A quick clarification about Boobquake

Holy crap.

So what started as a joke and somewhat sarcastic reply to the ludicrous notion that women’s immodesty causes earthquakes has now exploded. Seriously, internet, you scare and amaze me sometimes. The Facebook event already has almost 14,000 attendees (and 60,000 invited) in just over 24 hours. The wall is getting comments so quickly that I had to disable Facebook email notifications because my inbox was getting flooded. The twitter stream for #boobquake is updating so quickly that I can’t keep up. To top that off, I just got interviewed by the largest newspaper in Canada and some radio station in Ireland wants to interview me.

Because I made a boob joke.

Since this is probably only going to get crazier in the next couple of days, I want to make a quick clarification. This post is going to be far shorter than it should be since I am a student and I’m trying to finish homework and such, but I wanted to at least acknowledge what people are saying.

I just want to apologize if this comes off as demeaning toward women. To be honest, it started as silly joke that I hurriedly fired off since I was about to miss the beginning of House. I never thought it would get the attention it did. If I would have known, I would have spent more time being careful about my wording.

That being said, I don’t think the event is completely contrary to feminist ideals. I’m asking women to wear their most “immodest” outfit that they already would wear, but to coordinate it all on the same day for the sake of the experiment. Heck, just showing an ankle would be considered immodest by some people. I don’t want to force people out of their comfort zones, because I believe women have the right to choose how they want to dress. Please don’t pressure women to participate if they don’t want to. If men ogle, that’s the fault of the men, not me for dressing how I like. If I want to a show a little cleavage or joke about my boobs, that’s my prerogative.

I also hate the ideal of “big boobs are always better!” The cleavage joke was just a result of me personally having cleavage, and that being my choice of immodesty. And I thought “boobquake” just sounded funny. Really, it’s not supposed to be serious activism that is going to revolutionize women’s rights, but just a bit of fun juvenile humor. I’m a firm believer that when someone says something so stupid and hateful, serious discourse isn’t going to accomplish anything – sometimes light-hearted mockery is worthwhile.

Anyway, I’m not forcing anyone to agree with me. Maybe I am failing at Feminism 101, or maybe I’m just taking a different approach.

And to the scientists who are concerned with my methods – don’t worry, I fully plan on doing some statistics after the event. I know many earthquakes happen on a daily basis, so we’re looking to see if Boobquake significantly increases the number or severity of earthquakes. Or if an earthquake strikes West Lafayette, IN and only kills me, that may be good evidence of God’s wrath as well (I’m not too concerned). And yes, I know I need a larger sample size to make this good science. Maybe I’ll include Mardi gras in my calculations.


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    I think it’s a good idea – not because I’m pro boob (though I am), but because it’s a good way to show pride in one’s body (edit: that is to say, showing confidence in how someone looks, and making a choice to wear particular clothing, rather than feeling like you have to stick to social norms that may or may not exist in your particular area) . And a great way to lash out at people who want to control women by forcing them to wear only what men choose. If that’s not being feminist, then I don’t know what is.Bravo, Jen.

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    I think this whole thing has been a great, light hearted event. One should not get offended, if they do not agree, they need only not participate. Thanks for the blog post, hopefully it will clear up misunderstandings with many. Cheers!

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    I’m offended that anyone could be offended by your light hearted response to a silly little man in Iran (Hey, I’m a poet, and I didn’t even know it!).Some of us are appreciating your humour Jen, please keep on keeping on!

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    To anyone offended: sheesh, lighten up. It’s a silly, childish joke. Jen said so herself, numerous times – not to mention that anyone who fails to see it as such really needs to develop a sense of humor, or at least, the ability to recognize attempted humor.That being said: you disappoint me, Jen. You really thought you could make a joke about boobs causing earthquake, and then proclaiming that you’ll expose the most cleavage possible on a given day in the near future, and even give it a nifty name, and the Forces of the Internet wouldn’t converge down upon you? =P It’s practically a scientific formula. (Hell, it probably is, if you wanna get all theoretical and whatnot, but I digress.)My only remaining question: what is the threshold for manly staring at said exposed cleavage, at which point it turns from purely scientific into mere inappropriateness? (Hey, valid question!)

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    > and the Forces of the Internet wouldn’t converge down upon you? Indeed. Remember that the internet is not insignificantly *financed* by the incentive of breasts. Ogling is one of the largest online industries!

  6. PoorWanderingOne says

    What Veritas said.Boobs are cool.Sedighi and his invisable friend deserve mockery.Sedighi hates boobs.So show some boob some boobs to let him know just what we think of him and his sky-daddy.note. For “boobs” please read “Clothing or manner of dress that is as headonistic as you want to wear.” How you look or dress is no more my business that it is Sedighi’s Hoping for the quake~WIll

  7. Jared says

    I was hoping to make it through the year with only a single batshit crazy idea on the cause of earthquakes, the first being how my friends mother honestly and truly believes that fault lines and volcanoes were created by humans digging, but sadly just a month later I hear a new one. I wonder what the next one will be.

  8. Xorthon says

    “This new learning amazes me. Tell me again how sheeps’ bladders can be employed to predect earthquakes.” This must be how they know that earthquakes are even caused by the boobaliciousness… Now’ I’m unclear how boobs and sheeps’ bladders are interrelated…

  9. says

    LMAO, well I figured it might catch on a bit, but had no idea it would catch on so fast. I’m still wondering about where the promiscuity kicks in. ;)I really wonder why it is considered anti-feminist to show skin anyway. I would imagine that a good feminist should support women doing whatever they want with their bodies, even if that is to show it nude.

  10. Xena says

    Jen, please take the Canadian interview. Canadian feminists are very proud of Gwen Jacob’s 1991 charter challenge. After the Guelph Ontario police tried to ticket Ms. Jacob for indecent exposure, she fought the courts and overturned the conviction.(Pardon me if those details are a little off–memory’s a little fuzzy–it’s exam time for me too& I’m a little short on googletime.)Jim Flaherty& the boys made some fuss about it back in the mid ’90’s, but to the best of my knowledge Canadian women still have the right to be topless as long as there are no commercial ventures involved. Sex work is also partially decriminalized here, but women are only allowed to advertise their business if they DON’T talk about the sex or expose certain parts of their bodies in certain public places. In a nutshell, sex workers have to have good credit and work out of their apartments or dance in licensed nudie bars without pimps. Women who enjoy toplessness in public have to be able to prove that they’re topless for comfort reasons only.We’d love to see you talk geek to geek to our journalists. And a majority of us (enough to persuade our lawmakers, anyway) do not believe that nudity is demeaning to women. Just the opposite. Painting women as “victims” of their own bodies and their own sexuality is what infantalizes and demeans them. Good luck with whatever you decide to do with all the publicity.

  11. Jo from Canada says

    Hopefuly it’s a good Canadian newspaper and not a BS one like tabloid ones: The Star, US Daily, The Enquirer, etc. Here’s hoping it’s the Globe and Mail.Rock on, Jen! My boobs and I support your fiasco! :D

  12. lostinthezoo says

    Sheesh – some people are just plain ridiculous. I’m waiting for the teabagger backlash on this one… Personally, I’ll be conducting a male watching review during boobquake. I’d be willing to bet that their head turning and brake slamming sets off a quake quicker that a bit of boob jiggling!Can’t wait to see the outcome of the whole thing. Great work and thank you for causing people to THINK even if it was an unintended consequence of a lighthearted joke!

  13. domingalou says

    a few suggestions for those participating:1) wear sunscreen! (hehehe).2) be sure you know the safest place to be in case a boobquake does occur.3) boobs should be well-supported to maximize cleavage. if you don’t have a great bra, ask a friend to help hold them up. i’m sure you will find at least one who is willing.4) …be careful to avoid any nip-slips/wardrobe malfunctions. i am considering also wearing pasties, just as a precaution.5) consider showing cleavage everyday (let’s be honest-not only the men dig it).Hooray for Cleavage! BOOBQUAKE 2010!

  14. Xena says

    OOPS! F***ed up that last comment. I should go back to studying too. Got the details of Canada interview and Ireland interview mind-flip crossed-over so it looked like you were still just thinking about doing the interview. I’m still looking forward to reading it. ttfn;-)

  15. muninn says

    As this is for science, I would like to propose a follow up experiment that we may adequately gauge the effectiveness of this technique on tectonic plate movements and slippage.The follow up experiment is simple with its results being compared to Boobquake’s. We need a scale, you see. If there is no scale then our results will be difficult to measure. This is for science, after all.What I propose is that as many people as possible should go have sex for the fun of it (as that is the immoral way) on the same day. Go solo, go with your wife or husband, bf or gf, favorite blow up doll, group of 12 circus performers, whatever (so long as it is legal). If immodest dress may cause the earth to quake, surely people getting their freak on all at once will cause a rending of our crust and multiple volcanoes to erupt. (heh. erupt.)Should any of us remain alive to measure the results, we’ll now have our scale. Call it the Humppocalypse and prepare for the end. (heh. end.)I know it isn’t that original. I don’t make things, I just make them a little weirder.

  16. Miss Nev says

    I’ve come to realize that no matter what you do, you will offend someone. I’ve added your blog to my Favorites! Don’t worry about the humorless minority…we get you!

  17. Holger says

    Hello, Jenthere is absolutely no need to apologize. There will be always some miserable people that interpret every other thing in a way that allows them to complain since this is the only thing that keeps them happy.The German philosopher Kant once said, that you should always act in a way, which you would like to become a common law (sorry for this terrible translation), and I think that “sometimes light-hearted mockery is worthwhile” is just a good example for this.At least you made it already to good old Germany and I hope a lot of our girls here will take part (it goes without saying that I will hide at home for not to endanger my chastity :-) )Since our girls are usually quite well-equipped, could this as well cause a tsunami on your east coast???I wish you could luck and also fun with your personal earthquake.Best regards from Germany (and if there are any photos available , I mean just for the purpose for intercultural knowledge exchange, I wouldn’t mind…and yes, I love to be a chauvinist all once in a while)Holger

  18. says

    I can’t believe the amount of hate that something which is a clear joke has created. My blog (which usually gets next to no visitors per day) even brought people out of the woodwork who don’t seem to understand the word “joke” when it is pointed out to them in clear and concise language.Some people just want to be offended, that’s all it is. Due to other things going on right now I really wasn’t in the mood to handle the hate and was successfully trolled on my own blog. Meh. :/

  19. says

    If immodest dress may cause the earth to quake, surely people getting their freak on all at once will cause a rending of our crust and multiple volcanoes to erupt.OK, but can we not have it before June, please? I’m wanting to take my best pal, from Chicago, on her first holiday in Germany from the 13th of next month and we’ve had enough of volcanos for a while here in Northern Europe. I don’t want Katla to blow just yet, so keep it in your pants just a little longer, pretty please?

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    There will be always some miserable people that interpret every other thing in a way that allows them to complain since this is the only thing that keeps them happy.Exactly. It’s not just that it makes them happy, this is a form of social one-upmanship. If I am offended by something that doesn’t offend you, I win, because it shows my superior something-or-other. Funnily enough, in view of the object of this site, or one of them, this mechanism is essential to all kinds of rigorist religions, confer my “How to make friends and exorcise people”, http://hugogrinebiter.com/?p=9…. So some people have more in common with Ayatollah whatshisface than they think……

  21. says

    If you are looking for a good place to look to for scientific and control type reasons, I suggest North Dakota. We have never had a significant earthquake here. Detected earthquakes elsewhere sure, but no events actually here. If one hits Monday, well as you say good evidence of god’s wrath.

  22. Lencyclopedie says

    Jen, no apologies, please! To be sure, I hope that you can get through the message that while Mr. Kadhem Siddiqi has evidently no idea whatsoever on what causal relationships are and how to justify hypotheses concerning them, this ignorance makes him even more eager to spread his reactionary attitudes. Yes, to get the message right, I think that you need the scientific/rational part, but I see no reason to give up the fight for enlightened sexual mores here, no reason to look askance to perfectly legitimate and carnivalesque fun. After all, this is a recurring pattern: remember what has been said about the causes of great natural calamities over the years (the tsunami of 2004, the earthquake of Haiti etc.) : “sin”, often understood as carnal activities of all sorts is the favourite explanation of many religious activists for the death and destruction: apparently the divine powers do not like humans having any fun! The scientific illiteracy and the reactionary sexual attitudes are just two sides of the same coin. In fact, there are nice evolutionary psychological articles explaining why this is so. So, let us both enjoy the bight light of rationality and have some unapologetic carnivalesque fun as well. Go for it!

  23. Alex Russell says

    Just blame the influence of House. HE would have no problem with it… :o)Meanwhile: personal freedom, humor, geek mad science, and the fact that few things involving bared breasts can be seriously wrong (see under “personal freedom”, subcategory “zest”). But Holger’s referencing of Kant wins the thread. :o)

  24. L.Long says

    You may be about to cause a huge catastrophe!!!I know FOR A FACT thru proper experimentation that immodest dress on a woman will affect nature!!As I look out my window my neighbor is coming out in a halter & short-shorts and believe it or not the sun comes up bright, hot and clear sky’s.When she comes out with a full length dress and coat – like wow!! it is damp and cold out!!!! Its amazing!!! Could she be one of the g0ds in disguise???It has worked every time thru repeated experimental observation!!! Be warned!!

  25. ckitching says

    I can’t help but think that this may be a bad idea. I mean, what if someone uses an Infinite Improbability Drive in the vicinity of Earth and there really is an earthquake that day? Won’t someone please think of the whales?

  26. sweavo says

    whilst I will never discourage a bit of cleavage http://www.cleavage.co.za/arti… I am not expecting to see this actually happen. But as a piece of performance art, the creation and coordination of the event is funny, satirical, political, intelligent and sexy all at once. Sounds like a quintuple win to me.Good concept!

  27. says

    Why anyone would be offended by this is beyond me. Good work starting an internet sensation! I’ll be participating. Let’s cause some earthquakes!

  28. says

    I’m wondering how our esteemed Iranian cleric determined the connection between feminine ornaments and plate tectonics. Did he use empirical studies? And if so, were his test subjects too close to the seismograph?

  29. Quester says

    I consider it important to combat the ridiculous and hateful with the silly and affirming. Keep up the good work!

  30. Chuck Cain says

    Jen, you have got to stop being such a whimp. You spend WAY too much effort trying to appease people you shouldn’t appease. This is not “demeaning toward women” if you actually take it in context. My dog, he’s blaming earthquakes on the fact that women don’t mummify themselves every time they leave the house. Anyone who has a problem with Boobquake needs to get a damned life.

  31. says

    I think because my first post was so hastily written, it was a valid concern. These people don’t know me, so they can’t judge my character to know I meant no ill will. I don’t see it as appeasing – I still think they’re wrong – I just think it’s polite to offer a clarification.

  32. lostinthezoo says

    Jen, no worries and no apologies. Your blog is hilarious and I forwarded invitations to all of the women on my friend list (a scant 200) and I hope they forward it to all of their friends too! When you get into your 40’s you get to the point where you stop apologizing and start laughing at the stupidity. You keep posting and we will all keep reading. Screw them if they can’t take a joke! Good work sweetie and I hope you ace your classes!

  33. Chuck Cain says

    Yeah: crackers only go with cheese whiz. Boobs go with cheese whiz, whipped cream AND chocolate sauce.

  34. says

    I know, I know. It may be hard to believe from some of my blog posts, but sometimes I suffer from being too nice =P

  35. says

    I think it Is a great idea, and you know, people who take it too seriously… well it is their problem.I like to wear cleavege and I haven’t had any problems, I am form the north of Mexico where people are less religious and conservative, I recently moved to Guadalajara, in the center of Mexico and in my first weekend when i used a provocative shirt near a church someone gave me a paper that said that I made the virgin cried and that I should respect the priests, the church and god by not showing my boobs… and I thought that I wasn’t hurting anybody, what kind of damage can a pair of boobs make? and NOW I hear about that guy blaming our clothes, that was just ridiculous!Anyways, i posted about the boobquake in my blog to invite my mexican fellow girlfriends to unite their boobs for science sake. -I hope you don’t mind-

  36. Chuck Cain says

    Yes, I’ve noticed that you are sometimes too nice. Actually, almost always. Perhaps you need… a Bitch Infusion™!

