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Jun 20 2013

Happy summer godless pagans!


Just a few minutes ago, at 12:04 AM my time, the sun did an ominous thing: it stopped getting higher in the sky of the northern hemisphere! Oh noes, we northerners better start the rituals to coax it back one day right away. That’s the start of summer and the end of the longest day. …

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Jun 09 2013

I’m jealous of this seal


He gets to fly in his world. This is one of the Top Underwater Photos of the Year, click image for full slideshow at HuffPo.

Jun 07 2013

The bedrock beneath Antarctica

Jan 07 2013

Studio quality video of giant squid finally in hand


Release the kraken! Or rather the video of same. Soon my hairy mammalian siblings, soon. Because that’s what the Discovery Channel now has in their hands after years and millions of dollars spent to film the incredibly elusive monster deep in its native habitat for the first time:

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Sep 20 2012

Best space porn of the year


TIME magazine online has posted the best astronomy shots of the year. I suppose that’s a subjective call, there are so many magnificent ones. We are living smack dab in the middle of the greatest age of human discovery ever known. If only more of us could be a part of it. A couple of shots linked below to whet your …

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Sep 08 2012

Science marches and scuttles on!


Just in  case the world needs em, researchers are hard aty work perfecting the remotely controlled cockroach. Which will no doubt inherit the earth when Skynet blows everything up:

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Aug 15 2012

Well, it’s no Titanaboa

A Burmese python five full meters long and weighing as much as a full-grown person was found wandering the Florida Everglades, apparently feeling right at home. So right at home she was loaded with 87 eggs to make cue little baby Burmese pythons.

Aug 12 2012

Hollow rocks

A strange phenomenon is underway in the south Pacific off the coast of New Zealand. Rocks, lots and lots of rocks, but they’re floating! Could this be the end of the world, are the four horsemen saddling up to reap our divine souls? No, there’s a less dramatic, but nevertheless fascinating explanation:

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Jul 28 2012

The Great White Buffalo makes another stand


Ted Nugent would no doubt blast the Great White Buffalo he once sang about with a rocket-propelled grenade given half a chance, but a real white buffalo came into the world this week. And it’s damn adorable. Click the image for more.

Jul 13 2012

Rare video of snow leopard cubs

Awww, they’re so cute! They’re also one of the most endangered species on earth. But for the most endangered group of mammals, scientists say lemurs top the list.

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