Here and Safe.

We’re back at camp, many changes, they happen so fast! One of the local highschools was putting a feed on for people, and had buses going. We stayed in camp. Unfortunately, my computer mouse disappeared, and trying to work without one on this piece of gose isn’t easy. It appears the thugs have taken a holiday, for now. The camp keeps getting bigger and bigger. There was a long line at the north entrance. Back home on Saturday, then we’ll be back at camp on Monday, most likely. Everyone is fine, just freezing. It’s fucking cold.


















  1. chigau (ever-elliptical) says

    Thank you.
    WarmHugs for you and your crew.

    In picture three and four there are tipi-like tent things, with a truncated top and a chimney.
    What is that and where can I get one?

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Thank you for the pictures. May the water be safe and people unharmed!

    chigau @ 3

    I’m not sure, but ones a bit like that are called kota or laavu in Finnish, goahti or lavvu in Northern Saami. No fabric coated ones I’ve seen have had that plate and chimney assembly, though.

  3. chigau (ever-elliptical) says

    Ice Swimmer #4
    I, too, have seen similar things in Scandinavian camping catalogues.
    but I wonder about snow collection and drainage.

  4. chigau (ever-elliptical) says

    I really love the bigpicture pictures of the camps.
    There are surface-dwellings of pretty much every conceivable type.
    and gods bless the big blue tarp

  5. says

    The camp keeps getting bigger and bigger. There was a long line at the north entrance.

    That’S good news at least.
    Sometimes I’m wondering what happened.
    You know, one of the best films in recent years was Selma (fuck the Academy). They cut some of the original material fro the Petraeus Bridge into the film and, if I got that right, it was also the power of these pictures that made America notice and made people stand in solidarity.
    What happened? The images from Standing Rock, from Ferguson, they aren’t any less powerful, but somehow now people cheer on the thugs in uniform.

  6. says

    The truncated tipis look like modern-design yurts. A yurt is made with a folding lattice that you tie felt onto, in a circle, and another circular felt top that rests atop poles to a central ring. They’re pretty darned great tents.

    I helped a friend make one and I did the lattice using 1/4″ ABS plastic (you can purchase it pre-cut, which is a huge time-saver) strips held together with chicago screws. It was basically indestructible, foldable, and fairly light.

  7. says

    Home and online again, with a new mouse. Chigau, I don’t know what those are, outside of a modified tipi. Marcus, there are many bonafide yurts in camp now, I got photos of those up in one of the last Camp posts. Just about every structure possible is there. Lots of wall tents now, with wood stoves. More later.

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