1. rq says

    The second picture down is like a yoga pose.
    Definitely not a gold yellow, I agree! It has a lot of sunshine in it. :)

  2. Kengi says

    Ah yes, the Black-Winged Lemon Birds! I sorely miss them this year. I love the one where he’s got the thistle bits all over his head. All the shots are wonderful because of all the color. Little explosions of pink all around with the big explosion of yellow in the center.

  3. says

    Kengi, I don’t get them every year either, and it’s never quite right when they go missing. Last year, I had a fabulous abundance of Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, so beautiful, this year, none at all.

  4. Saad says

    Caine, #2

    “Gold” is such a bad descriptor for them

    It reminded me of the neon green/yellow that is used on running shoes.

  5. Ice Swimmer says

    The colour of the finch is not unlike the high-visibility vests and jackets used here (in traffic, warehouses and construction work). Thistle seed foraging seems to be a bit of a messy job.

    Vivid pictures. The pose in the second merited a few long looks (What on earth is happening there 8-).

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