How to fake authenticity

The actual article is behind a paywall, but according to the headline and a short snippet, the best way for Hillary to convince people of her authenticity may be—wait for it—talking about her faith. At least, so her “Director of Faith-Based Outreach” is saying.

Burns Strider (right), director of faith-based outreach for Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2008, says if she talks about faith, people will see her authenticity.

In other words, if she adopts the same sort of religious pandering the Republicans have been using to manipulate people for decades, she can dominate the “gullible voter” demographic. Lip service to religion is all it takes to convince believers that you are “authentic,” just like Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, and Duck Dynasty.

And the sad thing is he may be exactly right. Says a lot about religion, doesn’t it?


  1. says

    I don’t believe raw gullibility to be a dominant demographic. Clinton would have had a better authenticity rating if she stuck to her center-right opinions. The reason most Democrats don’t trust her is because she seems to be pandering to the left and will quickly flip back to center right once in office, especially judging by her methods and sources of fundraising. The sort of people who support Clinton are all about winning at any cost which is so bankrupt that they may as well be Republicans. Meanwhile, the real demographics of the right have been brainwashed for decades to believe that Clinton is in league with the Devil and so any pretense of faith this late in the game would be taken in the context that Satan knows the bible as well as any Christian.

    • StevoR says

      So he should. Lucifer (Satan) is kinda the hero of the whole Bible ain’t (s)he?

      I mean the planet Venus “light bringer” brought knowledge to humans, opposed brutal genocidal tyranny & really tried to feed a hungry man in a desert who rudely refused the offer to cite a couple of internet memes from somewhere or other .. (Good guy Satan?)

      Not to get too snakey* or anything but ..

      * Not that there’s anything wrong with snakes. Snakes are cool.

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