The little search engine that couldn’t

Go to a website and you will see it. Split a virtual piece of wood and it is there. I’m talking of course about the annoying, omnipresent ads for the search engine Bing, by Microsoft. It/they simply will not leave me alone. I’m sure it’s a fine product, no doubt a great deal of effort and maybe even some love went into it. It’s nothing personal. But I am simply not going to use Bing no matter how much you pester me and that constant pestering is now beginning to irritate me.

 Call me stuck in a rut, label me a a closed-minded aging creature of habit, whatevs. But I’m not going to switch unless Google breaks or unless all the techno-kids I work with suddenly start talking Bing up. Neither of those things has happened and the latter would have happened by now if it was going too. Please, MSFT, leave me in peace with one of the few constants I can still count on when using the Internet.