October Light

From Nightjar,

I took these photos in a mid-October evening when it still hadn’t rained enough and everything was still looking a bit late summer-like (meaning all dried-up), but illuminated with lovely golden autumn light. October light is the best, so I had to have some fun with it.

The light in these photos is downright magical. I love every single shot, but the 2 fluffy seed pods (dandelion?) caught on a single thread of spider web is my favourite. Thanks for sharing Nightjar.

©Nightjar, all rights reserved

©Nightjar, all rights reserved

©Nightjar, all rights reserved

©Nightjar, all rights reserved

©Nightjar, all rights reserved

©Nightjar, all rights reserved


  1. avalus says

    Damn bugs, they ate my tomato leaves! … Sorry, I got carried away by the lovely detailed picture. ;)

  2. Jazzlet says

    Gorgeous pictures, I love the dry seed heads. I think the first one in particular is especially lovely.

    I don’t think the seeds are dandelion, if memory serves they have a stem between the seed and the fluffy bit. A hawkweed perhaps?

  3. rq says

    These are beautiful. You’ve got a great eye, Nightjar. I like the transparency of the first, and the shield bug is a very handsome and fine fellow.

  4. Nightjar says

    Thanks everyone! This was basically an excuse to play with my new extension tubes. Not having a real macro lens, I’m loving the nifty fifty + extension tube combination. Not allowing me to get close enough was the only fault of that lens, and that is now solved, so I’m happy.

    The bug is Carpocoris fuscispinus. I do not know for sure what the fluffy seeds are, but they are too tiny to be dandelion and the right size to be hawkweed. So probably hawkweed.

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