Live interview in an hour!

This is incredibly late notice, but I will be talking live with Barry Lynn from Americans United for Separation of Church and State at 4pm EST at his radio show Culture Shocks. I’ll be on for about 20 minutes making a fool out of myself discussing boobquake and anti-women fundamentalists. Tune in!

EDIT: Sorry about that bit of miscommunication. My interview with Barry Lynn will air on Friday the 23rd at 4:30 PM! You can still catch it by going here then.


  1. BathTub says

    Hah I woke up this morning to hearing this story on the news. Not a lot of detail, but it still made me laugh. So it’s official on the news here in New Zealand.- BathTub

  2. says

    You better preemptively apologize for ending the world. Because when boobquake happens and a very vengeful God destroys the earth because of the overload of cleavage, it will be too late to say ‘I’m sorry.’ Who would have thought it would all end like this? I had my money down on ‘teh gays’ or ‘the commie dems’ bringing the Armageddon on us, boy was I wrong. Noah and the dinosaurs.

  3. Froggie says

    Barry Lynn does not like atheists. He discontinued the blog at Americans United because non-theists were outnumbering the theists.I agree with his first ammendment issues but he is not fond of using them to openly support non-theist issues.

  4. War for Oil says

    Congrats, you get to be a pawn in America’s next foreign war. Did you ever stop and think why the Cleric’s statement was picked up by all the western papers?I’m sure your Country will better the lives of the poor exploited.

  5. Alec says

    Jen, I think you are redefining the phrase “celebrity overnight.”Can I go ahead ask you to come to my campus and speak in about two years? The sooner the better I figure, lol.

  6. says

    It was picked up because it was stupid and included boobies. That is like a combination of crack cocaine and gold to the US media. I sincerely doubt that we’ll be going to war anytime soon with Iran. There’s saber rattling, but neither country wants to or is in a position to start stuff with the other. If, by the rare chance, we do go to war, it sure the hell won’t be about boobies.

  7. bahmankalbasi says

    Hi, I just sent an email to your blaghagblog address. I am a BBC reporter and was wondering if you could kindly call me back asap? Much appreciate it.

  8. barrylynn says

    Just for the record, that is not why Americans United discontinued its “blog commenting

  9. barrylynn says

    Ladies and gentlemen. I get free ad time for good causes and free satellite time. I have no real control over other ads.

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