I was not joking about the copy/paste

Now that I have a bit more spare time, I added a few things to the sidebar. My comment policy is basically ad hoc until I get used to FTB commenters. And my asexuality 101 page is copied over from my previous blog. It’s short.

I used to give workshops on asexuality about five years ago, and back then the audience knew basically zero. If you have basic questions about asexuality, I can answer them no problem. But in general, I expect more from my readers here. Occasionally I’ll crosspost articles to The Asexual Agenda, and those are explicitly written at a higher level for ace readers, so get used to it. That is all.


  1. Siobhan says

    I appreciate your Ace 101 material, it blew the dust off my understanding of asexuality. I look forward to more of your material!

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