  37. Chuck Cain says

    I haven’t actually figured out what that is yet: it just sounded hysterically clever while I sat here half in the bag.

  38. Bob Smith says

    Good job, and I completely agree. One note: “If men ogle, that’s the fault of the men, not me for dressing how I like.” Yup. But if you decide to dress obviously immodestly at work, then you don’t have a legal right to complain when someone ogles you, because you’re making the statement you don’t have a problem with it. Harassment is still out, but you give up the right to file complaints if eye contact is fleeting all day when you choose to step outside the normal bounds of modesty.

  39. beardedskeptic says

    Can men participate? I was thinking of walking around in trousers that are a little tight in the front.Or I could do plumber’s crack. Or just go shirtless, but that could cause natural disasters on another level. I guess for sake of the integrity of the experiment, since only females were mentioned by the crazy dude, that I should forgo so as not to contaminate the results.The massive flood of people running from the sight could be confused as an actual earthquake. I have toppled buildings before.

  40. elcisitiak says

    I’m in! And you can’t fault men for ogling, as long as they’re not being total jerks about it; as has been said, dressing in that manner gives the impression you don’t mind. And why mind in the first place?

  41. Spezza19 says

    all feminists deserve to fucking die and rot in hell…..biggest fucking hypocrites in history.

  42. Spezza19 says

    I think I know why this bitch is a feminist, cuz she’s so goddamn fucking ugly she can’t get a boyfriend to save her pathetic, worthless life

  43. Svlad Cjelli says

    “Failing Feminism 101”? Yes, of course. How dare you act as if females are normal human beings too?:snark rolleyes:

  44. says

    I personally think this is an absolutely awesome idea. Something totally silly like this just highlights the absurdity of his statements and brings exposure to the fact that women in some areas of the world do not enjoy the freedoms so many of us have. You my dear are amazing!

  45. haleyk says

    Ooh, now I’m getting excited. I appreciated your clarification, and I’m glad the event is getting bigger. I may have the perfect low cut sweater and push up bra…

  46. Gee_Maggie says

    I recognised and appreciated that this arose from a glib jest. Don’t you be apologising. You made, to my knowledge no comment to suggest that you were advocating immodesty, adultery, corruption nor, indeed criticising modesty or even prudish behaviour. You put a smile on my old face and one more smile in the world is no bad thing….

  47. says

    In some countries you don’t even need to show SKIN to be immodest, HAIR will do just fine. Boobquake made me laugh and I can’t believe some people are taking this so serious!! But I’m thinking maybe Fox and ABC took this guy serious? They’ve censored Lane Bryant’s Plus Size lingerie ads. http://ow.ly/1BvlQhttp://ow.ly

  48. v.k.venkov says

    Irony and sarcasm are the best two weapons against stupid statements. So I say: Go, girl, go!!! It was my daughter who drew my attention to Boobquake, and I, her dad, fully encourage her to show her attitude to obscurantism by taking part.

  49. Pamela says

    As an Aussie girl, thank you fro putting this on the 26th! Though my boobs may just freeze off since its gonna be about 15 Centigrade on Monday! :)

  50. Stephanie says

    I appreciate the clarification, but am a little sad to see that this is a pointless statement. Women show cleavage everyday. This is not empowerment. The people who like showing cleavage will, and the people who don’t won’t. I don’t see how this is even close to being a feminist issue.With that said it’s just a cheeky event, and there is nothing wrong with that. :-) But it’s far from female empowerment.

  51. Charles Tay says

    All you women that believe go!! We’ll show him he’s wrong! Free the ta-ta’s!

  52. Mr. Rabbit says

    I agree with you, Stephanie. It is a cheeky event and shows how out of touch religious clerics are. The most unfortunate thing is that the people who really need to see this for what it is (a cheeky response to scientific illiteracy and to misogyny) *actually* believe what that idiot cleric said. Just like some people believed Pat Robertson when he said that Haiti “deserved” the earthquake because of a pact with the devil.

  53. olivianeutronbomb says

    Hear hear, and snaps to you Jen. I call myself a feminist and I am fully supporting you on this- This goes down on the ridiculous list with telling us that what we wear is responsible for acts of sexual violence, but that’s another issue.Personally, I think it’s a win-win event: If he’s right, well, I’d kinda like to know that my ‘immodest’ body has the power to make the earth move (I am woman; feel the earth tremble at my feet some may say hahah)And if he’s wrong, well we get to prove him he’s an imbecile

  54. Nichole says

    I personally give you an A+ in Feminism 101 (and an A+ in Humor 101). Telling women that unless they dress a certain way, they’ll “lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society” is simply attempt to control women, and that’s the exact *opposite* of feminism. (The earthquake part is just nuts!)

  55. jenna8500 says

    I admit that I was one of the women looking for a more serious response. I think that the rationality/anti-foundational aspect of this is necessary. And I definitely agree that feminists must use humor in political discourse, especially since the progressive comedians with power (like Colbert and Jon Stewart) are men. Like you, I am an athiest feminist trapped in the Midwest. And I really appreaciate your comment that “subjectivity is the essense of understanding.” You have my full support (and my boobies) in this cause! I just wish this short-term movement would last longer!

  56. Holly in CO says

    I just had the pleasure of seeing Ani DiFranco in concert…and feel revitalized. this is the perfect way to tell the clerics to F-OFF! And all oogling, stupidly-guilty men too.

  57. says

    Great idea!!! As a well-endowed earth scientist, how could I not join in? Will have to do it at home; despite the perverted Hindu feminist geek that I am, cleavage at work is not my cup of tea.Also, I think this is my new favorite blog. Go, smart as a whippersnapper women in science!

  58. says

    Your willingness to clarify your points just shows that you are well prepared for a life in science – results usually lead to a need for further study. Well done. Those who might be upset by ‘Boobquake ’10 (could we make it an annual event?) obviously haven’t taken the time to read what you’ve written. So they’ve already lost whatever debate they might think they’re starting.

  59. says

    There’s a slight problem. The statement was that immodestly dressed women lead men astray and entice them in adultery which causes earthquakes. In order the the experiment to be valid, scantily dressed woman are going to have to have sex with men they aren’t married to. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…..

  60. says

    hurr hurr hurr, very funnyThis still challenges illogical notions, even if you truly look at it that way. I find it very doubtful that men will be led astray into adultery or rape just because of boobquake (and the religious extremists seem to be implying that it should happen as a direct result of behavior like this). I think the desire for adultery is a much more complicated recipe than seeing some chick on the street with nice knockers – maybe it’s just a lack of commitment (imagine that)

  61. rabbitpirate says

    As I said before I think this is a great idea. It is a chance to celebrate women and the scientific method in a way that will definitely bring attention to both.Yes there is the whole ladies looking fine bit but there is so much more that can be done with this. It is a chance to bring the attention of those who otherwise wouldn’t care to why the scientific method is important and to heap the well deserved scorn on those who would think otherwise.I understand why some people might have a problem with this but I think they are wrong. At no point has this struck me as degrading women, far from it. It seems to be a celebration of women, a way of saying to people like that cleric that women are their own people and can dress how they want and do not have to bow down to how you would have them behave….that and boobs don’t cause earthquakes.I know it was a joke Jen but I think it is a really great and effective idea and I actually think it has more potential to raise awareness than things like blasphemy day.

  62. says

    Lol, even better!Are you implying that the Weekly World News isn’t a reputable newspaper? To quote “So I married an axe murderer”:”This paper contains facts. And this paper has the eighth highest circulation in the whole wide world. Right? Plenty of facts. ‘Pregnant man gives birth.’ That’s a fact. “

  63. Kimberly says

    I completely support you…and applaud your creative approach to a riduculous statement….Most of my women and men friends get it!!! But suprisingly a few of my women friends are taking themselves WAY to seriously!!!! “I’m a firm believer that when someone says something so stupid and hateful, serious discourse isn’t going to accomplish anything – sometimes light-hearted mockery is worthwhile.” ~ Jen McCreight, originater of Boobshake ~ This should go on everyone’s refrigerator, to be read EVERY day ; )

  64. Azkyroth says

    “I just want to apologize if this comes off as demeaning toward women. “I don’t think anyone HONESTLY thought it was.

  65. says

    JenI am writing from Tehran. I love your boobquake idea…It’s good to see people care about the repressions in Iran.

  66. Matthew Johnson says

    The Globe interview was in the print edition this morning but is not yet online.

  67. fighting for freedom 318 says

    that statement …” if they do not agree, they need only not participate” is what ALL THE LIBERALIST COMMIE A**HOLES IN OUR GOVT. NEED TO LIVE BY ….. don’t push your beliefs and opinions on a whole nation of ( at least to this day ) FREE COUNTRY !!!!!!!!! I think EVERYONE has the RIGHT to do what they want when they want as long as noone else is harmed , not to be limited to but ie….. hunting , gun ownershipe , religion choice etc etc etc praise be to God and long live the Constitution

  68. says

    As a fellow D-cup, I’m all over the idea. If for no other reason than to find out if it works. As someone already said, I’d love to know that my humble self could cause the earth to move. Talk about girl power! You go, girl!

  69. Sadie says

    Thanks for your clarification and your choice to express some sensitivity.. I think women’s rights are a complicated and delicate issue. I like your idea and am all about it, especially the way you presented it here (the most immodest thing a girl would ALREADY wear.. not pushing comfort zones necessarily…pride in one’s body and men taking responsibility for their own actions and not blaming their own abusive choices on us). I was originally concerned, not about what you said, but by some of the other comments on facebook. Again, thanks for this follow up, and I say carry on!

  70. Leslie says

    Awesome, fantastic and amazing! I am always happy to see ANYTHING productive come from people’s internet posts going “viral”. One of the first comment sections I’ve EVER read in which it wasn’t filled entirely with people hating and/or arguing about inane points. I actually teared-up slightly reading a post from Tehran in which they mentioned “it’s good to see people care about the repressions in Iran.” Thanks to the creator of this idea, even if it was never intended to get this much attention! Let’s all be thankful though, that lighthearted as this may be to some, there really are people who blame SO MUCH on others, let alone on things that are more than improbable, and I know I am constantly grateful I am allowed to voice my opinions and show some cleavage (if I so choose). I will happily be flaunting my beliefs, and as much of my femininity as the laws in my geographic locality allow. But let’s keep in mind that the dude himself said that it’s the MEN’s inappropriate REACTIONS to women’s “inappropriate” dress that causes the earthquakes, right? Enough said.

  71. Barb says

    Bravo, Jen!Even though we don’t have a lot in common (I’m Catholic, Republican and uni-boobed because of breast cancer) I will be facing Meca on Boob-Day and shaking what I got!

  72. says

    umm He is an imbecile anyone who makes such a stupid comment is a fucking moron. Its obvious that in religious schools Earth science is not one of the subjects being thought; as they all assume the world was created by the sky monster and in 7 days which is 6000 years old.. religious leaders = FAIL

  73. Elizabeth says

    “I feel the earth move under my feet” and it’s all ’cause I let my ladies out to play!

  74. Joe says

    To be more scientifically useful (larger sample) the experiment should be weekly for a few weeks.

  75. xen says

    I hope you all have fun quaking… I won’t be joining you, I choose to cover, I’m Muslim, I’m appalled at the way clerics in Iran and some other places enforce dress codes (and all sorts of other restrictions) on women – its not Islamic – as Muslim women we are asked to cover our own bodies modestly, but certainly not to enforce dress codes on anyone else (and the bit about earthquakes is just rubbish). But please don’t attack Islam @Barb – this guy is in Tehran, not Mecca, targetting your comment at Mecca sounds kinda like criticising all Muslims for what this guy said – I’m sure you don’t mean to do that – You’ve got the right to uncover just like I’ve got the right to cover, for whatever reasons we feel like (or for no reason at all). And like Leslie said, it’s the MEN’s inappropriate REACTIONS to women’s immodest dress that causes, well, shit to happen, not earthquakes, just guys finding another excuse to treat women like crap. I’ll be watching out for earthquakes / boobquakes… love x :D

  76. says

    Mocking goofy and outrageous ideas – good for you! If only more did the same! You’ve started a movement. A silly movement, but you’re getting people thinking and talking. That’s far more than most of us do. I think you should be proud of what you’ve come up with and I think anyone who supports rational thought should just say, “thanks!”So with that in mind, thanks!

  77. says

    Hey, what if immodest women can cause earthquakes? If it went on longer you could Split The EARTH!!!!!Ahem.I also lean towards being overly-serious at times, but I think mocking these mad repressive people just has to be done. And my hat is off to people who are so creative to come up with brilliant ideas like this.

  78. says

    You go, Jen!!! I’ll be participating as well as a 68-year-old can. My boobs are big, but too saggy to incite riots,let alone earthquakes, LOL. Have to be careful to put on my bra first, so they don’t get caught in my panties, you know. ;-) Seriously, it’s a great idea! Sure, the religious right-wingers of any persuasion are idiots, and humor is the best weapon against inane arguments. I will be watching the earthquake monitors to see what happens. :giggle: Three cheers for BoobQuake!Hugs from Asia, ~ Sil

  79. Francois says

    People do come with such absolute crap in the name of religion! Amazingly, many accept their ridiculous comments for the “Truth”! No wonder I have rejected that concept.

  80. ranna says

    It is incredibly rare for there to be a large gathering of scantily-dressed women without some adultery. Surely Boobquake will inspire some boyfriends and such towards fornication.

  81. Mark says

    “I’m a firm believer that when someone says something so stupid and hateful, serious discourse isn’t going to accomplish anything – sometimes light-hearted mockery is worthwhile.”I really like your sense of humor. You should realize, however, that making light of serious issues with a glib response does not advance the debate, it hinders it. The Daily Show may be comical, but they ignore the meat of the issues, and viewers are left with a more solidly reinforced bias. Congratulations on your newfound exposure. I hope it doesn’t bite you back!

  82. TheWanderer says

    Jen, Don’t let them tell you that you did anything wrong or inappropriate by proposing Boobquake!! By making his announcement cleric Sadeghi has proposed a hypothesis linking specific types of dress with earthquakes. This hypothesis can and *should* be tested. It is the responsibility of rational people [and Purdue Engineers ;-) I can say this, I got my BS from Purdue :-) ] to put such hypotheses to the test. I know that you made your suggestion half in jest and half seriously, but remember this experience in future years because this really is how science advances… this is how we learn about the world around us… A scientist or engineer who is not willing to put ideas to the test should find another line of work. I hope that you keep your irreverence and open mind in the years to come. They may not make you loved by many, but they are sorely needed in this world. Oh yeah, as a good engineer I will be out and about on April 26 diligently gathering pertinent measurements… the truth in in the data!! ;-)

  83. TheWanderer says

    >>> You should realize, however, that making light of serious >> issues with a glib response does not advance the debate, >> it hinders it.>I disagree completely here. The man put forward a hypothesis. If it is true, he should welcome a test of its validity. When it turns out that it is not true, he, and those who believe that he is correct, should correct his view of the world and go on. This is science. The suggestion may be made in jest, but the principle is well founded… test hypotheses and live with the result….

  84. fugue137 says

    Possibly an artifact of the translation, but my interpretation had been that absent young men being led astray there might be no earthquakes.If your admiration for an immodestly dressed young lady causes you to stray distractedly into a telephone pole, I assume that science is served. Especially if there’s a seismograph nearby.Would an Islamic scholar please clarify if I am in error?

  85. MexCAN says

    No comments in my comment, Just respect and dignity to all the women been….good luck with your project..

  86. says

    The Islamic Republic of Iran has an inherent fear of women, and targets them for its harshest punishments. The day after #Boobquake erm, took shape, they decreed that women walking dogs are considered against Islam and will be dealt with by ‘trained police’ (which usually translates to ‘Basiji thugs with batons’). They’re stoned to death, cannot divorce, and are worth less than men. Your idea is incredible; calling attention to such heinous oppression with something quirky and fun. That’s feminism! You’re not asking women to exploit themselves for money or attention or anything bad, but to use their God/Allah/Earth Mother/Spaghetti Monster/Bob-given gifts to raise awareness for women who cannot speak freely. Brava, sister!

