I second the laser pointer!

    And I noticed her impeccable taste in art and literature, especially Mr. Crumb’s magnum opus…

  4. says

    She’s adorable and Pixel is a good name for a geeky kitty. I know another one here in Sweden. A Russian Blue. He even has his own FB and Twitter accounts. And a web page of course. Cats are awesome.

  5. says

    Says a lot about how awesome this community is that there’s at least three people with cats named pixel here. ^^ (mine is called pixel too & he looks a lot like jens – except he’s seal point, not seal lynx point).

  6. bad Jim says

    My sister, who lives in San Rafael, California, has a cat named Pixel. She also has dogs named Luna and Bella. Since my brother also has a dog named Bella, I call the youngest (who’s dubious about my awesomeness) Tinker-Bella.

  7. Otrame says

    They figure if you are so bored you are staring at a bunch of colors that you might as well pet them. In my guild on WoW we often get the COK (cat on keyboard) warning from ecch other.

  8. Julius says

    Pixel is a good start for a geeky pet name, but really you’re not trying hard enough… a friend (well, vague online acquaintance) of mine has/had three cats – named Proxy, SCSI and GZip.

    SCSI should be especially good for confusing tech-illiterate vets. “Your cat is called ess-cee-ess-eye…?”

  9. HumanisticJones says

    My tortoise shell cats Yuusha and Rio both take great pride in “helping” me program when I work from home. And by help I mean roll on the keyboard or shift around in my lap until they pin one of my arms.

    And I agree with earlier comments on laser pointers. Get one. Yuusha has actually figured out the trick behind it and will lead people to where the pointer was last put down, immediately looking around the floor for the dot to chase when the pointer is in hand.

  10. says

    The cute. It kills.

    That’s also why I have my tv screen mounted on the wall above where the cat can get in the way of me and Arkham Asylum.


  11. Rikitiki says

    Oh yeah – of my two cats (Lamont Cranston & Doc Savage),
    Doc’s philosophy is: “You have two hands…why isn’t one
    of them petting the cat?”

  12. xyzzy says

    Awwww! As if we didn’t have enough reason to come here.

    Cat <3

    ThinkPad <3

    Hey, I think she wants some melk!

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