1. Ice Swimmer says

    The flowers are kissing us all from a distance.

    Here, snow is falling. At least it’s frost so it isn’t too wet.

  2. kestrel says

    @Ice Swimmer oh no -- sorry about the snow!

    Gorgeous flowers. It is warm here today but the nights are still getting down to well below freezing. The crocus have started to poke up little green fingers but no flowers yet! Not like this!!

  3. rq says

    We got 30cm of snow over two days. My comfort? Everything’s covered in case of a sudden March frost.

  4. jimb says

    Yay spring!

    I’m hoping we’re done with all the rain here in NorCal. Not that we haven’t needed it, but having to drive 120 miles each day in it, plus having our street flooded, well I’m done.

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