Plan B

I keep hearing how Trump is torpedoing his own campaign, and how President Hillary is looking more and more inevitable. Assuming voters are reasonable, rational people anyway.


So I was thinking: what about this as a Republican strategy: spend the next few months in damage-control mode, and then, if Trump gets elected, immediately impeach him—which shouldn’t be too hard—and let Pence take over.

I’m just putting this here so that, if it does happen, I can say I called it.


  1. StevoR says

    Horrible thought all three counts – firstly, that Trump could actually get elected;secondly that he’d be impeached -I disagree on the easily part here especially given his disgusting willfully ignorant and hate & rage filled followers – then thirdly, that Pence would end up POTUS.

    Nightmare scenario among a few others and I really hope for all our sake’s that you are wrong. It does seem possible, although I wouldn’t call it likely even in the unlikely but horrifying case that Trump actually wins. FSM please no!

    On Trump torpedoing his own campaign, not sure. He started off that way too remember and we all thought he was a joke that would never get anywhere in the 2016 race. He should’ve been. We’ve been wrong about that and his chances of progressing anywhere politically many times before. I just don’t know anymore and that scares me.

    • Deacon Duncan says

      People are so used to well-oiled and focus-group-polished politicians that Trump’s erratic and irrational outbursts make him stand out as “not one of those guys.” When “those guys” have made themselves sufficiently hated, it may be possible to win elections simply by being an apparent contradiction.

  2. Just an Organic Regular Expression says

    Dunno about strategy but I have amused myself by wondering how far into a Trump administration he would get before being impeached, and for what?

  3. says

    Republicans are obsessed with impeaching a Democrat to make up for Nixon. I don’t think they would ever impeach their own.

    What they have now is a form of buyer’s remorse feeding into good old fashioned sunk cost fallacy. Trump is Dubya 2.0. Pence is Cheney 2.0. Everyone who is nostalgic for Dubya will vote Trump. Everyone who still has buyer’s remorse for Dubya will stay home. Obama took ownership of Dubya’s biggest screwups and Clinton intends to continue same, both of which helps that old buyer’s remorse fade away much too easily, but sunk cost never seems to go away.

    The things Clinton has going for her are people who are nostalgic for Bill Clinton and people who felt the last 8 years were better than the 8 years before that. Very few people actually believe the Bush years were a golden age like the roaring ’90’s were. Since there will be voters who don’t even remember 9/11 we haven’t been hearing any “changed everything” bullshit, not considering that Obama trademarked the brand name Change then hardly changed anything. Clinton’s motto may as well be “keeping everything the same”.

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