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Shutdown translating into big bucks for both parties

It’s the dollars, always the fucking dollars. Everyone here knows that Ted Cruz and his pals are raising a ton of cash on the shutdown delusion. That’s part of the reason his own cronies are angry; Cruz is wringing every lst drop out of the RushBo swamp and cutting down more than his share of the low hanging fruit by many anonymous GOP accounts. The scam is a simple one: by pretending they can stop Obamacare, the dollars are rolling into to Teaparty coffers (Something similar is happening on the progressive side). That’s why you keep hearing over the top rhetoric about it being the ‘worst law since slavery’ and so on. That’s what brings in the rubes and their small dollar donations.

I don’t know if the GOP is really all that afraid it will succeed, they live in a delusional world, but a few do seem to be aware that some of the endless dire-warning lies will be exposed. Maybe there’s relief ahead for all of us, today is a special day: Sep 30 is end of quarterly fundraising, so the intensity may diminish a bit starting this week:

USA Today — The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which has outraised its Republican counterpart this year, set a goal Sunday afternoon of collecting 25,000 online donations. Hours later, the group boasted it had collected 5,500 contributions online and pleaded for more cash to offer a “show of support for President Obama at this critical moment.”

Organizing for Action, a non-profit group created this year to advance Obama’s second-term agenda, has issued multiple e-mail appeals in recent days, asking supporters to send money or add their names to missives that urge House Speaker John Boehner to approve a spending plan that does not attack the health care law.

Conservatives, too, are using the fight to rally their base. In a fundraising pitch for the Republican National Committee, Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., called the 2010 health care law a “gross overreach by the federal government that the American people didn’t want then, don’t want now and do not want to see continue.” He said vulnerable Democratic senators have a choice when it comes to the budget shutdown: “Stand with their constituents or stand with President Obama.”

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., meanwhile, used the stalemate over the health care law to seek donations for his Reclaim America leadership PAC. If conservatives are to make their “goal of repealing Obamacare a reality, we need the right leaders in the Senate,” he wrote.

This isn’t limited to elected politicians either. I’m getting a furious clip of blegging emails from all corners, almost a dozen have already shown up just today. Many of those are from think-tanks and cable news celebrities, like Mike Huckabee, who have nothing to do with legislation but are more than happy to cash in on the GOP created hysteria.

My guess is, a short term deal gets put up for a vote in the House and passes with strong democratic support. But only after Boehner clears it with his teatard caucus and promises an apocalyptic showdown on the debt ceiling in a few weeks. IOW, they’re gonna run the same con next month, and they’ll keep running it for as long as it works.


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    My guess is, a short term deal gets put up for a vote in the House and passes with strong democratic support. But only after Boehner clears it with his teatard caucus and promises an apocalyptic showdown on the debt ceiling in a few weeks.

    I do not see why Boehner would have risked playing so close to the edge only to be labled as a wimp and an obstructionist at the same time.

    My feeling is that this will continue till a clean bill which strips more than just 40 billion from SNAP (tax breaks, subsidies for the rich/big corp) passes and immediately a debt ceiling showdown. In other words, he’d have gotten a lot of concessions from the Dems.

    Boehner has played it really smart given his hand.

  2. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    Well yes and no.

    Fund raising is a big part of it sure and no doubt there’ll cynically exploit the situation but I don’t think its the sole aspect or motivation here. There’s also the ideological craziness and sheer stubborn bloody-mindedness behind this and sadly there’s the very real likelihood of damaging the US and global economies.

    As I put it in doggrel form on Digital Cuttelfish’es blog :

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    I’ve been getting tons of “small dollar” donation requests the last few days. I feel like a child being told to clap to save the fairy. Somehow throwing a few bucks at Obama will do something to fix this crisis now. For whatever reason, they don’t explain how that’s supposed to work.

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