  87. Henry says

    There must be something wrong with my facebook. I clicked on the guest list button “See all” and all the boobs were still covered. Is anyone else having this problem?

  88. Louise says

    I agree with TheWanderer. This cleric is promoting 7th Century ideas about men’s and now god’s? actions being the fault of women’s immodesty??? Well, I say, let’s get on with the 21st Century scientific test of the hypothesis. I will be wearing my attractive favourite top on Monday, which will shock no one in a civilized society, although I might get a couple of appreciative glances. Perhaps if the men of Iran had more exposure, they too would figure out that life can still be fun without instant gratification. The sight of an ankle in Victorian England was cause for heavy breathing, but we got over it.You need not make any apologies for your joke turning into a scientific test by others. This is useful and fun. I am sure that the men and women of Tehran, which used to be a nice city, have access to the Internet and will appreciate our support in revealing that the comments this religious spokesperson are ridiculous. Now, should there be a correlational boobquake, we will have to repeat the experiment several times.

  89. says

    Umm, yes, this was a very stupid comment, but it was made by one person. It isn’t the official position of Islam, the religion he practises, and it certainly isn’t even close to the official position of any other of the major world religions, *none* of whom actually teach what you are suggesting about the origin of the world. I don’t see any point in trying to stir up more hatred in this world.

  90. says

    I don’t think it’s even slightly contrary to feminist ideals. Obviously it’s meant to be voluntary, like any action proposal. As for ogling, I”ll recall what I saw on one buxom woman’s calligraphic button at a con a few years ago: “Yes, you can look. If I didn’t want you to look, I wouldn’t dress this way.”

  91. rafaelrobyns says

    Jen, no reason to apologize for or clarify the use of irony to make a political point. For the science you would benefit from some spatial controls–like asking women to dress more modestly than usual in certain randomly chosen regions–but I suspect the outcome will be clear. Good luck!

  92. Maximillion says

    “big boobs always best”….LOL….not nearly, and especially when you reach your 40’s.

  93. Charli says

    Aw – as someone who’s jokes have often been taken out of context and blown out of proportion on the web – let me say – hats off to you! And yeah, I’ll dress immodestly on Monday and it will be AWESOME. It’s a great, hilarious idea. Hats off to you.

  94. Maximillon says

    On April 19 you posted: “On Monday, April 26th, I will wear the most cleavage-showing shirt I own. Yes, the one usually reserved for a night on the town.”<reserved a=”” for=”” night=”” on=”” the=”” town=””>…..you mean when you’re out under the neon lights and heartbreak beat at the end of your street and a kiss aint enough (per the song)….yet now post: “If men ogle, that’s the fault of the men, not me for dressing how I like.”well as a man it isnt a fault, its instinct…and you obviously cant fight it anymore than us – because you really arent dressing “how [you] like.”</reserved>

  95. scrawnykayaker says

    Probably that hot, dry weather is “earthquake weather.” Or did you mean a *new* idea?Awesome campaign Jen, and congrats on the attention from beyond the blogosphere. And I don’t say that only as a “typical male.” (Does anyone remember the band Consolidated anymore?)

  96. Yesimawoman says

    I don’t feel offended and yes, it’s humorous. I’d never participate though. Things like this give idiotic chauvinists like that more reasons to rant.

  97. Ali says

    As someone who took 4 years of Psych classes leading up to a BA from a school that prides itself on its research, let me just correct you in saying that you need a larger sample size to be scientifically relevant. Many of the drugs that show up on our grocery store shelves and pharmacies get on the market with sample sizes of a few hundred or less in clinical trials, and often it’s the small studies of even less people than that which end up drawing media attention, because they inevitably reach more extreme conclusions, and the media likes that. Not saying it’s right or good necessarily, just offering an alternative viewpoint to that aspect of it.

  98. lex says

    i guess you have a point! for this to (potentially) work (ie. cause an earthquake) ogling men are required (which is actually kind of creepy). but hey, i’ve just had a boob explosion (thanks to pregnancy) so am going to show these puppies off!

  99. says

    @Erik: As for ogling, I”ll recall what I saw on one buxom woman’s calligraphic button at a con a few years ago: “Yes, you can look. If I didn’t want you to look, I wouldn’t dress this way.”Always glad to hear of the existence of an honest person. We don’t have many round my way, though there seem to be a lot on this blog. Unfortunately, for every woman wearing that button, there must be a dozen wearing “entrapment” buttons that say WTF are you looking at, creep? and similar. Sometimes in very small type, so you have to peer to read it, and so double the ocular harassment. The resolution of this apparent paradox, of women who defend the right to show (a word, by the way, that absolutely presupposes an audience) their bodies but nevertheless reprobate men who look at what is shown, is as follows: they want their bodies to be looked at only by men they themselves find attractive. It’s basic sociobiology, after all. Being looked at by uglies is a Reverse Trophy Effect that reduces their socio-sexual status; there is the danger that bystanders will leap to the conclusion that they welcome attention from uglies and are therefore inferior specimens themselves. That is such an awful prospect that they are obliged to crack down on uglies who look, hard and fast. A stunt I’d like to pull would be to parade male hunks shirtless down Main Street, and loudly abuse as a creep every unattractive woman who looks at them. So how would a woman know whether she’s attractive enough to be allowed to look at them? That’s the beauty of the scam, she can only find that out the hard way.

  100. alivenkickn says

    Don´t worry, feminist hardliner have no sense of humor. So do so men too.Just forget them and go your own way.

  101. says

    Actually you’re not a poet, you just don’t know how to pronounce the name of countries. Ee-raun. Not like, “I ran somewhere.”

  102. Polly says

    I think that this should be about all female repression, including the urge for many to get boob jobs… popularised by the ‘glamour girl’ look. I shall be cleavage baring with you all in 3 days time but if they’re fake then why bother showing what you ain’t got anyway?

  103. Polly says

    Good statement but there are always some women that will do anything for attention and not mind who looks at them, animal, vegetable or mineral! Just look at what rubbish fills the news under the tag of ‘celebrity’ – who they’ll marry, divorce, shove into their chest to ‘enhance’ it.Might even be more of a protest to hide instead of reveal especially in areas where the norm is to bare all?

  104. says

    Might even be more of a protest to hide instead of reveal especially in areas where the norm is to bare all?I seem to remember an old sketch or a cartoon about a woman who went fully-dressed onto a nude beach, and she was the one around whom the men flocked. The mystery, see? Otherwise, Polly, I agree that in a place where the norm is to bare all, people are welcome to do so, but it’s silly to award themselves brownie points for being daring, revolutionary and so forth. As for celebrities, I consider them a form of pathetic troll that ought not to be fed.

  105. Jo says

    i hate it .. social norms have become less of a problem than hypersexualization these days… to all those who think i m conservative.. i m not.. i think i m avantgarde

  106. Carilgar says

    Kick ass concept. I like… I like a lot.I still find this sort of thing funny since the Bible in Genesis says that God got a mite pissed off when he discovered that Adam and Eve were covering up their nakedness… God seems to be pro-tit not anti-tit by the book itself…Thanx for giving me a laugh Jen. More power to you :)

  107. willigis says

    the event will have no lasting value if the terms and conditions aren’t pre-defined. doesn’t have to be too complicated. how bout something like this: ‘if within 40 forty days of the event there is no deadly or destructive quake in the area of the 12 best attended events (or in Indiana) then it may be declared that exposure of boobs does not always cause earthquakes, and the iranian cleric’s statement may be known as ocassionally false.’ any further conclusions would be stretching the logic beyond acceptability and self-destructive to the intent of the experiment. if you know where the biggest involvement is likely to happen you should publicize this beforehand. if we should have a quake problem then we may finally agree with people like obama’s ex-pastor who say “god damn america”.

  108. Virginia says

    the humorlessness of some people never ceases to amaze me. I think your idea was hilarious – especially as it sounds like something I would have come up with! I’m a woman who got this invite from a male friend in Australia (I live in the U.S.)!! And he hasn’t even been active on Facebook for months (or so I thought). I love it!

  109. gord says

    I think the fact that you even had to clarify what you meant because you were getting some negative feedback is really sad. You’re obviously just having fun with a quote from an obviously insane man ha. Best wishes for this event, my male roomate and I were laughing so hard at Sedighi’s quote the other day this made my week.

  110. says

    I appreciate your sentiments. I’m not taking part myself, but I like your sarcasm and the pointing out of ridiculousness. Yay for mockery of hateful, silly people.

  111. Jo says

    Forgive me if I’m repeating a point already made (there are a LOT of comments on here…), but I wonder if, “immodesty” being the cause of such earthquakes, this experiment should be confined just to women? Put more simply, can I use boobquake as an excuse to make my man go shirtless for the day? :P(I love what you’re doing, by the way – ridiculous claims deserve mocking responses)

  112. London_bassist says

    What if a woman feels hot in the summer and doesn’t want to wear very much? You can’t presume she wants to be ogled!

  113. says

    What if a woman feels hot in the summer and doesn’t want to wear very much? You can’t presume she wants to be ogled!Valid point, but doesn’t cover clothing designed to be very sexy and worn when it’s bloody cold. I am always astonished at how much skin the local youngsters show whenever the temperature climbs as high as say five degrees C. If I stripped off like that I’d get pneumonia, but then I’m old, so I don’t have much fire in the belly any longer (just don’t get between me and my nice woolly scarf, that’s all). I dare say the thought of being sexy and looked at (by the right kind of men, not by the likes of me!) is what keeps the young things warm. Either that or they’re going to be rheumatic wrecks at 40. But going back to your summer situation: may it please the Court, it is the nature of the universe that pretty women who strip down “only” to keep cool are going to be looked at (hopefully discreetly, and without catcalls and pawings), and that they just have to suck it down. I don’t always want to be subject to the law of gravity either. The demand to be able completely to control the gazes, glances and attention of others is ridiculous, infantile and illegitimate. On the practical level, it can only be granted if Saudi-style religious police or Iranian-style busybodies enforce that all men must demurely lower their eyes and watch the pavement. Whistle for it.

  114. London_bassist says

    Hello from England! I wanted to say I think it’s really great that you are representing the (normal) view that women should be allowed to wear whatever they like without being blamed for natural disasters!! However, they also ought to be able to wear whatever they like (revealing or not) without this focus on their ‘boobs’ all the time! As far as feminism goes, it’s really two sides of the same coin…Have fun on the day, wear what you like, be yourself! Just don’t let the multitude of silly guys salivating and offering to photograph the event demean your great original point! :)

  115. Silenth says

    I just discovered BOOBQUAKE today and LOVE the idea. I’ll definitely participate on the 26th as far as corporate standards will let me. If I had the money I would totally go buy a water bra this weekend. I’m sure there’s one out there that could turn my C’s into something rivaling Heidi Montag’s DDDs.GO BOOBQUAKE!

  116. misslanz says

    A couple friends on fb are attending boobquake, and i wanted to know more about and read a couple things you wrote on it and im totally pro boobquake, i have a large chest and it kills me to have people(men and WOMAN) staring me down at my chest all the time, truthfully i think if you keep going with this it might make people see that no matter what they are still there little or lots of clothes doesnt change the fact of having boobs or not, blah i dunno

  117. London_bassist says

    I think it’s the alcohol that keeps them warm :)I was just countering another posters suggestion that a woman who wears something revealing wants to be ogled. There are some that do but you can’t presume it! I don’t think I ever demanded to control people’s glances…

  118. aniakovas says

    You’re cool. Some of us out here understand irony, sarcasm and other useful linguistic constructs. I think you’ve done lots to raise awareness of the idea that conservative forces should not be allowed to get away with patently unscientific and ludicrous statements.We SHOULD be sensitive to mores that come from other (non-western, as that is our context) cultures, and they should be sensitive too. That is ok, but I really do object to anti-science.On another tack, people should not be ashamed of themselves or their bodies, whatever shape they are.You are doing good work here, and I think you have nothing to apologise for.

  119. willigis says

    boobs on SEC computers caused fanancial earthquake.obama’s ex-pastor may have been wright – “god damn america”

  120. actinide says

    Don’t let the so-called feminists get you down. There’s no such thing as ‘the right way’ to be a strong, independent, free-thinking woman. Anyone who tries to tell you differently isn’t much better than the men who spent centuries dictating our behavior.

  121. SheaVB says

    “If I would have known, I would have spent more time being careful about my wording.”I hope you never, EVER do this – that’s writer’s suicide.

  122. Guy says

    What does feminism have to do with anything? Jen’s original post was satire. She’s not on a mission. She’s not leading a movement. She was making a joke. The joke was inspired by the breathtakingly sexist dogma of Sedighi… but it’s just satire. Like Jen said, when someone says something that so ridiculously over the top, you almost just have to laugh and respond with humour. Satire is at once disarming and engaging. Activism is confrontational.

  123. says

    I was just countering another posters suggestion that a woman who wears something revealing wants to be ogled. There are some that do but you can’t presume it!No, I don’t presume that a woman wearing very little in public wants to be ogled, least of all by me, but I do presume that she is going to get ogled, and further that if she really and truly doesn’t want to be looked at, then she is suffering from a cruel delusion about the nature of reality and the demands that she gets to make on it. I don’t think I ever demanded to control people’s glances…Okay, but the demand does get made, believe me. I am just so tired of this “how dare you look at me while I’m showing off my body to the whole town” shit.

  124. Poppy says

    Hi Jen… I’d like to take your Boobquake one step further if I may borrow it and use it in our quest to raise Breast Cancer research… I like the idea, and would like permission to use your Title and put a twist on your idea for our groups fund raiser event in October… It made me laugh, and I think we could put a fun spin on the idea to help raise money and awareness…. Thanks for sharing…

  125. kfgr says

    I must say I’m double proud to be a Canadian woman! Boobquake Canada 2010. Perhaps En Vie la Rose will sponsor the event…or make a bra to commemorate it. This might be fun and light-hearted but it’s also saying something to the (growing) force that tries to control women around the world.

  126. bgirl says

    Actually , the truely feminist thing to do would be to wear what ever the f*ck you want!

  127. Pozzo says

    What the hell are you talking about? Ee-raun and silly little maun do so rhyme.But seriously, poems don’t have to rhyme. Get with the post-modern poetic times. Like me!

  128. says

    ummmm….how irrelevant? I suppose i agree that we should be free to do what we want so long as no one else is harmed, but your being rather hypocritical by calling people liberalist commie a**holes….i mean i suppose that in itself doesnt hurt anyone unless theyre quite sensitive…but im getting the feeling that you as a person arent exactly the most open minded about the way other people choose to live their lives…in fact you seem like the type of person to start a war over something ridiculous like oil despite preaching freedom so long as no one else is harmed

  129. says

    mind you i could be wrong, that was just my personal judgement based on your one comment, it could have been a mistake for you to call them liberalist commie a**holes, but i feel despite being an assumption, its a pretty well based assumption

  130. mayleman says

    This is a stupid idea. Obviously there’s no correlation between immodestly dressed women and earthquakes. The Cleric who said that is deeply misinformed. For girls to get together on a decided day to dress immodestly solely to prove a point which is obviously incorrect is stupid. Honestly, who the uckF cares about what some Cleric thinks. Why should thousands of women degrade themselves to prove one man wrong? Keep your skin to yourselves, ladies. Participating in Boobquake loses all your credibility as “decent” women.

  131. Kasmira says

    lib·er·al·ism   /ˈlɪbərəˌlɪzəm, ˈlɪbrə-/ [lib-er-uh-liz-uhm]a political or social philosophy advocating the freedom of the individual, parliamentary systems of government, nonviolent modification of political, social, or economic institutions to assure unrestricted development in all spheres of human endeavor, and governmental guarantees of individual rights and civil liberties. (source: dictionary.reference.com)Or put simply, liberals are the ones protecting your right to say what you like and do what you like, and are in fact the ‘opposite’ of communists.

  132. rafael says

    The cleric’s comment is directed strictly at the subjugation of women. They don’t give a hoot what men are doing, and men are not punished for immodesty.

  133. Kristan says

    I think this is a fun way to celebrate women. Yes, it’s funny, but it’s also meaningful. I’m in!!!

