A graphical summary of evolutionary psychology

Oh, evolution. If only you prepared us for the future, rather than adapted us to our past. (Click here for original/larger comic)


  1. Backyard_stage says

    Therapy is giving you the ‘legal’ drugs. It is rather sad, but I think that’s what a specie needs to evolve into; creatures sufficient to supply their own food and secure shelter to reproduce while not being eaten by another animal, although the drugs and the 40 hours poorly spent may be our only evolvement, indeed.

  2. says

    Drugs… Drugs… I was going to say something, but I lost my…. Look a dorito …. Do you think that the back of your head ever wonders what your face looks like… I’m going to watch ghostbusters again….. I could really go for some doritos… Drugs… like dugs but with an r. Doug digs drugs. I know I had a point. That’s right. “Kids don’t do drugs, unless you want to have fun or be cool.” Noah and the dinosaurs

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