Fox News Britain Dies.

Fox News host Steve Doocy (screen grab).

Fox News Britain has died, the plug pulled by Murdoch. Now, if only it would die here.

RIP Fox News Britain. The end has come to the conservative network in Great Britain after failing to garner viewers.

CNN reported Tuesday that Rupert Murdoch and his sons have decided to pull the network rather than to trying to continue to attract an audience. The network also caused a major problem as the Murdoch family tried to conduct a $15 billion takeover of Sky News.

“Fox News is focused on the U.S. market and designed for a U.S. audience and, accordingly, it averages only a few thousand viewers across the day in the U.K.,” 21st Century Fox said in a statement.

“We have concluded that it is not in our commercial interest to continue providing Fox News in the U.K.,” it added.

Designed for a U.S. audience. That it is, and it’s a right pity it’s designed for dumbfucks.

Via Raw Story.


  1. blf says

    As hinted at in the quote in the OP, there is fairly likely more to this then just alleged-but-probable small audiences. Mordor is trying to take over Sky. This has lead to assorted concerns about competition, saturation of Mordor-owned “news”, and so on. So I wouldn’t be too surprised if Mordor is putting Faux in his back dungeon to trick the authorities into allowing the Sky takeover.

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