  134. not convinced says

    If it were left for men to choose what women wear, wouldn’t all the women be naked though?

  135. Reese says

    I sincerely hope that, as a budding scientist, you recognize the necessity for repeated trials in order to collect statistical evidence of validity. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of your lab access card.

  136. Nick says

    are you kidding? Of course that is the official position of Islam. Maybe not the Earthquake stuff, but they fully believe that women dressing immodestly is invitation for men to commit sexual abuse. Have you failed to notice the fact that they cover up their women, occasionally from head to toe? How about the stoning to death of female rape VICTIMS. These are the actions of nations that observe Sharia Law, a law based on the words of their Quran. Stop being so naive.

  137. Cath_of_Canberra says

    Or you can just challenge the idea that men have no self-control. Not “leading men astray” also invalidates it.

  138. Wm. Rike says

    I’m just curious as to what good a Boobquake in our safe, western ivory tower would accomplish for the oppressed women in Iran. Granted, I think it’s a funny idea, but it just seems a little pointless to me. I doubt the cleric in question is going to be shamed are change his statement because of this.As for those feminists claiming that choosing to show cleavage violates feminist principles on the grounds that it will just cause men to gawk, you confuse me. Isn’t letting your choice be influenced by how childish men will respond to it essentially granting these very men power over your decision making?Now that I’ve questioned two camps at once, I will put on my helmet.

  139. says

    I’m a bit surprised that there seems to be so much feminist backlash (or perhaps just on the blogs I read), but my perception (influenced by my B.S. in Women Studies) is that the idea for boobquake is totally feminist while some of the responses to it are unfeminist (which isn’t your fault). It’s a funny way to mock a stupid belief. Besides, whether we walk around topless or a not-so-revealing t-shirt, we’d still be dressed too immodest for this cleric.

  140. John Lock says

    Yeah, Bravo Jen. So, guys like boobs, girls like guys bums, and some girls like girls, and some guys like guys. So what? And whats wrong with a bit of harmless fun. As long as you’re not bothering anyone else, whats the problem? Everyone should be allowed to get on with their own thing and if you don’t like what someone else is doing, leave them alone, look the other way. The only thing we shouldn’t tolerate is intolerance and that goes for religion, politics etc. etc.

  141. says

    nice definition of liberalism there but thats not the definition of a liberal in terms of how the general public refers to them. It may not be the dictionary definition and i know its scary for you when things have other meanings besides just the one you know, but in actual usage, like it or not, theres a different meaning. So get used to it and stop trying to seem more sophisticated then someone who just wanted to vent and wasn’t writing a freakin term paper.

  142. Pangolin says

    Au contraire, mon amie, you will find that in those countries where partial public nudity is acceptable women have the highest standards of living and levels of education. Where women are legally subject to the control of males they are wearing burkhas.

  143. Pangolin says

    I’m definitely in favor of the largest sample size possible. If we can get cleavage exposure at the full range of the bell curve we will be sure to get a statistically significant result. If we don’t get an earthquake right away we may have to repeat the experiment; daily.Remember ladies, you’re doing this for science.

  144. says

    Hi Jen, I stumbled upon your Facebook event randomly and will be participating as much as a demure old lady such as myself would dare. On Monday I will be doffing my much-loved baggy sweats and donning a dress. Best of luck!

  145. says

    If it were left for men to choose what women wear, wouldn’t all the women be naked though?Veritas, ever heard of the German FKK clubs? After the first shock of being served your juice by a stark-naked lady, with loads of others wandering about similarly sky-clad, you may be surprised to find it gets old quite quickly. One naked lady, in the right context, is erotic; a dozen at once are considerably less so. See my remark to Polly about the cartoon; except that on reflection, I recall that it was a sketch (Benny Hill?). IMHO the real reason why our species does not go naked more often is nothing to do with sexual repression and so forth, it is because it removes important evidence of wealth and social status. Hierarchical monkeys are not comfortable with not knowing the social position of those with whom they interact, even superficially. In a nude club you cannot always tell the bus driver from the investment banker at sight. You might even have to (gasp) talk to people to find out anything about them. If you show me a rain-forest tribe where everyone goes around starkers, I will show you a society where everyone knows everything about everyone else anyway, and even then they probably have paint on their nose or feathers in their hair to convey important social distinctions.

  146. Ashlee says

    I think its great!! The more reason for ladies to show off some more cleavage makes the world a better place!!!

  147. Malachy says

    That’s not entirely accurate, and you shouldn’t be using it as an excuse. Those countries where women are forced to cover themselves head to foot like that, in addition to being a societal tradition is a religious issue. Ain’t the fault of the guys and girls there for going along with what they’ve been taught (whether it’s agreeable to you or not). Nor is it accurate to say that those societies with partial public nudity show the best for women, educationally or in standards of living. I point out any number of tribal societies that still exist in Africa, or indigenous tribes in Australia, Micronesia, places like that. You’re going to tell me that the women in those societies, who wear, basically, a grass skirt, are among the best educated, or have the best standard of living? But they are publicly nude…. :-)

  148. moose says

    i think i speak for a lot of men when i say if a woman wants to show cleavage let her do so.but dont complain if we lookand anyhow women show enough already…if they showed more boob theyd be walking around topless

  149. imcdermo says

    I’m a 50 year old feminist liberal librarian…on Monday, I’ll be hoisting the “twins” with my most excellent Vicky’s Secret pushup. Let the quakes begin!

  150. Sugartotea says

    This is the best kind of activism- the kind that got women the vote in this country (way later than they should’ve gotten it) It’s a visual, empowering, “in your face” kind of protest. How in the world does it “demean” women? That’s old school- “i am no different than a man” feminism. We ARE different from men. It is fair and right to use what we have to make a point. Bravo to you for responding to the insanity .

  151. says

    Hey, I think this is GREAT!!! I’m all about showing cleavage! I’d run around naked if it wasn’t for the fact I am quite large (my whole body)… but I had to get all this body to get as much boobage as I finally have (Barely a C… not fair) ;) oh well… I’m happy for what I have. I’m a nearly 42 year old feminist with a very cool boyfriend… and he’s all for me wearing my lowest cut tanktop in public. So I say “Shake it, baby, shake it!” (Besides if we have “the power” to create an earthquake, then men should fear us!) :D

  152. incognito73 says

    This isn’t a question of feminism, this is a question or responding in kind to an asinine remark made by Sedighi. Good on you. One would think the feminists would be in total support of this effort, particularly a country and religion that has a tendency to denigrate its female population.Your boobquake has gone global. Even Iranians are going to participate!

  153. FYI says

    Also, it is a Christian belief that women dressing immodestly is an invitation. Please, make sure that you know what you are talking about before you start stirring up emotions. It is not said in the Koran, Qu’ran, Quran, however you would like to spell it, that women must dress a certain way. There are just some cultures that prefer it. Turkey is mostly a Muslim nation, however, their women are not required to dress from head to toe. It is all a matter of the society. And, there is no need to start calling people naive. If you’re trying to education someone, calling them names or making them feel like and idiot is not actually the way to go about doing it.

  154. Mary says

    As a woman, I neither like this event, nor Sedighi’s remarks. The real value of a woman is not in her breasts or her body, and this event wants to counter an idiot’s claims by dressing down. The real way is the intelligent way–through words.This is just a lazy excuse for women to dress down and for their men to ogle at them without reprimand, disguised as a human rights issue. While feminism gives us the right to choose what to wear, the fundamental notion of feminism that woman are more than just objects is not apparent in this event. I want to see women using their brains, not their boobs.

  155. says

    I want to see women using their brains, not their boobs.I think you’ve managed to spectacularly miss the point. A cleric of a religious movement well known to be very hostile and oppressive to women blames earthquakes on women who don’t dress to his standards. In reply, a number of women want to demonstrate how utterly wrong he is. If applying science to test these misogynistic claims and show them as nothing more than oppressive propaganda is not women using their brains, I don’t know what is.For all your alarm about how many guys might be staring extra hard down women’s low cut shirts (< sarcasm>because we totally don’t do that on a regular basis thanks to our evolutionary selected drives< /sarcasm>), you’re missing the fact that it’s being done to show a major flaws in theological, institutionalized misogyny.I believe the proper term for your critique is “missing the forest for the trees.”

  156. JoanneYCostello says

    Are you seriously planning to run statistics? Do you not see the error in your ontological and epistemological approach?If one woulds seriously argue that God/deities respond to immodesty with wrath, would we assume that wrath is immediate or has that events occur with linear causality?It amazes me that you’re trying to put any serious spin on this.

  157. terrymsmith says

    In solidarity! It is a feminist issue and a human rights issue. As a proponent of both, I’m diggin’ in my drawers for my pushup bra in Edmonton, Alberta… Ciao!

  158. RebeccaDunsdon says

    A silly childish joke would be fine if it were not harmful, but this event IS demeaning to women and will just entrench the kind of ideas espoused by the cleric. I’m sick of hearing the old “grow a sense of humour” line in relation to this. It’s just a way of putting down anyone who disagrees with you.

  159. says

    No, it’s a way of trying to get them to recognize how something that’s intended and carried out as a blatant joke and mockery shouldn’t be taken any more seriously than it deserves. And as for the notion that Boobquake will somehow demean and objectify women, that’s just absurd in light of the fact that guys have already been staring at ladies’ chests for, oh, thousands of years. A single event over the course of a single day where some women dress in some somewhat revealing clothes, and all in response to a delusional cleric’s idiotic claim, isn’t gonna do anything against feminism. If anything, it will only promote the idea of women as independent individuals who can make their own choices – you know, what feminism is all about.

  160. olivianeutronbomb says

    Nick- just one of many polls for referencehttp://www.amnesty.org.uk/news…“…more than a quarter (26%) of those asked said that they thought a women was partially or totally responsible for being raped if she was wearing sexy or revealing clothing…” The UK is not a predominantly Muslim country. This attitude sadly exists in pretty much every country (and I say pretty much only because I can’t vouch for every one) and it is most definitely not linked to the predominant religion of the society. Yes there are some countries where human rights abuses against women are more obvious, more out in the open, but don’t use that to deny the abuse occuring, albeit more subtly, in our own backyards.

  161. RebeccaDunsdon says

    I think you may be confusing an expression of sexuality with power. I don’t think it’s independent at all. It just legitimises the mainstream Western sexualisation of women. Also, mockery is not a positive response and will not help to change anything. If anything, it just makes people angry and less likely to listen to you.

  162. says

    I disagree with the idea of this “event” because it’s giving more attention to women’s bodies as objects–regardless of your perspective of what to wear and what it means. I am what I am, my body is what it is, like it or not. I don’t need to call attention to it for any reason or for any cause. Objectifying women in any way draws attention to us not for who we are but what we are. Showing cleavage doesn’t do anything for anyone, it just gives men who care something to look out for. Wear what you want when you want but do it every day, all the time, not just in the name of a cause that isn’t necessarily a real one. I would bet that few of the people on the Facebook group joined it because they think it’s a good “cause.”

  163. Sam031870 says

    I think this is great…. My Double D girls are going to be shown as much as possible in a work setting… I am pretty sure no one is going to be staring anymore than usual.

  164. Sam031870 says

    Personally as the proud owner of a very nice set of girls, it isn’t inapporpriate as long as you are only staring, but that’s just me.

  165. neferandi says

    Hey Jen! While you’re out there with the girls remember to shake your sexy bits! Shake that brain girl, flaunt those opinions, yeah, show ’em off and let all the boys and girls ogle that wicked lascivious wit. You keep whippin’ those words out for everyone to see.Clothes are a mere trifle in comparison.

  166. a completely different jen says

    Hm. Interesting. I joined because I think it’s a good retort to an utter moron who has tried to objectify women to a far greater extent than your average American male gawker. That’s what this is about, I would think. To me, at least, it’s about not letting anyone tell me what to do/wear/say/think. That would include not letting someone else’s idea of feminism influence mine. I’ll show my cleavage proudly as a double-D “up yours” to anyone who wants to tell me who I am or who I should want to be. I am objectified by no one.

  167. jlp says

    I agree. I think those who say boobquake runs contrary to the goals of feminism are just looking for something to argue about. Jen, in my opinion, you’ve hit the nail on the head with your response to that cleric’s laughable comments. When someone says something that stupid, what else can you do but mock them? And shake your boobs at them in protest, of course. I know I will. ; D

  168. fitmaster60 says

    I think that some of the women who scream the loudest about “exploitation” are missing the point a bit. I believe that every woman should have the right to wear whatever she wants and feel totally cool about it. I also believe that every man has the right to wear…..etc. However, let’s have a bit of a reality check here and let me relate to you an incident witnessed whilst travelling on public transport in Perth, Australia , during summer. A young woman (late teens/early twenties) and wearing a low-cut top noticed a man in his forties checking out her boobs. It wasn’t a gawping stare, but more than a passing glance. He was acting upon his genetic programming. Upon noticing this, the young lady (very loudly) proclaimed “Do you mind?” followed by the pronouncement for all to hear of “Dirty Old Man!”. Totally unfazed by her attempts to humiliate him on front of the assembled commuters, the man responded (in a very well-spoken and well-educated accent) “I’m terribly sorry if my looking at you caused you any distress. However, you really ought to be cognisant of the very nature of men and that if one puts the goods in the shop window, one can not then be selective as to who may come window shopping”. Now before anyone starts ranting about a woman’s rights to wear etc., refer to the statement above and then consider this; if a man were to walk out on the city streets on a hot summer’s day in his jeans, runners and wearing a skimpy, lacy halter neck top, that is his right as a free individual. What is not his right, is to try to dictate to others how they feel about his mode of dress. There will be some who applaude his strength of character to feel able to choose whatever clothing he wishes to, irrespective of what others may think of him; some may feel envious that they would like to dress in a similar manner, but lack the courage to do so; some may think he looks faintly ridiculous, but grant him the freedom to dress as he pleases; there will also be bigots who feel threatened by this man challeging gender stereotypes and thus the status quo and who will ridicule him, if indeed they don’t decide to also visit violence upon him.To summarise: Power lies in the hands of the wearer – who is exploiting whom in a strip club where a young lady exploits the fact that there are men who will pay (a lot of) money to watch her take off her clothes and VOLUNTARILY chooses to earn her living in that manner (if she doesn’t do it by choice then she is being exploited). In a similar fashion, some women dress in a revealing fashion not for comfort, but in order to attract the attention of men. How, then, are men to differentiate between the two? Should one of the women then be required to wear a hat or badge that reads “I’m dressed like this for comfort/for you to stare at me” ? We all (should) have the right to wear whatever we choose without fear of unwelcome attention being directed towards us. However, we need to be realistic and to be mindful of human nature and not to be too judgemental of people’s reactions, so long as they are not abusive or disrespectful; to whit, it is not unexpected nor inappropriate to look, but staring and catcalls are wholly inappropriate.And finally, more power to you, Jen, for standing up for individual rights and freedoms, for showing religious zealots for the misguided fools that they are and for coming up with the idea of B-O-O-B–Q-U-A-K-E ! ! ! The humour and honourable intent behind it are enough to make the Earth move for me. =80)~

  169. jlp says

    mayleman: “Keep your skin to yourselves, ladies. Participating in Boobquake loses all your credibility as “decent” women.”So, basically, you’re saying that you’re in favor of putting us all in burqas? Sorry, pal. I shall bare my cleavage in defiance of you, as well as that nutjob cleric. I really don’t care if you think I’m “decent.” I am my own woman, and will not be subject to the standards of “decency” held by anyone else. Really disappointed in you for that comment, sir.

  170. Sunflowers says

    Christian belief that women dressing immodestly is an invitation to what??? Please respond with specific scripture references and not general personal notions. I tire of hearing general unsubstantiated statements based on emotions/perceptions not thoroughly searched out. I am a forty five year old Christian woman who enjoys the same liberties given men. We are equal before God and mankind. Please provide valid substance to your credence.

  171. oblonga says

    Sania Mirza had a taste of boobquake when she landed in Pakistan recently along with her hubby Shoib Malik!

