Unintended comedy

I happened to run across an intentionally offensive meme about the bigoted NC bathroom laws, and my first reaction was to take offense, naturally. But then I looked again, and realized that the memester had added a bit of unintended humor at his own expense. I’m going to put it below the fold so people can decide whether or not they want to see it, but I thought it turned out pretty funny.

Here’s the meme:

BathroomLawGoofNotice anything odd about that photo? The “male” and the “female” are two ends of the same cord! He’s trying to make a bigoted observation about things being either obviously male or obviously female, and he’s using a prop that has both.

I’ll give him one thing, though. He got the caption right. It’s not the least bit hard to see toilet laws for exactly what they are: bigoted, callous, ill-considered and procrustean attempts to steamroller harmless minorities in the name of so-called “morality.”

Just like this meme.


    • StevoR says

      Power cords and dunny bowls? You could say its shocking combo! 😉

      (Wonders about robotic genders and AI toilets – would they need them or just vent anywhere?

  1. Naked Bunny with a Whip says

    As usual, this just raises the question of what the hell these people are doing in public restrooms. I don’t they don’t sprain themselves.

  2. rietpluim says

    What exactly is the memester trying to say? Trans men conform to the “male” end of the cord as much as cis men do.

  3. lorn says

    I simply fail to understand the problem.

    The anti-trans folks are pushing a standard that is focused on the physical appearance of the genitals. In a world where they think it is all simple and obvious. That simple standard is reassuring.

    The people fighting these laws are digging a little deeper and suggesting that sex identification is less about what your genitals look like and more about where you are psychologically.

    Either way molesting people is still illegal, everywhere, bathrooms included.

    The end result is that the only violation is a matter of visual effect. There might, possibly, be a woman with what amounts to an over-sized clitoris in the ladies room and a man with an undersized penis in the men’s room. The real problem here is that you are spending your time in the bathroom staring at people’s crotches. Everyone else is just going in, doing their business, and leaving.

    The answer here is that people need to stop staring at crotches in public restrooms. It is rude and makes people feel uncomfortable.

    If anyone touches you or your child in an unwholesome way in a public restroom I encourage you to call the police.

    • Deacon Duncan says

      I can’t help suspecting the root of it all might be something like, “We’re not allowed to pick on women any more and we’re not supposed to pick on gays any more, but by God we’re sure as hell gonna fuck with SOMEBODY!” They seem to fail to grasp the concept of minding your own business with respect to people who are different in ways that do no harm.

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