Comments Policy

Alethian Worldview is my blog, which I publish in order to provide my readers with material that is entertaining, informative, and possibly provocative. I invite readers to submit comments that will assist me in accomplishing that goal, whether or not those comments agree with me. It is important to remember, however, that this blog is not a public forum: I am under no obligation to provide a platform to trolls, bigots, or others whose contributions are intended mainly to degrade the quality of the material published here, and/or to harass others. When you submit a comment to this blog, I will evaluate it and decide whether or not it contributes to my goals as mentioned above. If it does, I will publish it. If it does not, then I may or may not publish it. If it actively opposes my goals, however, then I will not publish it, and will very likely add you to my moderation list. “Free speech” means you have the right to say what you like on your own blog, not that you have any right to say it on mine.

This does not mean you cannot disagree with me, as I have demonstrated many times in the past. I have published and will publish controversy that is honest, well-documented, and open to frank discussion, even if (as has happened) the discussion ends up proving me wrong and forcing me to change my views. I believe that anyone who can prove me wrong is doing me a favor, so I welcome such discussions. Trolling and harassment, however, do not fall into this category, and are not all that hard to spot. Anyone who attempts to use my blog for hostile purposes will be invited to exercise their right to free speech somewhere else.

For everyone else, welcome, and thank you for your comments.