  172. Special K says

    Ok well I read sum then just scrolled down here I will join in and I think it will be fun. I dont see how this all turned into a relgious thing (cant spell ) sry. Hope everyone has a good day Peace out

  173. Big Boy says

    “If men ogle, that’s the fault of the men, not me for dressing how I like. “But I don’t have equal freedom to enjoy the view you choose to provide? Choice for you but not for me??? Great notion of equality.If you make a choice that will naturally cause a specific reaction, isn’t that reaction part of your choice. Part of the “risk” you accept by doing the act? If you jump off a 3-story building, haven’t you sort of agreed to be injured? Sure you have. You may not WANT to be injured but you have sure ACCEPTED the risk. Same here.Women don’t dress to impress other women (yes, there are exceptions) but, rather, to impress men. To get their attention, etc. That’s a fact. We humans are biologically structured that way. Feminism can’t block out that which is hard wired into men. Nor would you want to in the long run.

  174. Chloetrope says

    In comparison to the men? Yeah, i think they’ve got it pretty ok. I mean, in comparison to US, they have next to nothing, but i think they’re all pretty equal in the whole men/women thing.

  175. pdxoutdoors says

    “If men ogle, that’s the fault of the men, not me for dressing how I like.”Actually, that’s the whole point of the experiment. The crazy man’s logic said that it was the moral perversion of the young men that causes the quakes, not just the immodest show of female form. So please, feel free to encourage SOME ogling. You’ll look back on it with fondness when you’re older and get ogled less.

  176. Presto says

    I usually let such silliness go but this effort is exceptionally, even dangerously, dimwitted. Jennifer McCreight might be trying to prove the imam wrong but she’s going to fail in at least one important respect since earthquakes happen many times every day. Given this latter fact and the radical Muslim mindset one outcome is certain: increased intensity of fanatical belief by Muslims who live in the areas that will experience earthquakes that day. Unfortunately, McCreight seems ignorant of many things including basic statistics and facts easily found on the web, such as the frequency of earthquakes that can be felt (see http://earthquake.usgs.gov/lea…. In fact, about 270 earthquakes that can be felt happen around the world every day, and the chance of a large earthquake (magnitude 6.0 and above) happening somewhere in the world that day is about 41% (http://earthquake.usgs.gov/ear…. Many heavily populated Muslim countries are in earthquake zones, e.g. Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia. Of course, a reasonable person would look at the situation statistically and shrug off a chance occurrence but religious fanatics are always searching for evidence they can cherry pick to validate various delusions. Given an absolute certainty that many people will perceive more intense seismic activity that day how is this approach helpful, much less scientific? There is nothing scientific about this event despite McCreight’s baseless assertions to the contrary.McCreight also seems blissfully ignorant of the trouble that can be caused by a few especially fanatical Muslims. Doesn’t she read the news or know anything about recent history? Intensifying fanatical belief in that particular tiny fraction of the world’s population is more likely than not to have negative and even deadly consequences. All around, this effort is an outstanding display of not just everyday thoughtlessness, but of an especially public and willful arrogance and ignorance. It is very worrisome that people with delusions of scientific competence (probably at least equal to the fanatical delusions being opposed) think they should have some influence over world politics.

  177. says

    Two little things …A) I’m pretty sure Jen already knew about the multitude of smaller quakes occurring around the world at any given time. In case you missed it, the cleric’s claim about immodest women leading men astray and causing earthquakes was intended to mean more earthquakes (or possibly bigger ones, if not both). So, if that number suddenly jumps to 500 quakes around the world on the 26th and several larger ones are unleashed, then this will be confirmation that, well, cleavage causes quakes. (That is, to anyone unable to appreciate complete coincidences.)B) Exactly how is Jen trying to “have some influence over world politics”, here? This shows a rather profound ignorance as to the point of this, if not social commentary in general. She just gave her opinions and proposed a derisory idea, one that happened to catch on at an explosive rate across the Internet. None of this has anything to do with “thoughtlessness” or “willful arrogance and ignorance”, so I would suggest you watch your tongue before spouting such baseless nonsense.

  178. Seditious says

    Everything I need to know about Boobquake, I learned from the giddy little boys in the Comments sections.Honestly, I applaud Jen for trying a fun “action” in response to something outrageously unscientific + anti-sexuality + misogynist. But let’s be for real for a second. If Jen had proposed women AND MEN all wear tee-shirts tomorrow that say, “Showing My Breasts1, Does NOT Cause Earthquakes2, Is Not An Invitation To Rape3, Is My Choice, Not The Church’s”would people all around the world be tuning in? Would men be so excited and “in support”? Would the comments sections be loaded with women bragging about how big or “nice” their breasts are? A silly idea turned into, SURPRISE, yet ANOTHER place for women to become pieces of flesh. Rated, measured, marketed. Our “freedom and liberation” as American women boils down to the right to participate in our own objectification.All the comments about “take pictures / show evidence” are funny for one reason only: because we agree to the double-entendre of it being both a faux science experiment AND an opportunity for men and some women to ogle a woman’s most visible sexual body part.This whole thing was almost funny and cute. But the predictable collapse of the entire thing into the usual “womens’ bodies as entertainment for men” is just annoying, frustrating, disheartening. Ho freakin’ hum… Clearly a large section of those calling ourselves Feminist have no answers or tactics that could possibly address the issues of sexual violence, female objectification, the tyranny of religion, and the imbalance of power between the sexes. Sexual Freedom vs. Islamic Fundamentalist Chauvinism? More like, “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

  179. levnikolaevichmyshkin says

    The cleric has nothing to lose, here. It’s like a psychic making a prediction.. Nothing happening doesn’t mean nothing is going to happen, but if a big quake occurs, he will be ‘vindicated’ in the eyes of the faithful. I don’t know if this pro or anti feminism, I’m just a dumb guy. It seems like a lot of ladies are into the idea, so good for you. Are those women who object insecure about their own bodies? I don’t know.Last observation, Dave Chapelle the comedian does a great bit about how women dress, and a man’s response to it. He compares a woman looking like a hooker, to a civilian dressing like an officer of the law. How is the onlooker with no foreknowledge to know the truth other than by what they see? Jen if you show cleavage, even if you really like how you are dressed, and I look, the onus is still on you. It’s human nature and evolutionary instincts driving me to look. So ladies don’t do something that makes you uncomfortable personally. exitus acta probat – the result validates the deeds

  180. A-M says

    I love this idea. I won’t be participating – partly because although I don’t believe in god, or souls or after-lives, I DO believe in keeping certain things for one man’s eyes only – it makes him feel special. But partly because I work in an all-male environment (I lie, there is ONE other girl, but she prefers the ladies too), so I’m pretty sure if my two beauties came out to play we would get NOTHING done at work and they would never forget that day (I have stealth boobs, much like yourself). But I WILL be thinking very loud immoral thought, and remembering all those rude sessions I had with my husband before we were married and it became no longer ‘sinful’, in a bid to add my own small tremour to any earthquakes we may or may not cause.

  181. jess says

    doesn’t this experiment have ethical issues? like the premise of purposely causing an earthquake?

  182. Mary says

    Applying science! Hilarious. What a blow to men and women scientists everywhere. Are we so stupid that we need to “test” this out?Yes, I realize there is a point to all of this, which is what your post was arguing for, what I don’t agree with is the METHOD. If you’re going to make a point that empowers women, it should actually empower women. Sexual objectification does not.

  183. says

    This is just lighthearted mockery of what I see as persecution of women — requiring them to cover their sinful bodies. Rebellion from that twisted ideal. Reveling in our freedom to bare it all.Hell, I’m a “women should be able to go topless since men can” advocate! Wazzup with that double standard, huh???I’ll be happy to post my resume, accomplishments and goals, too, if the feminazis think I’m demeaning myself showing some skin!

  184. DaninVan says

    Not just the ‘girls’ in action…:)

    “Monday Monday, so good to me,Monday Monday, it was all I hoped it would beOh Monday morning, Monday morning couldn’t guaranteeThat Monday evening you would still be here with me.” -Mamas and Papas

  185. says

    Excellent initiative Jen! As a Purdue alumni I was desperate to see something radical and fun come out of that place!All the good women of Quebec are behind you :)

  186. JerusaleMom says

    Wonderful post-nursing mammaries will be joining you here in Jerusalem, the capital of not one but THREE religions that all at one point or another have made attempts to dictate women’s modesty. I personally have been told that if only I dressed modestly (I am a Jewish Israeli), there would be fewer terror attacks. Hmmm. These two should get together. They might find a friend in the member of Knesset here who suggested that if Israel wants to prevent earthquake damage, it simply needs to outlaw homosexuality :) No, really: http://www.ynetnews.com/articl…Sadly, that MK has since been arrested, convicted and is in jail for corruption. Which apparently does not cause earthquakes.

  187. Gunnar Blodgett says

    Jen,Not into boobs as the sole object of male heterosexuality (or whatever). Totally against fundamentalist hatred-mongering. Totally into intelligent, good humoured rebuttals of said fundamentalists regardless of gender. You go, girl. Good luck (or less distraction) on your exams.cheers,Gunnar

  188. Adam says

    But I think the idea of immodest women leading men astray causing earthquakes is meant more in the vein of a “karmic justice”, where a wicked and immoral society is punished by some sort of mystical celestial mechanism rather than the more obvious “cause-and-effect” mechanism of science. The more immediate “cause-and-effect” of perceivable space and time is the actual leading of men astray, as men are tempted to pursue such bodily pleasure by its bold presence (think of it like putting a pack of cigarettes in front of an addict who’s trying to quit). I know that I think of coffee whenever I drive past a Tim Horton’s…And, yes, let’s face it; the race is addicted to sex. Every race is. That’s what keeps the race “racing”, as it were. The fundamental drive to procreate is the source of all life on our planet. If we, as animals, did not “race” to breed before dying, the entire race would be dead ie. extinct. (Of course, we’re even more addicted to LIFE, and our self-preservation instinct is even more fundamental, but that’s another convo).So women dressed provocatively tend to “provoke” a response, from outright sexual advances to probing innuendos to momentary fantasies in the mind’s eye, such women do, by creating the possibilities for dalliances, “lead men astray”, as popular moral code puts it. It’ll be interesting to see the “reverberations” of such an experiment if an earthquake were to actually occur on April 26th…

  189. Brandy says

    I joined because it amuses me.Sure, some probably did join because they think it is a good cause. They certainly have the right to believe that. It makes them feel good. I think making people feel good is a great cause.Personally, I am concerned that you say “it just gives men who care something to look out for.” I think that we just shouldn’t care if they are looking at our boobs, or asses, or whatever. Women are not objectified by having attention drawn to them. I am so tired of people saying that. We are objectified when we act like objects and let other people tell us what to wear all the time. I wear what I feel good in, and some of my most flattering clothing is very low-cut. I recently had a co-worker try to get me to dress in what she thinks bigger girls, like me and her, should wear: big, shapeless clothing that hides everything. When she ambushed me last weekend and gave me a makeover, I felt more objectified than I ever had in my life. So, for the last week I have been wearing my most shapely, cleavage-baring clothing because I refuse to give in to that way of thinking. I’ve never had more compliments on my appearance. For me, boobquake is now sort of a celebration of that. We aren’t being told we have to dress this way, but given a choice to participate and have fun with it. I think it is fantastic. If it helps even a few others to be more bold and stop wearing what society dictates, but instead what makes them feel good, then it is indeed a good cause. It is not causing any harm, so if some people feel good about joining a cause, then it is a good cause. And it amuses me.

  190. merrilyroell says

    My boobs are my boobs. They’re *really nice* boobs, too. I’m not afraid to show them off- it makes me feel good about myself. If I were afraid to show them off, if I were afraid of men staring, then that would be a problem. The fact that I’m *not* afraid shows that I am a woman who is comfortable in her skin and isn’t letting a fear of men and the world rule her life.I haven’t been “sexualized”.I am a sexual being- as a human, I have the biological tendency to want to reproduce. Admittedly that reasoning is *slightly* flawed with me, given my homosexuality, but I think it still stands.Why aren’t women allowed to like sex, and want sex, and have sex, without it being anti-feministic and a legitimisation of the oppression of women? Honestly, I think that attitude is the more oppressive one.Tomorrow, I will display my cleavage- same as I do on lots of other days. I’ll also display my back and probably my legs. If guys stare at me, well, that’s their problem. Guys stare at my boobs no matter if I’m in a sports bra or a baggy hoodie. I stare at boobs too, and asses, and legs. It happens. I promise I’m not objectifying women when I stare, but I’m not going to pretend that my girlfriend isn’t sexy as all hell just so that I’m “politically correct”.Women aren’t just their bodies, no. But they’re also not NOT their bodies. It’s a part of the whole, and it’s unfair to say that it’s only feministic to show off athletic skill, academic prowess, artistic accomplishments, business savvy, etc etc etc, and not appearance.Just my two cents.

  191. merrilyroell says

    Which kind of feminist are you talking about? The kind that think females and males and genderqueers are all humans and should be treated equally, or the kind that think females are superior?I agree that the first kind are stupid. If you think the second kind are, then you are officially an asshole.Also, uh, who gave you the right to make assumptions of the author’s appearance and romantic life? Would you care to offer any justification for how you came to your illogical conclusions? By the by, I’m a feminist, I’m in a veryy happy relationship, and I don’t usually go a day without someone complimenting my looks. Just fyi.

  192. Travis says

    Some people clearly take things far too seriously.Though I must disagree with you on one point.”If men ogle, that’s the fault of the men, not me for dressing how I like.”I call bullshit, if you wear a low cut top out men are going to look at your cleavage, if you wear a tiny skirt men are going to look at your legs, if you wear super tight trousers men are going to look at your ass. Fact. So if you’re putting them on display then you obviously want them to be looked at, Which is fine by the way. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your body and showing it off. But don’t try and say it’s men’s fault for looking when you do.

  193. fitmaster60 says

    This comment is for MaArs1969:I don’s know why you are so bitter and twisted, nor what caused you to lose your sense of humour, but you really do need to lighten up. Being blessed with a penis does not automatically make one a potential rapist and nor does enjoying the aesthetic qualities of the female form. Boobs are there for men to see on billboards, on TV and in newspapers/magazines, as well as on the streets. Having a few more women displaying a little more of their flesh than they would normally (and it’s not as if it is a call to go topless) is not going to send the figures for sexual assault soaring. You might find this hard to believe, but the majority of men actually support feminist ideals and principles. They don’t, however, go shouting it from the rooftops & they don’t like the extreme, radical feminist views, but then again, I don’t know too many people who like ANY extreme or radical views, which is why this Boobquake movement has become so popular.So, lighten up, get a life and if you don’t want to join us. I’m a man & I will be dressing immodestly in support of my female friends and their right to wear what the hell they want to. By the way, have you even considered that the purported feminists why have submitted the “Don’t do it” comments are, in a way, acting like the Mullahs in dictating what women should or should not wear.Bravo to Brandy for some very “voice of reason” comments.

  194. Allison Lang says

    An assault on feminism? Please. I am personally not about to let the fact that men find boobs attractive get in the way of what I find comfortable to wear. I like looking nice. Anyway, isn’t it a little reversely sexist to men to say such things? I’m just saying.I think it is a brilliant and witty way to retort to this minister; all the while being slightly mature in a way by adding a touch of humour that helps laugh off the hint of anger I think a lot of us may have felt at this. It gives off a “Come on, is that really the best you can do?” kind of feel. I like it.

  195. aliaschase says

    (i tried posting this to the facebook event page but couldn’t… so here is where i’ll put it.)a note to the creator and participants: after reading the story as to how boobquake came into being, i want you to know that i totally believe this is a feminist endeavor! it’s tongue-in-cheek, definitely… but feminism is not about being ruthlessly serious all of the time. in fact, the weight and breadth of patriarchy and what feminists contend with on a daily basis is enough to prove that we fucking deserve time off to laugh and celebrate. i don’t doubt that there will be people who will ogle, who will pervert the original concept and context, and heterosexual men just accepting it as a chance to stare. but the point, to me, is that SO MANY times when a woman has accused a man of rape, what she was wearing at the time is taken into consideration. what the fuck!? apparently i don’t have the same rights when i’m clothed from ankle to neck as when i’m scantily clad. apparently i even put entire communities at risk with my ability to cause earthquakes. i think this is a deliberate challenge to that, to the idea that women near naked, dressed to expose more than cover, are somehow a negative force. bullshit! rock on empowered women, and don’t let perversions of our ideals get ya down. <3

  196. Ninfea of Australia says

    I approve of men dressing immodestly (and I’m not about to go out and assault those men either).

