Astrologers to diagnose ailments in Indian hospitals

Great news for patients coming to the out-patient departments of hospitals in Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Along with services of doctors they will also get advice regarding correct diagnosis from top astrologers by paying a small sum of five rupees. Budding astrologists will also get training under seniors in diagnosing patients problems using horoscopes.

Patients suffering from various ailments will very soon get services of astrologers in Madhya Pradesh’s state-run hospitals in the Outer Patients Department (OPD). The government-run Maharshi Patanjali Sanskrit Sansthan (MPSS) will ensure the availability of these astrologers for twice a week.

“Like OPDs, where junior doctors work under the supervision of seniors, aspiring astrologers will be assisted by experts in dealing with cases in the astro OPDs,” Madhya Pradesh Patanjali Sanskrit Sansthan (MPSS) director PR Tiwari was quoted as saying by a leading portal.

With the help of patients’ horoscopes, for four hours twice a week and sometimes even on weekends, the fortune-tellers will diagnose patients.

The aforementioned astrologers are faculty members, hired by Sansthan to train budding astrology, Vastu and Purohitya (priesthood) students.

According to Tiwari, these students will gain first-hand knowledge of Astro-based solutions to various ailments in a way similar to junior doctors who assist their seniors in OPDs. Tiwari is of the view that these Astro-OPDs will help establish this branch of ancient knowledge as meticulous science and not instinctive.

The registration for the astro-OPDs will cost Rs 5 per patient. Once this project, expected to be launched in September kicks off, the MPSS plans to establish similar OPDs in 138 Sanskrit schools that it runs.

Under the inspiring leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi  achedin ( good days) has finally come to Indian health care system. Hope India will soon be helping patients in other countries also using this advanced knowledge of astrology and reading of horoscopes. In coming years India will surely lead the world in pseudo science and propagation of stupidity.



  1. blf says

    As you may recall, there has previously been at least one ruling in the Indian courts that astrology is a science (Indian Court: Astrology Is a Science, Feburary-2011). That particular absurd ruling is perhaps somewhat applicable here, since it was in response to a lawsuit “that ads for psychics and astrologers were illegal under India’s Drugs and Magical Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, which prohibits false advertising.” Clearly this newest batshite stupid nuttery is, or will be, advertised, but trying to stop it by pointing out the ads are falsehoods has already been short-circuited some years ago.

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