1. says

    I’m usually not a big fan of video, and prefer to read at my own pace, but I really liked this. The editing gave it a documentary feel, as though you were somehow making a movie about yourself, instead of just reading a script into a webcam.

  2. rapiddominance says

    When you were a Christian, would you say that you “loved Jesus”?
    When you left Christianity, would you say that you “missed him”?

    As for your video, I especially enjoyed the part about your pinky finger. But why did you stop using it after it worked for you the first time? WHAT IF you really do have a special pinky finger–an evolved pinky finger?

    Whatever you do, don’t aim that thing at me!

    Scott Morgan

  3. shwc says

    Overall a very good video. I find ex-pastor/preacher viewpoints very informative and enjoyable. Thank you for your efforts.

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