“Achedin” in USA too, but with a difference

In triple shooting yesterday at Austin’s Bar & Grill in Olathe Kansas, three people were shot including two Indians and one American.
The two Indian Associates working in Garmin, Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani were shot. Unfortunately Srinivas was killed in the shooting. Officers conducted a manhunt for the white man and have seemingly arrested a suspect.
The suspect, Adam Purinton was drinking at a bar in an Applebee’s in Clinton, when he was arrested early Thursday, about five hours after the shooting, police said.

Srinivas Kuchibhotla died from the gunshot wound inflicted on him. Kuchibhotla’s friend and Garmin colleague, Alok Madasani, 32, and the third victim, Ian Grillot, are listed in stable condition at the hospital.

As the incident unfolds, the two Indians at the bar were provoked by a white man in his 50s, who consequently got into an argument. The shooter questioned their presence and even asked how they are better than him. To control the situation the Bar management asked the accused to leave from the place. The shooter left only to come back with a gun and shoot them. An American national, Ian Grillot who was at the scene stood up to the shooter and tried to stop him, but unfortunately got injured. The shooter fled from the scene and Srinivas who was originally in critical condition passed away.
Two of the shooting victims were employees of the Aviation Systems Engineering team at Garmin, headquartered in Olathe.

Image credit : Fox4kc

Image credit : Fox4kc

Reports says that the shooter yelled “get out of my country”, “terrorist” and used racial slurs though the police have not confirmed the same. Before the arrest, the shooter apparently told the bartender that he killed two Middle Eastern men and needs a place to hide. The bartender intimated the police who arrested the unarmed suspect, Adam Purinton, about five hours after the shooting.

Modi’s rule with Hindutva party in power in Delhi was termed achedin (good times) by many in India. Now with a similar man in power in USA it seems achedin has reached American shores too. But with a difference. Achedin in India was for the upper caste Hindu bigots who hates Dalits and minorities (especially Muslims) while that in USA is for white Christian supremacists who hates everyone other than white Christians.

Trump’s electoral victory has given mandate for racial hate the same way Modi victory gave mandate for hate of Dalits and minorities.

Many Hindutva apologists voted  for Trump because of the shared hate of Muslims. They might not have realised that in Trump’s USA their position is similar (though much better) to that of Muslims and Dalits in India under Modi. Hopefully they must be realising now that these achedins are exclusive and for those not included it can be hellish times.

Yes , we need achedins , but we must ensure no one is excluded from it.


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