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    I still had a ton of reeces last night, then around one in the morning I smoked a joint and it all disappeared in a cloud of nom and MGMT. That was however the happiest I have been in months.

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    I know what you mean. I went to Kroger tonight and they refused to mark down their Halloween candy. Don’t they know that that is the best part of Halloween? What a bunch of grinches.

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    This is actually a serious, yet light-heated, question (I understand how the internet can make things look otherwise). Is chocolate really that “magical” for women? Is it just the sugar (and the fact that chocolate is really good tasting) or is it something else? How widespread is that?I mean I love chocolate, but many women seem to go beyond that.I used to work with a pre-op male-to-female trans-sexual, and she said (after taking hormone therapy for a while) that chocolate “changed” for her from good-tasting to something extremely emotionally satisfying. That statement has always made me curious about how much of the women/chocolate thing is chemical and how much is simply expected behavior.

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    Eh, I personally just use it as an excuse to eat more chocolate. I have no scientific data to support my claims :P

  5. Valhar2000 says

    Well, maybe she associates chocolate with feminity, as so many people do, and that was why eating chocolate became that much more emotionally satisfying once she was able to eat it as a woman, so to speak.

  6. A-M says

    We don’t really do Halloween here either, but dammit we do chocolate. Who needs an excuse? Where are my curly wurly bars (the best thing ever!).

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