  197. Ninfea of Australia says

    Rather, it’s still the man’s problem for looking, liking, then wanting to do something about that liking. A man’s desire is completely not our problem, just for dressing as we like. Obviously, if I wear tight or revealing things, looking is fine, and often welcomed. But rudeness (which, taken to it’s extreme, means assault) is obviously NOT welcomed. That’s the point that’s being made there.

  198. says

    So if some women choose to demonstrate that they don’t want to be burdened by the imposition of modesty on them by religious figures by dressing in clothes they think won’t meet an Iranian cleric’s definition of what modesty is, this is the objectification of women?

  199. maymaym says

    I think Boobquake is a great idea, and while I understand the concerns raised by people who called you a “so-called feminist,” I think the offense they have taken is itself saddening.It’s unfortunate that many who self-identify as feminists seem to object to the idea that women’s bodies can be a source of pride and joy and empowerment for the women those bodies are attached to, even when those women clearly demonstrate their own agency. The objections, unsurprisingly, seem to imply that in a patriarchal society, women have no agency. I think this is well-intentioned but misguided.And, therefore, I’ve riffed on your idea and the idea of the Brainquake creators and made a new Facebook page myself: http://Femquake.comIts description:Everyone should have the right to do as one pleases, from showing off cleavage to showing off intellect—or both!The real issue is not a woman’s body or her mind, but her humanity.Empower one another to live the lives we want, free of coercion.

  200. M.S. says

    Not agreeing or disagreeing with you here but if we couldn’t do anything that might hurt someones feelings, no one would be able to say or do anything…except that might hurt someones feelings :P

  201. ZombieKitty says

    Well, there are quite a few comments on here, so I will make mine brief. I am definitely doing this. As I am sure many many other colleagues of mine as well. I can’t wait to see my boss’s face in the morning!

  202. Ariane says

    women have been attacked for being a blond , brunette, their race, and a whole sort of other reasons, or just because a man was obsessed with them. What I wear is what I feel good in and no one has a right to criticize, belittle, harass, mistreat, or abuse any woman for what they wear. How would men feel if they were attacked for not wearing a shirt. No matter what a woman wears they have a right to be them. Saying that what we wear is an excuse for the unintelligent, controlling, manipulative, and brutal. If a man chooses to go after a woman they will do it regardless of what they wear. By your standards woman that go to the beach in swimsuits (which is basically a bra and panties) are provoking men.

  203. Politics Shmolitics says

    Liberals do not protect any of my rights, nor does any other political person. Smoking weed is illegal, but people still do it. Drinking under the age of 21 is illegal, but people still do it. Driving without a license is illegal, but people still do it. I could go on for days, my point is, in the end, what we have the “right” to do, legally anyway, doesn’t matter. As long as people have their own opinions and thoughts and feelings etc. which we always will, we’ll do as we please whether “the people in charge” agree or not, because no one is in charge of all people, not really.And to the “boobquake” it’s all just for fun, calm down, breathe, think “wide open spaces”, you’ll be okay in a minute.

  204. says

    I think it is a good way for people to participate in something globally and although it may be silly to relate it to actual science who cares? Science is about experimenting and hypothesis’s so, why wouldn’t there of been something like this done years ago? I mean come on, they study some of the dumbest things in the world so, why wouldn’t they study something that happens everyday anyways? About the Mardi Gras thing, I live in New Orleans (well rather Chalmette, it’s right next to new orleans) and let me tell you, there’s alot more clevege and girls runnin around with ONLY beads on covering their boobs than you’ll see on a given day. (unless your hangin out at the strip clubs).

  205. M.S. says

    Actually the event in all reality is only demeaning to women if they find it demeaning, which quite apparently not all of us do.

  206. Teza74 says

    Jen I think it was a great joke that apparently rings true with a lot of people. The idea of doing a worldwide “scientific” experiment to disprove the rant of some ignorant tool and those supposed religious teachings that are associated with this same tool is brilliant. I just wish that more ideas like this that may start as a joke got as much recognition. But as you probably know the world at large (mainly men of course) do seem to have an obsession with boobs. So that did help your “cause”. Thanks for making a joke Jen I look forward to more of them. Cheers Teza (in Oz)

  207. woman says

    So you are saying that men aren’t responsible for what they do because women hold the power over them and that is why women are suppressed in society, because men are unable to exercise self control? Please. That’s like the defense, “the devil made me do it”.

  208. Warrl says

    Among US politicians, the advocates of steadily-increasing government control have managed to steal the term “liberal”. But getting everyone to refer to them as “liberals” doesn’t make them liberal. They are in the grand French tradition, where the great dispute between the three Estates General is whether the state will exercise total control for the benefit of (1) the clergy, (2) the nobility, or (3) the established merchants – and the notion that the state ought not have control is not worthy of discussion.Don’t get me wrong, US “conservative” politicians aren’t liberal either.

  209. glennab says

    Jen, I’m a die-hard, ’70s consciousness-raising, wonder-woman feminist. Due to my advanced age, I fear that my participating might offset the effects you voluptuous youngsters could have on plate tectonics. However, I love the concept of going all-out (so to speak) to show the fanatic morons who blame women for their lack of decency and self-control that they’re full of camel dung! Sheri Tepper, one of my favorite SciFi authors wrote a book in which earth was being considered for membership in the intergalactic union. The alien ambassadors’ remedy for the insanity in the middle east was to make every woman there as ugly as possible, thereby removing any possible temptation they could cause the poor susceptible men. No excuses for their reprehensible treatment of women thereafter. It was great! Your concept is a wonderfully flip way of flipping off the Iranian boob! More power to you!

  210. says

    I don’t know about anyone else, but my breasts don’t magically disappear and reappear depending on what my neckline is – if people are going to stare at them, they are going to stare at them. Is that my fault? Heck no, and my parents certainly raised me better than to gawk at people.

  211. AZ_Zoot says

    I am NOT degrading myself by showing my body! My body is not shameful. I do not need your approval or permission to wear what I choose. THAT is what is degrading – having someone else make my choices for me! I repeat: MY BODY IS NOT SHAMEFUL.

  212. Carissa Flores says

    Men can wear whatever they want to wear. In the same manner that women (even the homosexuals!) should wear whatever they want to wear, if it deems appropriate to them, if it makes them feel happy. Everything is relative. Everyone has a choice. To each his own. The compromise for us all here is respect. Apparently the Iranian cleric got carried away in his speech to go as far as to conclude with conviction that immodestly dressed women can cause earthquakes. What may look like immodest to him may not be so in America or in my part of the world, Manila. I am just so glad that he isn’t a relative of mine. LOL! :-) And Jen, you’re doing a good job of speaking your mind. Keep it up. Cheers to Boobquake and whatever good comes out of it!

  213. says

    Men can wear whatever they want to wear. In the same manner that women (even the homosexuals!) should wear whatever they want to wear, if it deems appropriate to them, if it makes them feel happy. Everything is relative. Everyone has a choice. To each his own. The compromise for us all here is respect. Apparently the Iranian cleric got carried away in his speech to go as far as to conclude with conviction that immodestly dressed women can cause earthquakes. What may look like immodest to him may not be so in America or in my part of the world, Manila. I am just so glad that he isn’t a relative of mine. LOL! :-)And Jen, you’re doing a good job of speaking your mind. Keep it up. Cheers to Boobquake and whatever good comes out of it!

  214. anzac says

    Thank you for your clarification Jen. I just want to mention the relation between Earthquake (God Wrath) and immodesty from my point of view. The relation does exist but it can NOT be explained scientifically in numbers nor there can be any sort of trigger for the natural disaster to happen as a result of immodesty occurrences. To keep it short, in history there are evidence of disasters occurred as a result of moral indecency like Sodom & Gomorrah and the city of Pompeii.If you are doing this for fun or else, don’t expect a disaster, per se, to happen right away. Something may happen or it may never happen. You and I, can not prove if a quake will happen as a result of boobs (immodesty) … or not!

  215. Kali says

    I disagree. I think he’s claiming that men do have a natural reaction to provactively dressed women (we’re assuming heterosexual men here, since it’s simpler), not that they then have the right to attack/demean them for it.I think it would be interesting to see if cases of sexual harassment/attack go up today. I hope that they don’t of course, but, even if they did, it wouldn’t indicate that women are to blame, merely that some men need re-educating – and perhaps the best way to do that would have more women dress exactly how they like, when they like, so as to make it nothing unusual. Perhaps that way women can show cleavage without it being perceived as a visual “TAKE ME!”.

  216. Anon says

    Not only are you anti-feminism, you’re also anti-Islamic. Contrary to what the media reported, this isn’t what he said. It got lost in translation, when you translate Persian to English. Well done for pandering to media sensationalism. I’m sure this will do wonders for our relationship with the Muslim world. You’ve encouraged lots of men to treat women like objects; I hope you’re proud. Also, ever heard of a metaphor?This is gross, and you should be ashamed. Next time, try checking your facts.

  217. says

    Jen,You are awesome. This is a spectacular idea, a hilarious joke, and something that we should all be able to get behind. I don’t think it’s anti-feminist at all to encourage women to apply themselves to demonstrating what power they have over themselves, their bodies, and possibly over the various fault lines in the earth’s crust. And I’m not just saying this because of my undying appreciations for boobs (Although Boobs are totally awesome! Hooray!), but because I find it ridiculous in our society that people are so terrified of human bodies that our society throws a fit when Janet Jackson’s boob appears on television–but watching people get shot isn’t a problem. We need to be more comfortable with all of our bodies and appreciate them as something natural, powerful, and fun. Respecting our bodies should not be about hiding and fetishizing them.. it should be about accepting them and enjoying them responsibly–and this whole boobquake idea is right along those lines..Nice Job!

  218. Anon says

    Actually the speech was about preventing extramarital relations, i.e. men, don’t cheat on women. Now it’s been hijacked by people who read Fox News and incorrectly misinterpret facts.

  219. Demosthenes Locke says

    Oh, come ON. This is taking offensensitivity off the charts. This is clearly not a “cause”, this is a GOOF! Did you not read that she thought up this little soiree in a loose minute before an episode of House? This is not a life-changing enterprise like dedicating one’s life to a faith or to building houses for the poor or working in a hospice, this is just a snarky and fun smackdown at some nitwit’s vile comment.If you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. But don’t be a judgmental snob about it and make more of it than it is. You “objectify” women far more with your ridiculous rant than this event ever does! Your howls of “don’t objectify even in the slightest” causes an atmosphere of objectfication paranoia — omg, am I objectifying if I wear these shoes…what about this shirt?…oh, no, does this belt objectify women too much?…what about my makeup, is makeup objectifying? Is it objectifying to wear it or not to wear it? Too much or too little, too bold or too natural…Just STOP. Quit with the process of processing the process and just LIVE for once, will you? Stop seeing your life as a string of “causes” and just enjoy your life!

  220. says

    I really think the so-called “feminists” who are against this have it completely the wrong way around: men have been using sexual suppression to control women for centuries, as they know sex is the one power we have over them – so powerful in fact that it almost nullifies all the advantages men have in the society they’ve created. The women who are against women using their sexuality to their advantage are guilty of exactly the same suppression that men have always practised. And let’s face it – all women will use their sexuality when what they consider a worthy opportunity arises, even if it’s just to get a husband. Expressing and using your sexuality is the greatest power a woman has – my blog has more on this if you’re interested:http://www.sachikospace.com/en

  221. Alectheclegman says

    Jen, you are my hero. Religious bigots who spout this kind of ignorant and hateful nonsense must always be challenged. Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  222. tw davis says

    Happened across this blog by happenstance and I find it much like any other. I like your approach and respect your feelings regarding the odd things that people say. Sorry for the vituperance of many of the responses on your blog. Reading your stuff I find it impossible to believe that you are as evil as some would make you out to be. As an extremely non-liberal, non-theist, science and history loving man I find the comments attributed to the Iranian cleric to be comical and sad. What bothers me more is that he and his ilk have an audience! As a believer in personal responsibility I find the idea that women are to blame for the failure of men to control their own behavior to be ridiculous and offensive. To be sure, D-cups (or C’s or B’s or A’s, I’m also a sailor!) may induce a rush of hormones and lead to typical male animal behavior. That is not to say that men are faultless or even that womens dress is at fault. And the idea that women can control the sex drive of men without being affected themselves is as goofy as cleavage-induced cleavage. Honestly, the things people say. What would Art Linkletter make of the blogosphere?! BTW…very attractive chest! Pretty smile, too.

  223. says

    Hey, I’m a woman’s libber from way back and I think what you did is brilliant! No cleavage to offer, but I’ll flaunt my ankles, always good :)

  224. noname says

    Perhaps if we spent less time labeling genders, there would be less stress on what a woman should be or what a man should be.Saying women and men are explicitly different only intensifies gender identity issues.

  225. noname says

    Interesting how you only mentioned “liberalist” and “commie” when those people whom you label would probably say the same about yourself.

  226. Bert says

    Uh, have you looked at a man or woman lately ?. They are pretty different, if you ask me.

  227. carlabarla says

    e-rahn, rhymes with John. If you’re speaking with an American or UK accent, anyway.

  228. Yet another Jenn says

    I was wearing a full coverage T-shirt when I found this post. I stuffed my ladies into a one-cup-size-too-small push-up bra and put on a shirt that I usually wear with a cami underneath…. just to sit around the house today. Every once in a while, I plan on giving my ladies a little shake, just to help the quake along!

  229. "General" means both sides says

    So what would your connotative definition be? Because the denotative one above may not be agreed upon by the general CONSERVATIVE public, but I can assure you that it is what the general LIBERAL public thinks “liberal” means.

  230. Just Passing Through says

    Aren’t country pronunciations sot of variable anyway? I mean, is it Germany or Deutschland? Japan or Nihon? China or Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó?

  231. Rod Hulme says

    Hurrah! It is neat/desirable/encouraging/hopeful to see people having a ball with something so totally good for humanity….FUN!!!! Canuck, American….who cares? We are left with the universal question…WWHD ….what would Hawking do/say …do aliens alienate… as people unpeople !!!! Giggles indeed. Thanks Jen!!

  232. Mary says

    They have a choice in responding to the cleric. They can take the route of emulating objectified women in ads and pornos if they like, yes. I’m saying it’s the wrong choice for women because it does not actually empower them.

  233. Chasarsis says

    I think . . . and this is just a thought now . . . but I think someone may have been using reverse psychology

  234. gfw1973 says

    If you are trying to educate or critique someone you also should learn something more about spelling, sentence structure and punctuation.

  235. RebeccaDunsdon says

    I haven’t called anyone names, although plenty have been thrown at me in the course of my conversations with people about this (prude, politically correct, feminist extremist, buzzkill, religious nutter… just to name a few). I also don’t have any issue with sex or sexuality. It can be beautiful expression of love. I am happy for people to wear what they want, and admire each other if that’s their thing, but I think it’s twisting things a bit to believe that expressing your sexuality (and what you choose to wear or not to wear) is somehow an expression of power. If you are using sex as power all it does it cheapen both. Sex becomes a tool for manipulation and women begin to think that the only way they can influence people is through their bodies.

