1. johnson catman says

    The variety and color of birds are amazing. Long live the dinosaurs!

  2. Kengi says

    Just a little disheveled because of the rain.

    Dad has a bad habit of calling the red-bellied woodpeckers red-headed woodpeckers since it has a prominent red cap and nape. Now we have a regular red-headed woodpecker, I’ve pointed out it also has a bit of a red belly. So we are calling this one the “red-headed woodpecker with a red belly” and the other a “red-bellied woodpecker with a red head”. He has them straight now. And since he has the downys and hairys well sussed out by size and beak, the only remaining woodpecker issue is him remembering the name for the northern flicker.

  3. says

    Looks like he was fishing for something at the bottom of a red-paint barrel. Beautiful woodpecker, but somewhat, I don’t know, scary looking?

  4. Kengi says

    The first two shots are from the dark and rainy day we had yesterday, so the camera over-exposed them a bit making the red head seem a bit brighter. The last shot was from the day before, which was dry and a bit lighter, and the dark red is more indicative of what I see with my eyes.

    Yeah, it really does look PURE EVIL! Bwahahahaha!

  5. quotetheunquote says

    Coming to a feeder!? That … is … AWESOME! Awesome with extra cheese on it… I am so gripped right now.

  6. Kengi says

    Yeah, it’s a very timid bird. Difficult to get a shot since it doesn’t like me, my camera, or any other birds nearby. I’ve been trying for a shot for more than a year now, and finally managed a few in two days.

  7. voyager says

    Amazing photos. That red is such a deep rich red! I’m glad your patience finally paid off.

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