God’s justice: Giving the ACLU exactly what they want

There’s an amusing story on BizPac Review entitled “God’s justice: Jesus painting gets sweet neon revenge on ACLU.” The “revenge” in this case, consists of removing an overtly religious painting from a public school, and putting it on private property—just where the ACLU says it belongs.

An Ohio couple who got angry when their neighboring high school was forced last year to remove a religious painting that had hung for more four decades decided to take matters into their own hands.

The couple acquired the painting, which depicts Jesus as the “Good Shepherd” in a field with lambs and the first words of the 23rd Psalm (“The Lord is my Shepherd”) and placed it in a highly visible position in a yard that can be seen from the school.

Ah, sweet revenge. God should take equal revenge on all the Ten Commandments monuments and nativity scenes believers are trying to force onto the government. That’ll show the old ACLU!


  1. johnmarley says

    Not the least surprising. Popular xianity has been demonizing the ACLU for at least the forty-some years of which I have experience. Said demonizing usually takes the form of strawmanning. “Your state-funded school can’t endorse any particular religion by requiring prayer/worship” becomes “God has been banned from schools !!!111eleventy!!”. Xians buy into that, even the moderate ones (the ones I know, anyway), and love highlighting their persecution with passive-aggressive acts of “defiance”.

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