  236. zachm86 says

    No one said that this was an expression of power except for you. They have the power to dress in whatever manner that makes them feel the most attractive and confident. If they feel most comfortable showing skin, then they are not using sex to gain power; they are using their personal liberties to dress in the way they want. Saying that they need to cover up whether because it will anger God, result in their getting raped, or to quote you “women [will] begin to think that the only way they can influence people is through their bodies” is oppression plain and simple.You cannot state that no woman should dress provocatively and also claim to be feminist. They are in direct contradiction, as feminism stands for a woman’s right to make her own decisions, and the statement you are making advocates taking some of those decisions away from a woman. Even if you could prove, which you cannot, that dressing in this manner was somehow detrimental to a woman a feminist would have no right to force the “better” behavior on another person.People, all people, have a right to make their own life choices. If a woman wants to show case her body she has that right and you have no right to judge her for that. It is not an expression of power, it is not the woman making herself a sex object (another fun feminist paradox), it is simply a person expressing their freedom to dress in a way which makes them feel comfortable.Let me finish by saying you are not “wrong” in believing that women should cover up. That is your right as well. You are wrong for trying to:1) Force your opinion on others2) Going to a place where you know you will most likely be in the miniority and vocally judging other people; not to convince them otherwise but to start an argument.If you feel the need to reply, feel free to contact me at:iknowthespot@gmail.com(The irony…)

  237. says

    “If I would have known, I would have spent more time being careful about my wording.”In one of my psych. books there’s a quote by Metzger: “When you write, don’t put a tuxedo on your brain.” :) Keep your tuxedo off, it’s more entertaining. ^_^ I get why you wrote that this time, I just felt I had to share that. :DAlso, Bergen in Norway was today honored by my boobilacious precense. :O It was fun. Cold, and wet, but fun.I vote Boobquake to become an annual thing! :D Hooray for boobies!

  238. Jay says

    Stand out! Yes, it’s great to hear something like this. However, I’ll be cheering you on here in MD. I only wish I could see this for myself.

  239. CutestKidEver says

    So I missed out on wearing a revealing top during the day today… but I’m about to go topless – completely naked, actually – as I shower with my husband. And then, I’m going to put on an indecent tank top to wear to bed that I could never wear in public because it’s so low cut I actually pop out of it sometimes.Let the boobquake begin!

  240. yoursoostupid says

    women like you are sooo stupid…what next do you plan to do after dressing provocatively?Become topless to prove your point? hahahawomen like you are sooooo stupid

  241. Rachel says

    I like the idea. I like your courage. You are not pushing. I think women should take it for what it is worth. Women once burned their bra’s in protest. To be a feminist you must not let your sexuality be subject to anyone’s opinion but your own. Let the boob quake begin. I am letting them hang out there with you.

  242. Seditious says

    This reply is ad hominum and ignorant. You have no basis upon which to judge what kind of person I am. Bitter? Twisted? Wrong. Angry is more like it, and a woman’s anger is often a beautiful thing, given how we are treated both in societies under Sharia practices AND our “free to dress scantily in public so men can think about us as sex toys” society.2, to dismiss my linking of rape to the overall issue of women’s sexuality tells me what you are actually interested in as far as Boobquake. Figures. You also did not understand AT ALL the causal point I was making. Quelle surpris.3, of COURSE you tell me to “lighten up!” What other retort do people of privilege throw most often at those resisting that power and privilege? We all will laugh instead of yell when more of society is working to end oppression than continue it. Maybe when men stop arguing for their right to treat us as objects for THEIR pleasure. Maybe when they stop telling us that if we don’t love porn and being a collection of their favorite body parts that WE are twisted. Maybe when they admit that 1 in 4 of us will be raped in her lifetime, 1 in 6 is an incest survivor, that many will be battered by lovers and the courts will call it a “crime of passion” if they kill us. Maybe I’d take more so-called “pro-feminist” men at their word if they were fighting these things. Instead, i don’t see any of you/them supporting us, chiming in on the activist blogs etc. But y’all are out in droves to support women showing our breasts more. 4, nobody here that I’ve seen has said women DON’T have the right to dress as we want. In fact, the main attacks are coming from MEN against women who won’t dress the way YOU want us to.NOW who’s the mufti / cleric?

  243. Dilini says

    I totally support your take on a little juvenile humour. You can now add Sri Lanka to the list of countries to which your ‘activism’ has spread :)

  244. Seditious says

    Jen’s explanation of how this got started makes sense, and makes it clear she’s not “evil” or something. She wasn’t really trying to make a big political statement either way.But it has BECOME one now. I actually disagree though that the majority culture in the u.s. is “terrified of human bodies.” This used to be the case, but now we are dangerously OVER-sexualizing girls and society in general. The exception to this is the Fundamentalist Christian forces, which are significant in size AND POWER enough to make it LOOK like more people are against sexuality. The stats are that as many women enjoy porn now as men. Obviously there has been a shift towards openness in accepting sexuality in our lives, and that’s a good shift. Without the ability to talk about sex and our bodies and about what we enjoy, and to try out new things in those areas, we can never be fully free of sexual violence, coercion, body hating and other things that ruin the sexuality of so many. But it is a mistake to say certain overtly sexual or provocative things are what delineates the sex-positive woman from the non. Once one begins doing that, we are right back at the auction block: but instead of whites looking at our teeth and muscles to evaluate our worth as laborers for THEM, we have men (mostly) looking at our butts and breasts to evaluate our worth as sexual partners (sometimes disposable ones.)

  245. says

    @ Mars… I’m not saying that overtly sexual or provocative things are the only means of delineating sex-positve aspects of women–obviously–I think that would be kind of silly and rather limited way of going about stuff. All I would argue is that various overtly sexual or provocative displays–such as boobquake–shouldn’t necessarily be assumed a priori to be anti-feminist. That’s all.As for the majority of the culture–it is still the case that our media cannot show naked people on the TV except in very limited circumstances (you have to pay more money and subscribe to special channels), but they show films with graphic violence all the time. The best example I have of this is the movie, The Terminator. When it gets shown in the United States, they cut out the sex scene–even though it’s not particularly graphic in any pornographic way–and it’s pretty integral to the plotline of the movie. All the scenes where Arnie is blowing people away, however, are there in full.In Germany–where I happened to live for 3 years–the same movie leaves the sex scene in–and cuts out the more graphic violence. They consider that to be the dangerous part.Thus, until we as a society are more willing to accept seeing naked people (and I don’t just mean women–hell, you almost never, ever, get to see a man fully naked in an American film unless it’s porn…) than watching people get shot, I think we have a lot of growing to do..

  246. says

    Actually, I would have totally dug it if men had somehow been able to be included.. as it was… there was not much for me to do. I tried thinking of some way that this could have been more oriented to everyone–but I’m not sure how that would have worked. I have rather defined pectoral muscles because I do a ton of push-ups all the time–and would happily have shown them–but it doesn’t have the same effect. If you have some ideas on how men could be more interactive rather than just being obnoxious gawkers/wankers.. I’d be very enthused to hear about them.Overall, I see your point–and I hate disrespectful men whose only ideas about women dehumanize them… but that doesn’t mean that this idea of jen’s couldn’t be gradually turned into something better… hell.. if you want to have a male “assquake,” I think that would be hilarious but the connotations don’t sound promising at the moment… ;)

  247. Margo says

    Look, you’ve given me the best laugh I’ve had in weeks. It’s harmless fun, and great fun….and absolutely a brilliant response to the comment. You go, girl! :-))

  248. Facepalm Institude says

    [mockery] I’d just love to see that man make a presentation about the significance of exposed skin as related to earthquakes. I’m sure that he has complete data on the amount of female flesh indecently exposed at any time. I’d also like to hear his thoughts concerning time lag in skin exposure and earthquake occurence. Does the earth tremble in fear the instant a nipple peeks out, or does it need a few moments to get over the shock? Does the earth quake in regions with indecent exposure as a response, making earthquakes in mostly “modest” countries coincidence, or does God punish everybody equally for humanities failure to banish naughty tights, butts and boobs into the proper confines of modest full-body-hazmat suits? I’m sure his studies about pron videos and playboy magazines as related to the tectonic drift will rock my socks![/mockery]

  249. Facepalm Institude says

    Waitaminute! Does this mean women are now weapons of mass destruction?! If worst came to worst, could we threaten to expose our womanfolk in an last ditch attempt to take our enemies with us?! Life on military bases would be a lot more endurable if we included massive stores of soon to be skantily clad women to the country armament! Imagine the not so cold war of mutually guaranteed tittilation. Ah, to dream…

  250. Facepalm Institude says

    I don’t think there is any part of a womans body that could be exposed under any circumstance without getting at least 3 mullahs, 5 internet perverts and untold masses of underage teenage boys excited.

  251. Facepalm Institude says

    Yes, because we all should learn every language in the world in order to avoid insulting the sensibilities of faceless internet crusaders before daring to make a joke on a site featuring our own personal opinions about things we heard. Durr.

  252. Facepalm Institude says

    So what you’re saying is God randomly smites people with holy wrath for being indecent, except for sometimes when he doesn’t? Ah yes, mysterious ways indeed.

  253. fitmaster60 says

    To: Mars1962You really do have my utmost sympathy. I don’t know what has happened to youin your life to make you so angry, but it must have been something reallyterrible.The biggest flaw in the arguments you have railed against me in your replyis the number and degree of assumptions you make about me.First of all, let me tell you that my interest in Boobquake has nothing todo with perving over women’s breasts. I work as a fitness trainer and GroupFitness instructor and see scantily clad women displaying ample amounts offlesh throughout my working day. I have no need for an event such asBoobquake to increase my exposure to mammarial appendages.I am a heterosexual man, who enjoys most “manly” pursuits (gym, football,cars, drinking beer etc.) but I also have many female friends. In fact, Iprobably interact more on a social basis with women than I do with men andhave done for most of my adult life. I have known women who have been rapedby men, as well as those who were victims of sexual and emotional abuse,including two ex-girlfriends and my now estranged wife.I detest violence and abuse of women and abhor the men who visit theseviolations upon them, I just don’t go shouting it from the rooftops & Idon’t tar all men with the same brush as you so obviously do.Women are not the only gender who suffer abuse at the hands of the oppositesex. There are also men who are physically abused by violent partners and,to a greater extent who are emotionally abused by their partners.My former partner (soon-to-be ex-wife) subjected me to emotional abuse whenwe were together and is now continuing to do so by way of refusing me accessto my children, whom I love very much and the pain I feel in missing themdoes not diminish with time.Can you imagine how it feels to wake up on Christmas Day, crying?I have known unimaginable anguish as a result of the abuse she has heapedupon me, I have contemplated thoughts and ideas that no sane person shouldever entertain and yet, I still do not bear a grudge against ALL women.Indeed, I have forgiven and continue to forgive my former partner for theabuse to which she has subjected me and which she continues to do so. I knowher background intimately and I understand what drives her to do the thingsshe does, but that doesn’t diminish the pain as she has defamed and defiledme and used the courts inflict her capricious “retribution” upon me.You glibly pull out statistics such as “1 in 4 of us will be raped in herlifetime” or “1 in 6 is an incest survivor”, I would like to know where youget your statistics from, because, based upon my own experience (of morethan 40 years of having mainly female friends), they are grosslyexaggerated. Don’t try telling me that my female friends and girlfriendsjust haven’t told me, because a lot of them have told me a lot of deeplyintimate details about their lives and experiences at the hands of abusivemen (both partners and family members) and & can’t see where your 25% of allwomen are rape victims from.I suspect that you are still quite young, probably living in the cossettedconfines of college life whilst being fed this poisonous indoctrinativepropaganda by so-called feminists, whose agenda is not so much to promotethe equality of men and women as it is a form of power broking on their partin an attempt to subjugate men.Did you know that there is no word in the English language for the femaleequivalent of a mysogynist? The logical equivalent would be “Mysandronist”,but you won’t find it in any major dictionary. The nearest equivalent isMysanthropist, but that actually means someone who hates all of mankind(humanity if you object to the word man in manking referring to the whole ofthe human race), rather than just men.In closing, I would just like to say that holding onto anger doesn’t doanyone any good, least of all yourself. If you have suffered abuse in thepast, seek out help and heal yourself. Distance yourself from those whopromulgate hatred and find affinity with those who promote partnership &fellowship between the genders.I honestly and sincerely wish you peace, both in yourself and in yourrelationship with humanity and the universe.

  254. says

    You’ve just won the thread. Or this small part of it. Well said.(And, my sympathies for what your probably-can’t-be-ex-soon-enough “partner” puts you through. Just horrible.)

  255. Facepalm Institu"d"e says

    “Intensifying fanatical belief”? Sorry, but that’s just plain bullshit. People who honestly have to think about the possibility of cleavage induced earthquakes would have been influenced by SOME sheepherder or another at some point in time, anyhow. Pinning any radical action of extremists like that on the joke of a few women is like saying “Well of course they would bomb the plane, it was full of unbelievers! If you don’t want to provoke them, hide in a minefield out in the ass-end of nowhere so they can’t bomb you conveniently!”

  256. Akshaya@Texas says

    I’m neither a feminist, nor an atheist, but I extend my full support to you and your cause.

  257. Facepalm Institu"d"e says

    I love how most people who responded to this (admittedly somewhat frisky) practical joke negatively sound just like the “radical elements” it was aimed at. So you can peer into the head of every woman worldwide that decided to participate and tell with certainty that they just wanted to “use their boobs” to rack in a few leers? Feminism gives women a choice what to wear, but only as long as it is one YOU agree with? Freedom goes in all directions, and just because you have an opinion about what feminism is all about doesn’t mean everybody else on this globe has to conform to it.

  258. Facepalm Institu"d"e says

    That would most probably shake at least a lot of meals out of many an unwary passerby, considering some proud specimen of the shaved blubber gorillas that are currently out and about after their hibernation.

  259. Facepalm Institu"d"e says

    2/10 on the troll scale, try being more inventive than “bitch” or “ugly”, throw in a few racist jokes, and soon my friend you shall spread your gossamer wings of suck to soar in the air with the other dickheads.

  260. says

    I didn’t see this as an expression of sexuality at all. Some people took it there because for them the human body, shown instead of being covered, can only be seen as a sexual thing. Which proves exactly what the cleric was saying.This should have been, purely, an attempt at proving that women’s bodies, in and of themselves, are just flesh, and not sex. The showing of our flesh to prove that flesh is not inherently sexual or evil, and that it doesn’t have the power to lead young men astray except as they are unable to practice control over themselves.

  261. Pro. van Jigglybuttz says

    The institute of Jiggly Menace wishes to let you know that not only does your immense mass of badly concealed boobs endanger innocent kitties everywhere, but that God in all His/Her or Its glory shall strike you down with the fiery whole-body suit of shame, should you not cover your ankles immediatly. Not that the cloth used to conceal yourself to His Noodlynesses Complete Divine Satisfaction may not be made of animal components to prevent the chance that it may be made of hide that formerly covered a nude body of any kind of fashion. His Noodlynesses Complete Divine Satisfaction also required the garment to have at least 3 layers to ward of any chance of your lewdness seeping through to tempt the faithfull or His Divine Wrath. Should you not comply within the next 15 decades, He may or may not strike anybody or anything in this or other solar systems with Lightning, Jale, Earthquakes, Insects, small ugly children or fat untalented country singers. You have been warned!

  262. gerry says

    Heyy…let’s say there is an earthquake when you all show your (beautiful) boobs. And what are you gonna do?

  263. Facepalm Institu says

    Sheesh, excuse us poor manfolk for trying to explain to you how reality works. Walking about on the street requires actually using your sight, you know? And utilizing that sight we might actually encounter your body as it moves through our immediate surroundings. And if your body happens to be in more or less close proximity, visually pleasing, and displayed in a way that makes it possible to admire formerly mentioned pleasantness, men as well as likeminded women are going to enjoy the view. Your comment sounds like some demented artist: “You have no right to ogle this picture of a giant burning cow turd sailing through a sea of purple lemmings that I drew on a 30 square feet canvas conveniently hoisted on the Eifel Tower! It’s my choice to hang it there, and you can’t look! GO AWAY!”

  264. Facepalm Institu says

    They could form a super religion slash fashion label. Think of the slogans! What did YOU wear when the earth quaked in Haiti?!Prevent 9/11 with out 20% discount Burqas!”If all the religious nuts on the world banded together, we could ignore them much more efficiently, too.

