Now I know why I like BLTs so much

From Abstruce Goose:Mmmmm…

This makes me even more motivated to throw the Darwin Day Dinner Party idea I’ve had in my head for a couple years. Everyone brings something they cooked, complete with a list of all the recipes, and you map out everything you ate on a giant tree of life, trying to cover as many orders of life as possible. Then you can look in awe at how millions of years of evolution (and a couple thousand of years of artificial selection) resulted in delicious food that’s now sitting in your belly.

That, and we can always use one more excuse to drink beer – have to represent the yeast!


  1. says

    If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ll probably also like this study from the Annals of Improbable Research:

    Tastes Like Chicken?The field of culinary evolution faces one great dilemma: why do most cooked, exotic meats taste like cooked Gallus gallus, the domestic chicken?It is curious that so many animals have a similar taste. Did each species evolve this trait independently or did they all inherit it from a common ancestor? That is the burning question.

  2. J. Mark says

    The main reason I used to believe in God was BLTs….add some avocado to that would ya please….

  3. mike says

    Mmmmmmmmm Phylum Feast aaaaaaaaahhh. I proposed once proposed a contest for the most phylums phylae phlyli? in a food. Of course, ungulates dominate most of our foods, but that’s because they are soooooo tasty.

  4. Noelley B says

    A Jen-hosted atheist potluck? I can think of a few ladies I know who show up for that who would never go to an atheist meet at a bar.You could do it in a park this summer, and people with kids could come.

  5. Joebiohorn says

    Your party idea reminds me of one held for a fellow graduate student on successful defense of his thesis. He had studied, among other things, an enzyme the he obtained from chicken livers purchased at a supermarket. At he party, we were served, among other things, a nice chicken liver pate. Our professor interrupted the celebration to say that there was one more question for the defense. He handed the student the recipe for the pate and asked “What’s the specific activity for your enzyme at each step in this recipe?”

  6. says

    You call them ‘defences’ in the states? Here’s it’s still a ‘viva voce’ (‘living voice’), generally called a viva (pronounced, usually, ‘vie-ver’, rather than the more appropriate to the Latin – or modern latinate languages – ‘vee-va’).

  7. Steve Caldwell says

    You could add some low-lactose milk products to the menu. Although you won’t be ingesting archaea bacteria, you would be eating food products that are produced with Pyrococcus enzymes:…And I suppose you could add beans to the menu and let the methanogen archaea bacteria in the human gut trumpet their presence to the world.

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