  265. Facepalm Institu says

    Funny how you speak of rights but attack the harmless joke of another person – which she has any right to play, by the way – as just another way to “market flesh”. Even if this isn’t just a joke – which it obviously is – she would have been perfectly in her rights in using the obvious attraction paid to her to ridicule obviously stupid religious arguments. Whining about the fact that a drab shirt with text of yet another cause (Not like there aren’t enough shirts with comments, jokes or insults around already) does not attract as much attention as a big group of attractive women standing in for their rights to do as they see fit doesn’t seem to help your cause any, either.Maybe people would even HAVE put such statements on their shirts, had anybody bothered to suggest it. But of course it’s much more satisfying to play the scorned prophet AFTER the fact, now that people can’t possibly appease you anymore, isn’t it? Way to go!What’s the point of a profuse moral statement if you make it in a way that nobody is going to see? You seem to hate the status quo, okay. So work to change it. The way you argue makes you seem like a petulant child, sitting at the sideline of a game of soccer because it doesn’t like the rules.

  266. Lapin says

    The Christian God isn’t acceptably described as a “sky monster”? I beg to differ.

  267. RebeccaDunsdon says

    This even purports to be about fighting “supernatural thinking and the oppression of women”. Isn’t that a statement about power?Again, where have I said “cover up”? I think you may have missed the part where I said “I am happy for people to wear what they want”. All I have said is it doesn’t make sense to me to use “immodest dress” as some kind of feminist statement. This is now a global event, to which I was invited. I commented here because I believe this event causes more harm than good and I was also sick of hearing those of us who object to the event being dismissed as joyless prudes, when many of us have genuine concerns. I entered into the discussion in good faith and I am not interested in argument for the sake of it. I find your attempt to shut me out far more oppressive and forceful. Over 300,000 declined the invitation to take part in this event, more than those who accepted. Don’t we have as much right to have our opinions heard as you do?

  268. Farmer Ted says

    Another ugly chick against objectification….how come you never meet attractive radical feminists?

  269. kazerus says

    I tend to see everything obliquely. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I find the (misquoted and/or mistranslated) verbal meanderings of this patriarchal leader to be in the highest order of compliment to the acknowledgement of Feminine Power. (Wow! That was verbose.)Just think; This Leader of Men is intimating that:•Men are incapable of making their own decisions, and following through with them. •Men do not have the ability to control their own actions •The mere presence of a woman will interrupt a man’s’ rational thought s and decision making ability. •The very shape of the material around a woman can steal a man’s’ moral convictions. •Women’s power over men is so great that it can actually affect the movement of the Earth!I do not say that I agree with everything here. The men in MY life are nothing like this. Yet, the compliment IS inherent in the conviction that Women have THIS MUCH POWER! And, Yes. I participated in Boobquake. It was for science, right?

  270. Katt the Terrible says

    OMG .. dying laughing … the cleric was the biggest boob of all! However, as it got everyone talking, I think some good has come from an ignorant statement. No one should have to be afraid or ashamed of being who they truly are … modest, immodest or otherwise. Wonder what the Dalai Lama would say? THAT would be interesting viewpoint to hear. Think we can get him to chime in ? ;-)

  271. says

    I love boobs. I love women. I think feminism is only as effective as the women who practice it, and I think that sexuality is the superpower of every living thing, for it is the desire and ability to be creative, intimate, and pleasurable. Tap my sexuality. Tap your own. Show it. I encourage anyone to live life to the fullest or stop complaining.

  272. coolbookchick says

    Out of curiosity, is it hard to sound this stupid? I didn’t realize you couldn’t be attractive AND a supporter of women. Thanks for the lesson. I’ll have to remember that when I teach my women’s studies class tomorrow night to some of the most beautiful, educated, positive women I know. FYI, just because you support women does NOT mean you hate men. It’s just you we don’t like.

  273. JefferyHaas says

    Jen, you did a great thing.Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.Your sense of humor is spot on, and you’re a good girl with a lot of brains and, other assets.All in all a great combination.Your quirky and funny comment will go far.I call you a rational peacemaker.That’s a synonym for “feminist hero”.

  274. Russell says

    “Because I made a boob joke”.Because you are making a joke of your self. i actually came to see you thinking “at-least” the boobs would be great if not the story, anyways. Thanks for the low Richter-scale earth-quake in Taiwan as it was Proportional to your Boob size. I hope the cleric says “ooh jen i was only kidding, come on, boobs and earthquake ?”Jen : People like you need piped pipers.

  275. russell says

    Each and everything you said is true vice-versa too.Whats the point ?Its not oblique, but tangential to the whole point.Same as boobs and earthquake, where is the need to relate so much to two end-points of the line.And how does women or men being more powerful (as you imply obliquely) even related to this topic.The cleric said boobs and not penis(this is not imp too but.. ).she says””Just think; This Leader of Men is intimating that:”(and the rest blah.. blah and of course she does not “I do not say that I agree with everything here. The men in MY life are nothing like this.”)Please define “oblique viewpoints.”

  276. AragornStarscreamAdama69 says

    This topic brings the trolls out! SECURE YOUR BRIDGES, GUYSE!Everybody offended to this and/or the author of this have ugly ears and smelly feet. So say we all!

  277. says

    “If men ogle, that’s the fault of the men, not me for dressing how I like” – I completely agree you on this. Women have equal rights like men to take pride in their bodies. I have recently experienced something that gave me a real shock. A co-worker of mine whom a thought to be pretty decent and matured approached me with wrong intentions…Is it my fault that he finds me attractive in other sense, mind you in spite of dressing “MODESTLY”???….So, it’s not about the way you dress…it’s all about other’s people’s wrong intentions…

  278. says

    @Priyanka: take pride in your body as what? Healthy? Attractive? If the latter, well, attractive means liable to attract other people, so why have the vapours when it works? I have learned, on this blog and elsewhere, that many women believe in some magical power that will ensure that only the men they themselves like will notice the bodies of which they are so proud. Others will be filtered out of their vicinity by said cosmic power. When the woo-woo doesn’t work, they get upset, but with men rather than with their own delusionality. The guy fancies you? Boo hoo. Just turn him down politely, without all this talk of “fault”, yours or his. If he paws you, kick him in the nuts. What’s the problem?

  279. Sparkle says

    I think that FYI is just making the point that it is not just a muslim belief that women who dress or act a certain way are asking to be sexually abused. That falsehood is a problem everywhere. In 1999, the Italian High Court overturned a rape conviction because the victim was wearing tight jeans at the time of the assault. The justices stated that the victim must have helped her attacker remove her jeans, from which they inferred consent. It happens right here in the christian nation of the United States of America as well. So like it or not the belief that women who dress a certain way, act a certain way, go certain places, hang out with certain people; are asking for it is found all over the world in all sorts of cultures. There is no need to make it one groups problem. It is everyone’s problem and we should all be working to correct this falsehood when ever and where ever we can. One things for sure though it doesn’t help anybody to pretend its just a problem “over there”.

  280. Kokapelye says

    I can’t imagine God smiting anyone down for showing —or enjoying— cleavage. Boobs are a couple of of Her favorite creations.

  281. Human says

    ‘The goods’? ‘Window shopping’? That is a human being you are talking about there, not a leg of lamb!Interesting how the man in your story didn’t have women staring at his crotch to judge his ‘goods’ to see if they fancy a bit of that. No… they merely applaud his strength of character, feel envious or think he looks slightly ridiculous but yet grant him the freedom to as he chooses. Because he is a man, not a sexual object. Women on the other hand…I can’t stand men who say ‘it’s just our nature’, I know plenty of nice men who might notice a pretty girl but won’t stare at her and make her feel like an object.

  282. fitmaster60 says

    Jeez, you talk about missing the point. The words to which you have taken so much offence were those of somone other than myself and more to the point, he was speaking metaphorically (look it up in the dictionary) at the time. You really ought to read my later entry addressed to Mars1962, especially my reply to her response.Get down off your high horse, lighten up and understand that there are many people suffering from abuse and discrimination in so many ways all over the world. There are black/white/brown/yellow/red people, both male and female in Africa/Asia/America/Australasia/Europe of Christian/Jewish/Islamic/Hindu/Buddhist/Shinto/atheist persuasions suffering discrimination abuse. They aren’t all women and they aren’t all black. Discrimination, abuse & denial of human rights? Why not ask the Dali Lama about that one? I think the concerns of his people amount to just a little more than whether or not they are perceived by some anonymous “them” as to whether or not they are perceived as being little more than “a collection of body parts”, as one respondent described it.When reading the words of any author, try applying a little critical thinking and try to understand the context and intent of the writer and not just taking the written words on face value as they appear on the page. Then, maybe you might be able to apply reasoned and rational argument.Good Day to you, Ms.

  283. Brenda says

    I think on the light side. This is not to “Stir up more hatred” but to add a little more humour to the world.

  284. partypooper says

    But guys. Let’s face it. An Iranian cleric said that promiscious women cause earthquakes and Jen challenged to prove him wrong by telling girls all over the world to show their tits on a particular day. And when women did that what was the result? THERE WAS AN EARTHQUAKE. SO BASICALLY Jen lost the challenge. And the Iranian guy was proved correct. Now people accept this fact or no, its their problem.But the fact that there was an earthquake can not be ignored. and about women being objects, its true that they are infact sex objects. Men WANT such type of women who satisfy their eyes. They like it when they see girls wearing sexy tight and skimpy dresses and get to watch free nudity. And the best thing is, they don’t need to tell women to show their body, because women themselves do it happily!! men may be attracted to such women temporarily, but keep in mind, men do not respect these women. They think of these women as sexy bodies who have nice holes for them to fill in.

  285. FacepalmInstitu"d"e says

    At that rate, I might become a first rate oracle as well!Lo, for there will be a time when womanfolk shalt expose itsself, and the sun shall rise on the next day and every day thereafter!Her my prophesy: On the 5th day following the sign (Insert whatever ominous thing you want here) a woman shall be naked someplace on this planet, and the sky will weep tears of H2O over a generic country in retribution!It shall come to pass that a number not necessarily higher than that of the fingers of one or both of my hands of women shall expose their ankles in a lewd and inappropiate way while swimming, causing the waves to thunder against the coasts in defiance!So I have spoken, and thus it shall be! Heed my words, my trusty followers, and repeat after me: Bahhhh.

  286. moonmadman says

    poor thing; having the world of words encroach on your littlefucking dictionary…

  287. Seems obvious but.. says

    Then.. don’t participate? Seems like the obvious solution here. If you don’t think it’s savvy, then don’t join in :p Preaching about how you feel about it, though, is kinda silly. Since you won’t be involved anyways. :p

  288. Rafay Alam says

    The Emperor Justinian banned sodomy cause he thought it caused earthquakes. The Afghans destroyed the Beniyamin statues cause they blamed them for earthquakes. Less amusingly, I’ve heard people blame the Asian Tsunami of a few years ago on the sex-tourism in Thailand.I’m writing to you from Pakistan. You have unwittingly done a great thing. You satirical remark has taken the wind out this ridiculous (and equally widespread) prejudice. Well done.

  289. says

    Incredible how this grew so big, but what a great action it was and I fully stand behind your ideas!

  290. Ziaheart says

    Haha, darn, I missed this.But it makes sense in a strange way. If a butterfly flapping its wings over the ocean can create a tsunami, then why can’t a bunch of men in throes of lust create an Earthquake? Do we not say that “I felt the Earth move” after a particularly good round?

  291. Person0815 says

    i do not agree that(only) men force women into particular clothing. In most cases it is a fraction of women that do this and they only use men to articulate this in public (or men do this to please that women)…

  292. Person0815 says

    ok, Q’uran or Bible or whatever source of religious whisdom can allways be taken as a base for any kind of Sharia, Crusade, Holocaust… It is too simple to rely on a Holy Book or a God instead of proofing facts. Ignoring facts ist stupidity, ignoring a Gods word deserves death, isn’t it?

  293. Person0815 says

    I think the truth lies between the aspects. For sure, if I carry a bundle of dollars open in public or even proudly show it to everybody, it is obvious that I will create a kind of vigourous desire…. Sexuality is a nice thing to get brains (male and female) out of control, even much more together with alcohol, drugs, emotions. So if a women dresses and behaves in a sexy way, she should be aware that an other person may loose it’s control. That is not an excuse for the person that lost it’s control. But can you imagine that a man may feel offended when permanently teased with something he could not reach? If men were able to simply switch of this old deep brain reactions, be sure they would only be interessted in watching football and car races, but not at all in women :)Personal freedom allways ends where it touches the sphere of an other person.

  294. Person0815 says

    oh yeah. Be sure men are attacked! By women! If they wear what they want and behave like they want. Women can make pretty much trouble if man wears the wrong shirt, the same Blue Jeans for more than a week, if he forgot shaving …. Even if he himself feels well.As I already told before, total personal freedom ends where it touches the freedom of another person. In this case a compromise, a consent is necessary. Both provocation and aggressive (re)action are not acceptable. A swim suit among bourkhas will be a heavy provocation, in a nudist camp however it will be not (or in an another way).

  295. Adrshyan says

    ” whatever it maybe, the cleric was exactly correct, it really made a “worldquake” with more impact than an earthquake because of your boobsquake. The cleric didnt compelled anyone of you to cover yourself. if it was your custom and culture and your FEMINIST RIGHTS to show your boob’s to all this world, it was his Human right to say his openion to cover your sexual parts inorder to avoid certain problems in the society.Hey, did anyone of your daughters came with you? to show thier boobs too ? or did many of you didnt like my question ? ehhh ? will you as a Mother like your daugters expose thier tender boobs/ thigs / angles / under arms to this world ? answer is NO or a big NO ehhh ???? Dear feminist, if yourFather one day morning decide to show a part of his PENIS as a part of dressing code, will you enjoy it ? the answer is Big NO, and many of you will conclude that he has some mental problems, and would take him to a mental physician of he continue doing it ehh ?? The answer is BIG YES , my dear all Madams, if this is the case, All the owners of these BOOBQUAKE should see a Mental Doctor sooner possible. When your parents asked you to cover your Private parts when you were at teenage, did you open up your cleavage to them ? or any other private parts to them ? WOW, i dont blame you even if you did so… Dear Madams, we all respect you as Mother / Sister / Wife / Aunties…..dont you go back to the STONE AGE my dear sisters. A big salute to the cleric of Iran who didnt even thought of replying. Your prestige is even so higher now, than any thoughts.

  296. Adrshyan says

    whatever it maybe, the cleric was exactly correct, it really made a “worldquake” with more impact than an earthquake because of your boobsquake. The cleric didnt compelled anyone of you to cover yourself. if it was your custom and culture and your FEMINIST RIGHTS to show your boob’s to all this world, it was his Human right to say his openion to cover your sexual parts inorder to avoid certain problems in the society.Hey, did anyone of your daughters came with you? to show thier boobs too ? or did many of you didnt like my question ? ehhh ? will you as a Mother like your daugters expose thier tender boobs/ thigs / angles / under arms to this world ? answer is NO or a big NO ehhh ???? Dear feminist, if yourFather one day morning decide to show a part of his PENIS as a part of dressing code, will you enjoy it ? the answer is Big NO, and many of you will conclude that he has some mental problems, and would take him to a mental physician of he continue doing it ehh ?? The answer is BIG YES , my dear all Madams, if this is the case, All the owners of these BOOBQUAKE should see a Mental Doctor sooner possible. When your parents asked you to cover your Private parts when you were at teenage, did you open up your cleavage to them ? or any other private parts to them ? WOW, i dont blame you even if you did so… Dear Madams, we all respect you as Mother / Sister / Wife / Aunties…..dont you go back to the STONE AGE my dear sisters. A big salute to the cleric of Iran who didnt even thought of replying. Your prestige is even so higher now, than any thoughts.

  297. wood95 says

    In the context of inventing a religion from scratch, I say to Christians “Is that the best you could do?” Their book of stories is excruciatingly dull. Other notable pantheons have heroism, imagination, adventure and intrigue going for them.

  298. says

    You are Correct Merrilyroell on the points you noted i also like that and women not only body they are part of men body also so why women have to scared  showing them off if men can do.You are really open-minded  and very mature to handle this topic.Finally i want to say it’s all natural. Just Enjoy It!!

  299. says

    yaa!! really you just got a point to make me laugh  so much!!But i really don’t mind your answer to  Merrilyroell it just happens always so be cool and may be there are lot’s of ways to get solve this issues in front of women. █║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌│║█║▌  it just copy righted now !!

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